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Apply for the "Pursue your chess" scholarship of Rs.75,000

by Sagar Shah - 06/03/2020

At ChessBase India we have always wanted to Power Chess in India. We recognized that one of the main difficulties that chess players face is the lack of financial resources. Hence, in 2018 the ChessBase India Foundation was created. One of the scholarships that was instituted in the second half of 2018 was the Pursue Your Chess scholarship. A kind-hearted person from Bangalore, who wishes to remain anonymous donated Rs.50,000 for this scholarship. Sammed Shete from Kolhapur won the scholarship and within a year managed to score his 2 remaining IM norms and become an IM. The 2nd Pursue Your Scholarship 2020-21 has been instituted once again and this time the amount is Rs.75,000. Players who have achieved something substantial in their chess career till date and are suffering from financial burden should fill out the form given in this article before 20th of March. ChessBase India and the donor will select the most eligible candidate for the scholarship.

ChessBase India Foundation began in 2018 and in the first year itself, was very successful. The two youngsters who had won the scholarships worth Rs.50,000 - Pursue your chess scholarship for Sammed Shete and MKG scholarship for K. Priyanka, both completed their IM and WIM titles respectively. Naturally it gives us a boost to know that we are working in the right direction and that we should keep continuing our activities. The MKG scholarship of Rs.50,000 was renewed for the year 2020, and the donors Anita and Jagadeesh Balakrishnan decided to continue with WIM K. Priyanka for the year 2020 as well and help her in her journey to become a WGM.

Sammed became an IM in December 2019, exactly a year after he won the Pursue your chess Scholarship 2018-19

"Pursue your chess scholarship 2018-19 really helped me to become an IM", says Sammed Shete when we interviewed him at the IIFLW chess tournament in Mumbai. When the scholarship began in December 2018, Sammed had an Elo of 2368 and 1 IM norm. When the scholarship ended in December 2019, he had an Elo of 2398 and had completed all his IM norms and had become an IM! You can find all the results of Sammed during his period of scholarship here.

The Pursue Your Chess Scholarship 2020-21

On 5th of September 2018, we instituted the first edition of Pursue your chess scholarship. A kind individual, who lives in Bangalore and doesn't want his name to be revealed, had donated the amount. This year he has increased the amount of Scholarship from Rs.50,000 to Rs.75,000.  Speaking to ChessBase India, he said, "I’m so happy that I could make a difference in the first year with Sammed Shete becoming an IM! So even more motivated to continue the scholarship. I am also happy with the role of ChessBase India! I really like the structured approach and process in deciding who gets the scholarship. And I had constant updates on Sammed’s progress as well!" What was the thought behind increasing the scholarship from Rs.50,000 to Rs.75,000? "I understand that it does get more expensive with time - also hoping this helps ease the situation further and I’m grateful that I’m able to afford to do so as well!" And what is the criteria for selection this year? "Same as last year - The most talented candidate with the most difficult financial situation/constraints preventing them from pursuing their chess goals!" Last year we had a criteria of only those who had a norm could apply for the scholarship, this clause has been removed this year.

Details of the Scholarship:

The amount of the scholarship will be Rs.75,000. The deserving player who will be selected for the scholarship will get Rs.9000 in the first month (April 2020) and Rs.6000 on the first of every month for the remaining 11 months. This scholarship will begin from the 1st of April and the beneficiary's account will be credited on the first of every month with the scholarship amount. The last date to apply for the scholarship is 20th of March 2020

Who can apply:

1. Any Indian chess player. There is no age limit.

2. Should come from a weak financial background

3. Should have achieved something substantial results in the chess world

4. Wants to pursue chess aggressively over the course of the next year

All those who are interested in the scholarship must fill this form and submit before 20th of March 2020

Please Note: We recommend that you take some time out and fill the form in peace with detailed answers. The amount of Rs.75,000 is not a small one. People who furnish appropriate details will be considered for the scholarship. 

What is HelpChess?

HelpChess is an initiative by ChessBase India Foundation. The name clearly mentions what we are aiming for. We are looking for individuals/organizations who would like to help the talents of Indian chess by donating money or instituting a scholarship or donating in kind, so that the financial burdens on the players who come from humble background are reduced to an extent. The logo of HelpChess clearly shows this philosophy.


There are many people all over the world who want to contribute financially to the growth of Indian chess. There are many talents in India who are in need of these finances. ChessBase India aims to act as a bridge. We believe that when ordinary people come together and contribute, extraordinary things can happen to our chess society.


If you are interested to start a scholarship with certain criteria, or you would like to donate some amount or donate in kind (for eg. coaching or training or any other way), please write to us at


These are the bank details for you to donate to a good cause:

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Branch Address :-  001 / 002, Samyak Darshan, Junction Of Tilak Road & Vallabh Baug Lane, Mumbai, 

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