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Koneru Humpy is the winner of BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year award

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/03/2021

On 8th February 2021, BBC revealed the nominees for BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year award. Koneru Humpy was one of them along with Manu Bhaker, Dutee Chand, Vinesh Phogat and Rani. It was announced that the winner will be decided by public vote and results will declared on 8th March. Yesterday on International Women's Day, BBC revealed the poll results and turns out our very own Women's World Rapid champion Koneru Humpy has won the award. It is a matter of great joy for the entire chess universe when chess gets the deserved recognition. Photo: BBC News Press Team

Public votes for Humpy

Reigning Women's World Rapid champion and current World no.3 among women Koneru Humpy was declared BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year yesterday. She won the award based on a public vote. The other nominees in this category were - Manu Bhaker, Dutee Chand, Vinesh Phogat and Rani.

Koneru Humpy wins BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year award | Photo: BBC News Press Team

Humpy on winning the award

"I couldn't believe myself, This award is something that is not only precious to me but also to whole chess fraternity. Being an indoor sport, it never got the recognition but in India, cricket and tennis are more popular comparatively. This will definitely motivate lot of young kids in our country to take up the game as a profession. I thank everyone for the support. Thanks a lot."

Her husband Dasari Anvesh's thoughts

"Thank you all. I think it is indeed a great pleasure and it is a very happy moment for all the family members. It is really a great recognition of the hard work she has done almost for the last 25 years. Thanks a lot to the BBC and also all the citizens - sports lovers who have voted for her in all these days. Thanks a lot."

On her comeback

"Definitely it was really a tough situation for me. After one year, I started winning back to back tournaments, Grand Prix events and also the Women's World Rapid championship. I always think that you should never stop your career just because of getting married or after giving birth to a child. Everything should be a part of life. You should try to fulfill every dream in your career."

Humpy's message to all the young girls

"I think the first important thing is to not to think about the result and just enjoy the game. Once they take up something, it should not (necessarily) be chess, whatever they are interested in, they should never leave it. They should try to make till the end. Try to give their best 100%. Always believe in yourself. I think no one is born with golden spoon, in my opinion. You need to earn it, you need to earn your respect, you need to do the hard work and whatever you deserve. So just keep working hard and believe in yourself. Be confident and always look up to the goals. I think that's the key factor in everyone to be successful."

Manu Bhaker, Dutee Chand, Vinesh Phogat and Rani were the other nominee along with Koneru Humpy | Photo:

Humpy thanked everyone for the support

Watch Koneru Humpy winning BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year | Video: BBC News Hindi



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