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12-year-old Aditya Mittal analyzes three exciting games from Tata Steel Chess 2019

by Sagar Shah - 21/01/2019

We recently reported about a talented Indian youngster - 12-year-old Aditya Mittal, who achieved two IM norms in back to back events and increased his rating by nearly 200 Elo points from 2250 to 2450+. How did this youngster from Mumbai manage to achieve this? How was he able to make two IM norms in back to back events and make such a phenomenal rating jump? Apart from regular work on his game, Aditya indulges in a training tool which helps him become a stronger player. When a super tournament is in progress, he very closely follows each and every top level game and analyzes it in depth. Currently the Tata Steel Masters 2019 is taking place in Wijk Aan Zee and Aditya has analyzed three games in great detail.

When Aditya analyzes, there is nothing else which distracts him. Complete focus!

Round 6 - Duda vs Giri

For the best game of round 6 I chose this game for a few special reasons. First, Anish Giri recorded his third straight win with the Black pieces in this tournament. Second, it was a rare case of a 2700+ grandmaster being on the ropes within 15 moves, and third, it shot Giri into shared first after the halfway mark.

Anish Giri has shown in this tournament that having the black pieces is not necessarily a disadvantage | Photo: Alina l'Ami

What should Black play in this position?

Conclusion: A powerful game by Giri. He's looking real good at this event to win his first supertournament! Surprisingly the very natural 14.Nd5 was the decisive mistake! These first six rounds have so far proved that "Black is OK!" referring to the famous book by Andras Adorjan. With 10 wins for Black to 4 wins for White, this tournament is going into the history books! After the halfway mark, 4 people share the lead (Nepo, Ding, Magnus, Giri) and it is getting really intense. I am quite interested to watch the next rounds!

Interview of Anish Giri after his victory

Round 7 - Radjabov vs Vidit

This was a roller-coaster ride for the players. Tactics, sacrifices flew everywhere.. the very proof of this is that the players analysed this for 35 (!) mins after the game! It is a very enthralling analysis which you can watch. After 6 draws, it was probably the game of the tournament by Radjabov!

Radjabov played like Mikhail Tal at round seven against Vidit | Photo: Alina l'Ami

Radjabov went all out for an attack

Black has a nice defence here. Can you find it out?

Conclusion: What a game by Radjabov! Going into the combinational books for sure! This was Vidit's first loss in the event. It needed something special to beat him, and that is exactly what Radjabov produced!

A great analysis session between Radjabov and Vidit captured by Tata Steel Chess team. The videographer held his heavy camera for nearly 35 minutes! Truly commendable.

Round 8 - Vishy Anand vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

This power-packed performance by Vishy Anand was no doubt the highlight of round 8.

Vishy Anand scored a power-packed victory over Mamedyarov in round 8 of Tata Steel Championships 2018

Black has just played ...b6. What should White do here?

Conclusion: How, just how can this man be leading a tournament where the best players participate, when he is already 50 years old? Just how? It is his insatiable hunger for victories even at this 'veteran' age that takes him so far. And Vishy is Vishy. He just can't get enough of silencing his critics. He will keep going, and never stop--

'cause when start the retirement talks,
he leaves behind people and boldly walks.

Vishy Anand speaks after his win over Mamedyarov

How can you go wrong when you spend your time analyzing the games of greats! A big thanks to Aditya Mittal for providing high quality content to our readers.

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