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Danyyil Dvirnyy wins Florence Move 2019

by Nicolò Di Girolamo - 12/11/2019

Top seed of the tournament GM Danyyil Dvirnyy of Italy scored an unbeaten 4.5/5 to win the Master section of Florence Move 2019. IM Duilio Collutiis and FM Ivan Tomba scored 4.0/5 each. They were placed second and third. This is the largest chess tournament in Florence, Italy. Total 232 players participated from six different countries England, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Sweden in eight different groups including Master, Junior, Blitz and various rating categories. The tournament was inaugurated by former Miss Toscana, Federica Bertolani. The tournament was in collaboration with Meyer Children Hospital, to which AD Firenze Scacchi has decided to make a donation. A report from the Tournament Director Nicolò Di Girolamo. Photo: Portray Chess

Top seed triumphs in Florence Move 2019

The very strong GM Danyyil Dvirnyy (illustrious player in the Italian top 10) won the Festival with unbeaten 4.5 points, followed by the IM Duilio Collutiis (2nd) and the FM Ivan Tomba (3rd), both at 4.0 points each. The young FM Alberto Landi, flag bearer of the A.D. Firenze Scacchi won a prestigious 4th place in solitary with a score of 3.5/5, in the maximum tournament.

Champion GM Danyyil Dvirnyy received a beautiful trophy and €400 | Photo: Portray Chess

Danyyil performed at 2629. remained undefeated and increased 7 Elo rating points

Here are a couple of fine wins by the champion of the tournament GM Danyyil Dvirnyy.

Florence Move 2019 is the largest chess tournament in Florence, Italy. It is a consolidated tradition that is renewed this year by extending the offer with eight tournaments - Master, A, B, C, D, E, Junior and Blitz. The tournament was in collaboration with the Meyer Children's Hospital, to which the AD Firenze Scacchi decided to make a donation.

Meyer Children's Hospital collaborated for the tournament | Photo: Portray Chess

Starhotels Michelangelo reception | Photo: Portray Chess

Chief guest of the event was the splendid Federica Bertolani, ex "Miss Toscana", who inaugurated the Festival by raffling off the White color on the first board and performing the first move.

Federica Bertolani does the 'Drawing of lots' | Photo: Portray Chess

Total 210 chess players from all over Italy and abroad have populated the elegant rooms of the Starhotels Michelangelo, the ideal location for an event of this magnitude, giving life to the second largest ever edition of the tournament.

Top seed and eventual champion GM Danyyil Dvirnyy in action | Photo: Portray Chess

The Master section was very strong, with the participation of GM Danyyil Dvirnyy, IMs Duilio Collutiis and Maxim Chetverik, WFM MariaGrazia De Rosa, followed by a large group of FMs.

CM Pietro Schiatti of Italy is the champion in Group A | Photo: Portray Chess

CM Alex Melchior of Italy is the runner-up in Group A | Photo: Portray Chess

In Group A (Elo 1800-2100) Pietro Schiatti won with 4.5 points ahead of Alex Melchior second and Luciano Rosato third both with 4 points. The best of our team, Nicolò Di Girolamo, took 5th place with a score of 3.5/5.

WFM Mariagrazia De Rosa of Italy | Photo: Portray Chess

The B tournament (Elo 1600-1900) was won by Giona Gabriel Baldo Gentile, ahead of Andrea Lugli and Giulio Fontana, all with 4.0/5 each.


In the C tournament (Elo 1400-1700), Vincenzo Fiorentino won alone with 4.5/5 ahead of Paolo Ciampolini and Davide Mullanu, both with 4 points. Our young Giacomo Soremic did very well, gaining valuable points towards the 2N category with 3.5 points.

Chess always gives us various reasons to be joyful | Photo: Portray Chess

The Group D (Elo 1300-1500) saw the triumph with full points 5.0/5 of our young Edoardo Mauro, author of a truly capital test, which takes one point off all the others, chased by Massimo Agostinelli 2nd and Paolo Capuano 3rd both with 4.0 points each. A truly excellent result for Edoardo, well deserved, who fills us with joy, as well as the excellent 5th place of the very young 11-year-old Giovanni Delle Rose.


In the Tournament E victory "pink" by ACM Margaret McDonald of France 4.5/5, followed by Graziano Furlani second and Letterio Scopelliti third, both with 4.0/5.

A tie does not necessarily mean the game ended up in a draw | Photo: Portray Chess

19 young people participated in the "Florence Junior", sparkling novelty of this edition, 7-round tournament of 30' + 30" "Fischer bonus" ; it is always a great show to be able to see the "nursery" in action and it was an authentic triumph of A.D. Florence Scacchi thanks to the podium composed by the unstoppable Marco Battaglini 7.0/7, Leonardo Maglioni 5.5/7 and Edoardo Panella 5.0/7 who won all three in solitary respectively on first, second and third prize. An immense satisfaction for the A.D. Firenze Scacchi and its instructors, who for years have worked hard to cultivate and care for the Florentine nursery.

Blitz match is in progress | Photo: Portray Chess

During the evening of Saturday the traditional Blitz "Undeterred Chess Players" was organized, which saw the participation of 22 players, some of the participants from Florence Move and others who came specially. The winner was the Florentine Maestro Giulio Marmili, alone with 7.5/9, followed by Daniele Bettazzi second and the young 1N Matteo Sunder third, both finished at 6.5/9.


At the end of the competitions, the greeting of the President Francesco Viegi, who rewarded all the winners and presented the splendid gifts offered by ACQUA DELL'ELBA, a superfine touch of conclusive class, the prerogative of the first three Master champions, of the 1st Classified Female Margaret McDonald and the "Best Newcomer", our Antonio Buttitta.

Final Standings in Master group

Rk.SNo NamesexFEDRtgRtgIRtgNPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMDvirnyy DanyyilITA2480248004,514,516,52263
IMCollutiis DuilioITA2387238704,013,515,02275
FMTomba IvanITA2323232304,012,514,52215
FMLandi AlbertoITA2225222503,513,015,52242
FMStromboli EttoreITA2309230903,013,515,02229
IMChetverik MaximRUS2193219303,012,514,02194
FMPasserotti PierluigiITA2214221403,012,013,52224
FMVancini EdoardoITA2221222103,011,513,02169
FMCalavalle GiulioITA2198219803,011,512,52221
MMadiai FedericoITA2193219303,010,512,52201

Complete standings


The article was edited by Shahid Ahmed

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