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Humpy and Harika will feature in the strongest women's tournament ever - Cairns Cup 2020

by Niklesh Jain - 07/02/2020

The strongest women's tournament in the history of chess will begin from the 7th of February in Saint Louis, USA. The tournament is named the Cairns Cup 2020 and will see the participation of nine strong GMs along with one young WGM. The top seed is the reigning World Champion Ju Wenjun. The tournament also has the world rapid champion Koneru Humpy taking part and also the world blitz champion Kateryna Lagno. Harika will be the other Indian in the fray. With the first prize of US$45,000 and a rating average of 2510, this is a tournament worth following. Local talent, 16-year-old Carissa Yip, has an excellent opportunity to match her wits against some of the best female players in the world. A curtain raiser by Niklesh Jain. 

Humpy and Harika will begin the year 2020 by participating in the Cairns Cup 2020

The Cairns Cup is the strongest ever women's tournament in the history of chess! | Photo: Anastasiya Karlovich 

Players list:

10GMJu Wenjun8603006CHN2583
2GMKoneru Humpy5008123IND2580
3GMLagno Kateryna14109336RUS2552
1GMMuzychuk Mariya14114550UKR2552
8GMHarika Dronavalli5015197IND2518
4GMDzagnidze Nana13601903GEO2515
5GMKosteniuk Alexandra4128125RUS2504
7GMGunina Valentina4167570RUS2461
6GMKrush Irina2012782USA2422
9WGMYip Carissa2090732USA2412


Starting from the 7th of February 2020 in Saint Louis, USA, the Cairns Cup will be an exciting tournament to follow. With a rating average of 2510, you have nine GMs and one young talent fighting it out!

World Champion Ju Wenjun, who recently defended her title, will be seen in action! | Photo: Eteri Kublashvili

Koneru Humpy, the world rapid champion, will also be taking part | Photo; Amruta Mokal

The World Blitz Champion Kateryna Lagno is also in the fray! That ensures all three World Champions are taking part in the Cairns Cup 2020 | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Harika will be the second Indian player in the event | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Carissa Yip has a big opportunity as well as a test in front of her, fighting against best in the world | Photo: Austin Fuller

Humpy has a chance to become World No.2

Humpy has a rating of 2580 right now, while Ju Wenjun is rated 2583. If Humpy manages to play well, she may well become world no. 2 behind Hou Yifan! | Photo: David Llada

The prize money of the tournament is hefty and like always will be supported by Rex Sinquefield and the Saint Louis Chess Club

The schedule of the tournament

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