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Breaking News: Aditya Mittal becomes India's 77th Grandmaster

by Shahid Ahmed - 06/12/2022

Aditya Mittal earned his maiden GM-norm at Serbia Masters 2021. Five months later, he scored his second GM-norm at 2nd El Llobregat Open 2021. The teenager scored his third and final GM-norm at Serbia Masters 2022. In the sixth round of 3rd El Llobregat Open 2022, he drew with the Spain no.1 GM Francisco Vallejo Pons to cross 2500 in the live ratings and become India's 77th Grandmaster. Aditya has been close to 2500 for quite some time in the past few months, however, he finally managed it cross it last night. He is currently one of the five leaders of the tournament at 5/6 each. The 16-year-old becomes Mumbai's second and Maharashtra's 11th GM. Photo: El Llobregat Chess Open

The answer to the 25-year-long question

Mumbai got its sole Grandmaster in the year 1997 - Pravin Thipsay. Since then Mahrashtra has had nine more GMs from various other cities of the state, yet none from the capital. 16-year-long Aditya Mittal became the answer to the perennnial question - Who will become the second Grandmaster from Mumbai? Serbia Masters and El Llobregat Open turned out to be quite good events for Aditya, as the first one is where he scored his first and third GM-norms, the second event is where he earned his second GM-norm and crossed 2500 in the live ratings. Both happened in a year apart. He might just win the 3rd El Llobregat Open 2022.

India's 77th Grandmaster - Aditya Mittal | Photo: El Llobregat Open Chess Tournament
The amazing journey of how Aditya Mittal became the 77th Grandmaster of India | Video: ChessBase India
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Aditya was one of the students at the Microsense Kramnik Gelfand Training camp that happened in January 2020. According to both the legends, Aditya is extremely talented and underrated for his level of play. The boy has achieved his GM title, but this is just a milestone in his sparkling career ahead. Due to his medical condition, Aditya has had several fractures in the past years. But he has never let this come in between his passion and dedication for the game of chess! The boy's focus and hard work is truly inspiring.

First GM-norm: Serbia Masters 2021

Aditya Mittal scored his maiden GM-norm at Serbia Chess Open 2021 Masters. He defeated GM Velimir Ivic (SRB), GM Branko Damljanovic (SRB), GM Evgeny Postny (ISR), and drew with GM Vitaliy Bernadskiy (UKR). The teenager scored 7/9, gained 21.2 Elo rating points and finished 10th overall according to tie-breaks.

Aditya - Postny, Round 8

Position after 20...Qa7

Leaving the b6-pawn unprotected proved to be costly for Black. 20...Nbd7 or the same in the previous was needed. The game continued 21.Nxb6 Bxf3 22.Bxf3 Qxa3 and White won the game in another ten moves.

Aditya Mittal scores his maiden GM norm | Video: ChessBase India

Aditya scored his maiden GM-norm with a performance of 2626, scoring 7/9 and gained 21.2 Elo rating points

Aditya Mittal with his first GM-norm certificate - Serbia Masters 2021 | Photo: Official site

Second GM-norm: 2nd Elllobregat Open 2021

Aditya scored four wins in-a-row before drawing the next five games to score 6.5/9 and finish fifth in December 2021. He defeated GM Aydin Suleymanli (AZE), GM Helgi Ass Gretarsson (ISL), drew with the eventual winner of the tournament, GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov (UZB), GM Sethuraman S P, GM Arjun Erigaisi, GM Jaime Santos Latasa (ESP) and GM Daniil Yuffa (ESP).

Aydin - Aditya, Round 3

Position after 16...Nxf3+

Aditya showed his tactical alertness to gain the f3-pawn 16...Nxf3+ 17.gxf3 Qd4+ 18.Rf2 Qxc4. Eventually, the extra pawn helped him to win the game.

Aditya scored an unbeaten 5/9, performed at 2612 to score his second GM-norm

IM Aditya Mittal en route his second GM-norm at 2nd El Llobregat Open 2021 | Photo: Kusum Mittal

Third GM-norm: Serbia Masters 2022

Aditya earned his final GM-norm at Serbia Chess Open 2022 Masters in July. He scored an unbeaten 6.5/9 and secured seventh position overall. He performed at 2609, gaining 15 Elo rating points. He drew with GM Velimir Ivic (SRB), GM Alexander Motylev and GM Alexey Sarana.

Aditya - Arystanbek, Round 4

Position after 80.Kd5

The above endgame was a draw until Black blundered 80...Rd1. Aditya correctly seized his opportunity and went on to win the game. Can you find out why it is a mistake and what Black should have done instead.

Aditya scored an unbeaten 6.5/9 to earn his final GM-norm with a performance of 2609, gained 15 Elo rating points

Live rating 2500

In the sixth round of 3rd El Llobregat Open 2022, Aditya drew with Spain no.1 GM Francisco Vallejo Pons, to take his live rating to 2500.6. He has already defeated GM Frederik Svane (GER) and GM Ivan Cheparinov (BUL), drew with GM Matthias Bluebaum (GER) and GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (ESP).

Aditya - Cheparinov, Round 5

Position after 13.b4!

13.b4 double attacked both queen and knight Nd3+ 14.Bxd3 Bxb4 15.Nxb5 axb5 16.Rb1 Qc3 17.Qc5 b4 18.Bb5+ Nd7 and Black got into huge trouble due to his king being stranded at the center of the board.

Position after 27.Rxe6+

What a beautiful finish by Aditya 27.Rxe6+. Black resigned as the checkmate is inevitable.

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Young Aditya Mittal with his mother - Kusum Mittal

Aditya Mittal after receiving National Child Award in 2016

Aditya Mittal and his entire family

Aditya Mittal's Best Achievements

India's 77th GM Aditya Mittal has earned a lot of medals in various National and Asian events. Here are few of his best achievements:

• Gold in Asian Youth Under-8 Open Rapid in 2014.

• Silver in Asian Youth Under-10 Open in 2015.

• Silver in Asian Youth Under-16 Open in 2016.

• Bronze in Asian Youth Under-8 Open in 2014.

• Bronze in Asian Youth Under-10 Open in 2016.

• Bronze in Asian Schools Under-7 Open in 2012.

• Bronze in National Under-9 Boys in 2015.

• Bronze in National Schools Under-9 Open in 2015.


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