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Bhopal GM Open 2019: Bogdanovich takes sole lead, Shivansh impresses

by Niklesh Jain - 25/12/2019

GM Stanislav Bogdanovich of Ukraine took a sole lead with six consecutive wins after round 6 of Bhopal International GM Open 2019, the biggest international tournament of Central India and now he will face Uzbekistan's top seed Nodirbek Yakubboev in round 7. This match can prove to be extremely decisive. The defeat of Venkatesh M R in the sixth round was a setback for India. 17-year-old Shivansh Tiwari emerged as the new sensation of Madhya Pradesh. In the last three rounds he scored some upset victories and is currently at 5.0/6 points. Currently he has topped the state's players. Bhopal International GM Open will have a Blitz tournament today. Report of rounds 4, 5 and 6. Photo: Niklesh Jain

Bhopal International GM Open 2019 has completed halfway. From now on there will be one round everyday. The last four rounds will determine who will win the tournament. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see if an Indian can win it this time. Let's take a look at round 4,5 and 6.

Round 4

17-year-old Shivam Tiwari of Madhya Pradesh has surprised everyone with his performance. Rated 1770, Shivansh started with five consecutive wins at a performance rating of 2650 and he was gaining 117 Elo rating points. Shivansh defeated Sapaev Maksad (2250) of Uzbekistan in round 4. In the next round, he defeated experienced Russian GM Maxim Lugovskoy (2466) with the black pieces and shocked everyone.

Shivam opted for Caro-Kann Defence with the black pieces and won his game with a fantastic play in just 24 moves. This was also the first game to finish in round 4.

Top seed GM Nodirbek Yakubboev was held to a draw by compatriot IM Abdisalimov Abdimalik | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Bharat Kumar Reddy Potluri held Ukrainian GM Adam Tukhaev to a draw on board no.3 | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Varun V of India held fourth seeded Colombian GM Cristhian Rios (2505) to a draw, Aanjaneya Phatak of India held Azerbaijan's GM Azer Mirzoev (2457) to a draw.

Round 5 

Madhya Pradesh's budding talent Shivansh Tiwari notched another victory to his score card when he defeated IM Ortik Nigmatov (2474) of Uzbekistan in round 5. With this win Shivansh joined GM Venkatesh M R and GM Stanislav Bogdanovich in the lead at the conclusion of round 5.

Despite getting out of theory in a Queen's pawn opening, Shivansh handled unknown position quite well. Ortik could not recover from a bad position and soon it turned worse as he kept making one bad move after the other. Shivansh seized every single opportunity by playing correctly and showcased a great understanding for favorable positions.

Watch Shivansh's beautiful win with his annotations | Video: ChessBase India Hindi

India's highest rated player in the tournament GM Venkatesh M R scored a fine over IM Nguyen Van Huy of Vietnam against Caro-Kann Defence with white pieces. With this win, he got into the shared lead with a score of 5.0/5 

Ukraine's GM Stanislav Bogdanovich is playing some fantastic chess from the beginning of the tournament. In round 5 he defeated Indonesian IM Taher Yosef Theolifus (2469) by playing some fine chess. Playing Bogo-Indian with the black pieces, Bogdanovich scored a win in just 36 moves.

Among other results, top seed GM Yakubboev (UZB) defeated Bharat Reddy (IND), GM Attila Czebe (HUN) lost to GM Cristhian Rios (COL), GM Azer Mirzoev (AZE) defeated WIM Franco Angela (COL), Raahul V S (IND) lost to IM Muhammad Khusenkhojaev (TJK) and GM Adam Tukhaev (UKR) was held to a draw by Aanjaneya Phatak (IND).

Round 6 

The toughest and most important match of round 6 between GM Stanislav Bogdanovich (UKR) and GM Venkatesh M R (IND) was won by the Ukrainian who took a sole lead at the conclusion of round 6.

GM Cristhian Rios (COL) halted local hero Shivansh Tiwari's fantastic run. Rios played cautiously and secured an advantage out of the opening and eventually scored a victory. 

On the third board, top seed GM Nodirbek Yakubboev defeated IM Muhammad Khusenkhojaev and now he is at shared second position with a score of 5.5/6. He will face the sole leader GM Stanislav Bogdanovich in round 7.

Standings after Round 6

Rk.SNo NameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
GMBogdanovich StanislavUKR2562Ukraine6,00,021,023,023,006
GMRios Cristhian CamiloCOL2505Colombia5,50,022,024,522,255
GMYakubboev NodirbekUZB2592Uzbekistan5,50,020,523,521,255
GMVenkatesh M.R.IND2491Tamil Nadu - India5,00,023,025,519,505
Tiwari ShivanshIND1770Madhya Pradesh - India5,00,022,023,518,505
IMNigmatov OrtikUZB2474Uzbekistan5,00,021,524,519,505
GMLugovskoy MaximRUS2466Russia5,00,021,524,519,505
GMMirzoev AzerAZE2457Azerbaijan5,00,021,024,020,004
IMTaher Yoseph TheolifusINA2469Indonesia5,00,021,024,018,005
GMManik MikulasSVK2379Slovakia5,00,020,523,519,254
Sahoo Utkal RanjanIND2329Odisha - India5,00,020,523,017,005
GMTukhaev AdamUKR2552Ukraine5,00,020,023,519,754
IMNguyen Van HuyVIE2457Vietnam5,00,020,022,517,505
GMZiatdinov RasetS60USA2204United States of America5,00,019,022,017,005
Pranav VU13IND2264Tamil Nadu - India5,00,018,020,016,505

Complete standings


Bhopal International GM Open will have Blitz Open rating tournament today where total prize fund ₹207000 will be distributed among the prize winners. 

Starting list of Blitz tournament

No. NameIDFideIDFEDRtgsexTyp
1IMNguyen Van Huy012401064VIE2437
2IMTaher Yoseph Theolifus17105347INA2295
3Sahoo Utkal Ranjan5482320145034566IND2213
4IMDeshmukh Anup05000564IND2168
5Varun V4942220135039681IND2157
6Raahul V S41835201325035525IND2152
7Sri Sai Baswanth P025088793IND2027
8Sahu Rajendra Kumar4445620135010560IND2018
9Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri48789201346600353IND2014
10AGMRathneesh R41249201335064703IND2006U15

Complete list


Translation from Hindi by Shahid Ahmed

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