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Mitrabha Guha wins Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/08/2017

West Bengal chess has a new star and he's 16-year-old Mitrabha Guha. He is the reigning national sub junior champion and now adds another feather to his cap. The 2nd Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial chess tournament was held from 6th to the 10th of August 2017 in Siliguri. Mitrabha was the top seed and stayed true to his billing and won the tournament. Another youngster, Aronyak Ghosh, about whom we recently reported on our newspage, finished second. Santu Mondal and Tamal Chakrabarti finished third and fourth respectively. We have pictures from the event.

FM Mitrabha Guha of Kolkata won 2nd Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial All India FIDE Rating Open Chess Tournament 2017 by scoring 7.5 points out of 9 rounds. There was a four-way tie for the championship going into the final round of the tournament between FM Mitrabha Guha, CM Aronyak Ghosh, Santu Mondal and Tamal Chakrabarti with 7 points apiece. They clashed against each other in the last round and both the games ended in draws, resulting in all of them finishing at 7.5 points each. Due to a better tie-break score, FM Mitrabha Guha emerged as the champion. CM Aronyak Ghosh secured second position, while Santu Mondal and Tamal Chakrabarti had to be content with third and fourth place respectively.

L to R: 2nd Runner Up Santu Mondal, Champion FM Mitrabha Guha & 1st Runner Up CM Aronyak Ghosh 

The tournament took place in Uttar Banga Marwari Bhawan in Siliguri, West Bengal from 6th – 11th August 2017 in which 146 players participated across various states of India.


The Venue: Uttar Banga Marwari Bhawan in Siliguri

The tournament hall

Champion FM Mitrabha Guha in action against…

…local lad Sajal Basak


Final Rankings:

Rk.SNoNameTypsexRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11FMMitrabha Guha23237,50,053,558,046,757,0
22CMAronyak GhoshU1521707,50,052,056,045,256,0
33Santu Mondal21227,50,050,054,043,006,0
415Chakrabarti Tamal17907,50,046,550,041,506,0
55Bhattacharya Niladri Shekhar20627,00,048,052,538,006,0
66Gurung Rohit19877,00,047,549,536,007,0
716Shuban SahaU1517707,00,044,047,536,506,0
87Tamang Thendup19386,50,049,554,037,005,0
94Basak Sajal21156,50,049,052,033,506,0
1014Sanjit Saha17976,50,048,552,534,256,0
118Gurung RahulU1519306,50,044,548,532,756,0
1226Madhusudan Sahu15886,50,043,548,033,755,0
1317Aneek Das17476,50,043,547,532,755,0
1425Shuvam RoyU1515916,50,043,047,030,756,0
1560Namish SharmaU1312946,50,043,044,029,755,0
1639Aniket MondalU1314626,50,041,544,529,256,0
1723Meher Rudranshu Kumar16266,50,038,042,030,006,0
1822Sudarshan Mitra16636,00,049,052,532,006,0
1918Akash Tiwari17356,00,048,552,532,506,0
2011Hilal Mondal18426,00,045,549,529,506,0


Complete list of final rankings

The tournament was organized by Marwari Yuva Manch Siliguri Branch in association with Darjeeling District Chess Association.

Photographs by: Joint Secretary of AICF, IM Atanu Lahiri and FA Mrinal Ghosh

Mitrabha Guha - the rising talent of West Bengal

Mitrabha Guha apart from having an impressive rating of 2323, is also the national under-15 champion of India


Just to give you an idea of his style of play we present to you his win against Jayakumaar with annotations by Mitrabha himself: