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Harsha Bharathakoti wins Chessemy Blitz Open 2023, Diptayan second and Sayantan third

by Shahid Ahmed - 15/03/2023

GM Harsha Bharathakoti defeated GM Diptayan Ghosh in Armageddon to win Chessemy Blitz Open 2023. Both of them along with India's latest GM Sayantan Das scored 7.5/9. Diptayan had beaten Harsha in the seventh round. As per the tournament regulations, top two with the best tie-breaks had to play tie-break games to determine the winner. Both Harsha and Diptayan traded wins in the tie-break games. Thus, Armageddon was enforced which was won by Harsha. The total prize fund was €1500. Top three prizes were €500, €250 and €150 each respectively. This is Harsha's first tournament triumph of the year. Photo: IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt/Chessemy

Incredibly close battle

On Friday 10th March 2023, two rounds before the completion of the Classical event, Chessemy Blitz Open took place. It was a closely fought battle where three players finished with the same score of 7.5/9 after nine rounds of Swiss league Blitz event. Thus, the winner had to be decided in Playoffs. The Classical event report will be published in a separate article.

Champion - GM Harsha Bharathakoti 7.5/9 | Photo: IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt/Chessemy

Runner-up - GM Diptayan Ghosh 7.5/9 | Photo: IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt/Chessemy

Second Runner-up - GM Sayantan Das 7.5/9 | Photo: IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt/Chessemy

Top 3 (L to R) - 1st GM Harsha Bharathakoti, 2nd GM Diptayan Ghosh and 3rd GM Sayantan Das with IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt | Photo: IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt/Chessemy

GM Harsha Bharathakoti scored 7.5/9, his sole loss was against GM Diptayan Ghosh

GM Diptayan Ghosh (2539), GM Harsha Bharathakoti (2481) and GM Sayantan Das (2389), all three scored 7.5/9 each. Diptayan and Harsha played two blitz playoff games.

Tie-break 1: GM Diptayan Ghosh vs GM Harsha Bharathakoti | Video: ChessBase India

After Harsha won the first tie-break game, Diptayan scored the equalizer in the second game.

Tie-break 2: GM Harsha Bharathakoti vs GM Diptayan Ghosh | Video: ChessBase India

Armageddon was enforced as both Playoff games were won by each player, resulting in another tie 1-1. Diptayan having the white pieces, had to go for a win as his opponent Harsha had draw odds with the black pieces as per the usual Armageddon rules. Diptayan forced a win in a drawn endgame as a draw would not have been enough.

Armageddon: GM Diptayan Ghosh vs GM Harsha Bharathakoti | Video: ChessBase India

A special thanks to IM FI Jonathan Carlstedt of Chessemy for sharing the photos and videos.


A total of 73 players including 3 GMs, 9 IMs, 2 WGMs and a WIM took part from six countries all over the world. The one-day nine-round Swiss league Blitz Rating tournament was organized by Jonathan Carlstedt at Hotel Forellenhof in Walsrode. Germany on 10th March 2023. The time control of the tournament was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
25GMHarsha Bharathakoti,IND24817,554,543,257
44GMLampert,Jonas,GER2482Hamburger SK von 1830 eV755,540,506
511FMDe Winter,Arthur,NED2371SV Erkenschwick 1923 e6,55234,006
615IMKoellner,Ruben Gideon,GER2303SF Deizisau6,54932,256
76IMLubbe,Nikolas,GER2447SF Neuberg6,548,533,506
816FMColbow,Collin,GER2279SAbt SV Werder Bremen6,54731,256
99FMPetrovskyi,Vadym,UKR2398Sfr. Bad Emstal/Wolfhagen65533,006
102IMSchneider,Ilja,GER2519HSK Lister Turm65331,506
1114IMCarlstedt,Jonathan,GER2328SAbt SV Werder Bremen650,530,006
128IMBerger,Steve,GER2410SSV Rotation Berlin e.V.64730,006
1318WGMLubbe,Melanie,GER2263SF Neuberg64428,006
1419WGMPriyanka Nutakki,IND2256643,526,006
1527Koellner,Aaron Noah,GER2148SF Deizisau643,524,006



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Tournament Regulations

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