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Live Games from World Cup 2017

by Sagar Shah - 29/09/2017

It's the final day of World Cup 2017. Ding Liren and Levon Aronian are tied at 2-2 after four games of Classical chess. The finals now goes into tiebreaks. We will witness some edge of the seat action and we have set up the live games page over here for you to follow the games along with grandmaster commentary by Evgeny Miroschnichenko and Keti Tsatsalashvili. Who do you think will win the World Cup 2017? We have a poll within the article. Action begins at 16.30 hours IST

Games begin at 16.30 hours IST (3 p.m. local time). Live Commentary by GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko and WGM Qeti Tsatsalashvili.

Live Commentary:


Live Games

Replay games


The games begin at 15.00 hours local time, which is 16.30 hours IST.

Date TimeEventLocation
2 SeptemberSaturday16.00.Opening CeremonyFunicular Restaurant
  18.00.Technical MeetingFunicular Restaurant
3 SeptemberSunday15.00.Round 1-Game 1Hualing Hotel
4 SeptemberMonday15.00.Round 1-Game 2Hualing Hotel
5 SeptemberTuesday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
6 SeptemberWednesday15.00.Round 2-Game 1Hualing Hotel
7 SeptemberThursday15.00.Round 2-Game 2Hualing Hotel
8 SeptemberFriday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
9 SeptemberSaturday15.00.Round 3-Game 1Hualing Hotel
10 SeptemberSunday15.00.Round 3-Game 2Hualing Hotel
11 SeptemberMonday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
12 SeptemberTuesday15.00.Round 4-Game 1Hualing Hotel
13 SeptemberWednesday15.00.Round 4-Game 2Hualing Hotel
14 SeptemberThursday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
15 SeptemberFriday15.00.Round 5-Game 1Hualing Hotel
16 SeptemberSaturday15.00.Round 5-Game 2Hualing Hotel
17 SeptemberSunday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
18 SeptemberMonday Free Day 
19 SeptemberTuesday15.00.Semifinal-Game 1Hualing Hotel
20 SeptemberWednesday15.00.Semifinal-Game 2Hualing Hotel
21 SeptemberThursday15.00.TiebreaksHualing Hotel
22 SeptemberFriday Free Day 
23 SeptemberSaturday15.00.Final-Game 1Biltmore Hotel, Amphitheatre
24 SeptemberSunday15.00.Final-Game 2Biltmore Hotel, Amphitheatre
25 SeptemberMonday15.00.Final-Game 3Biltmore Hotel, Amphitheatre
26 SeptemberTuesday15.00.Final-Game 4Biltmore Hotel, Amphitheatre
27 SeptemberWednesday15.00.TiebreaksBiltmore Hotel, Amphitheatre
  19.30.Closing CeremonyTbilisi City Assembly

Time control:

Two games of 90 minutes for 40 moves and additional 30 minutes after that with 30 seconds increment for the game.

If the mini match ends in a draw, the tiebreaks will be held on the third day in the following format:

1) 2 games of 25'+10"

2) 2 games of 10'+10"

3) 2 games of 5'+3"

4) Armageddon with five minutes to white player and four for the black with no increment until move 60. Three second increment after that. White must win the game to qualify, while draw favours black.

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Round 7.1: Ding Liren's immaculate opening preparation

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Round 4.1: Ivanchuk is Ivanchuk!

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1.2 P Harikrishna bounces back in style to level score, Viswanathan Anand moves into Round 2

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2.1 Viswanathan Anand hurt by tactical error, P Harikrishna on back foot after drab draw

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2.3 SP Sethuraman's technical skills too good for P Harikrishna; B Adhiban suffers defeat

3.1 Vidit Gujrathi settles for a draw after a tactical error, Sethu solid against Giri

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