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44th Chess Olympiad 2022 preview

by Shahid Ahmed - 28/07/2022

The 44th edition of the Chess Olympiad is the biggest Olympiad in the history, less than 24 hours away now. It is also the biggest sporting spectacle to ever take place in India. A total of 350 teams, 1736 players are taking part from 189 countries across the world. The host nation India is going to have six teams and 30 players taking part, which is the highest ever for a single edition of this extravaganza. Reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen will play in the Olympiad for the first time since 2016. The legend who inspired the nation and beyond, Vishy Anand is the mentor for the Indian teams. Round 1 starts tomorrow at 3 p.m. IST. Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

30 Indians will play in six teams

The final addition among the six Indian teams is in the Women's section. India 3 Women will comprise - IM Eesha Karavade, WIM Sahithi Varshini M, WGM Pratyusha Bodda, WGM Nandhidhaa P V and WIM Vishwa Vasnawala. The team will be captained by GM Dibyendu Barua.

All six Indian teams along with the sponsors and officials at Good Luck Team India event | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

44th Chess Olympiad 2022 Official logo | Photo: Official site

India 1 Open (L to R) - GM Vaibhav Suri, GM Vidit Gujrathi, GM S L Narayanan, GM Arjun Erigaisi, GM Krishnan Sasikiran, GM Sankalp Gupta and GM Srinath Narayanan | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

India 1 Women (L to R) - GM Swayams Mishra, IM Vaishali R, IM Bhakti Kulkarni, IM Tania Sachdev, GM Koneru Humpy, GM Shyam Sundar M and GM Abhijit Kunte | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

India 2 Open (L to R) - GM Stany G A, GM B Adhiban, GM Raunak Sadhwani, Bharat Singh Chauhan, GM Nihal Sarin, GM D Gukesh, GM Arjun Kalyan, GM R B Ramesh | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

India 2 Women (L to R) - GM Swapnil Dhopade, WGM Divya Deshmukh, IM Padmini Rout, WGM Vantika Agrawal, WGM Mary Ann Gomes, IM Soumya Swaminathan and GM Akash Ganesan | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

India 3 Open (L to R) - GM Abhimanyu Puranik, GM Karthikeyan Murali, GM Sethuraman S P, GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly and GM Tejas Bakre | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

India 3 Women (L to R) - WGM Pratyusha Bodda, WGM Nandhidhaa P V, GM Dibyendu Barua, WIM Sahithi Varshini and WIM Vishwa Vasnawala | Photo: FIDE/Lennart Ootes

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar tweeted his best wishes for the Indian team

What is the special arrangement that is made for team India at the Chess Olympiad 2022 | Video: ChessBase India

Press Conference

L to R - Bharat Singh Chauhan, Chess Olympiad Tournament Director and AICF Hony. Secretary, Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, Dr. Sanjay Kapoor, FIDE President and GM Judit Polgar, Official Commentator and Greatest female chess player of all time | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Press Conference in progress | Photo: FIDE/Madelene Belinki

GM Srinath Narayanan answers a question of the audience | Photo: FIDE/Steve Bonhage
Captain GM Srinath Narayanan on India 2 being perceived as a bigger threat by the World Champion | Video: ChessBase India
Judit Polgar on attending her 12th Chess Olympiad | Video: ChessBase India
Carlsen never asked for a format change in the middle of a World Championship Cycle - Dvorkovich | Video: ChessBase India

Stats and facts

• Open teams - 188, Players - 937

• Women teams - 162, Players - 799

• Total teams - 350, Players - 1736

• Open - 233 GMs, 111 IMs, 3 WGMs and a WIM are taking part from 186 countries.

• Women - 15 GMs, 46 IMs, 51 GMs and 98 WIMs are taking part from 160 countries.

• Teams having 4 players and no reserves - Open: Comoros Islands, Laos and Nicaragua. Women: Ivory Coast, Cyprus, Fiji, Gabon, Guatemala, Indonesia, Laos, Nicaragua, Sao Tome and Principe, Timor-leste and Chinese Taipei.

• Both Open and Women's team top seeds - Magnus Carlsen and Koneru Humpy are yet to win a medal at Chess Olympiad event. This is also Carlsen's first Olympiad since 2016.

• 13 Women are playing in the Open section.

• Youngest participant of the event is Randa Seder of Palestine. She is just eight years old.

Opening Ceremony

Chess Olympiad 2022 Opening Ceremony | Video: ChessBase India


Everyday round starts at 3 p.m. IST from 29th July to 8th August 2022. The final round on 9th August starts 10 a.m. IST. Rest day is on 4th August 2022.

Open teams list

No. FEDTeamRtgAvgCaptain
USAUnited States of America2771Donaldson, John
INDIndia2696Narayanan, Srinath
NORNorway2692Haarr, Jon Kristian
ESPSpain2687Magem Badals, Jordi
POLPoland2683Bartel, Mateusz
AZEAzerbaijan2680Abasov, Nijat
NEDNetherlands2672Smeets, Jan
UKRUkraine2666Sulypa, Oleksandr
GERGermany2664Gustafsson, Jan
ENGEngland2662Pein, Malcolm
INDIndia 22649Ramesh, R B
ARMArmenia2642Pashikian, Arman
IRIIran2636Pourramezanali, Amirreza
UZBUzbekistan2625Sokolov, Ivan
FRAFrance2621Maze, Sebastien
INDIndia 32619Bakre, Tejas
CROCroatia2611Kozul, Zdenko
CZECzech Republic2608Simacek, Pavel
HUNHungary2607Acs, Peter
ROURomania2605Miron, Lucian-Costin
TURTurkey2602Kanmazalp, Ogulcan
ISRIsrael2598Glaz, Ilana David
SRBSerbia2595Perunovic, Miodrag
GEOGeorgia2580Sturua, Zurab
GREGreece2575Nikolaidis, Ioannis


Women teams list

No. FEDTeamRtgAvgCaptain
INDIndia2486Kunte, Abhijit
UKRUkraine2478Brodsky, Michail
GEOGeorgia2475Jojua, Davit
POLPoland2423Dziuba, Marcin
FRAFrance2400Gozzoli, Yannick
AZEAzerbaijan2399Mamedov, Nidjat
USAUnited States of America2390Khachiyan, Melikset
GERGermany2383Yakovich, Yuri
ARMArmenia2367Andriasian, Zaven
KAZKazakhstan2365Kotsur, Pavel
IND2India 22351Swapnil, S. Dhopade
HUNHungary2342Papp, Gabor
ESPSpain2327Martinez Martin, David
CUBCuba2324Alvarez Pedraza, Aramis
BULBulgaria2319Arnaudov, G. Petar
IND3India 32318Barua, Dibyendu
NEDNetherlands2312Bosch, Jeroen
SRBSerbia2312Chelushkina, Irina
ISRIsrael2287Botvinnik, Ilia
ROURomania2283Szabo, Gergely-Andras-Gyula
ENGEngland2274D'Costa, Lorin
SVKSlovakia2265Stohl, Igor
CZECzech Republic2260Polak, Tomas
VIEVietnam2259Nguyen, Minh Thang
ITAItaly2251Bellia, Fabrizio



Official site

Tournament Regulations


Stats and facts - Chess-results and FIDE

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