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Scholarship of one year of free training to the deserving candidate

by Sagar Shah - 17/08/2018

There is a lot of talent in Indian chess. Young kids often show skills in the game which impress experienced players and coaches. At such moments it is important that the right training and guidance is given to these young kids. But when a chess parent from a humble financial background is thrown into the competitive chess world, they realize that pursuing their child's chess dream is a tremendously stressful affair. For such kids, who have the talent, but are unable to afford chess training, Chess Guru Academy, a chess institute in Mumbai has launched a one-year scholarship of free training at their academy. They would like to focus on the selection of the student and mould him/her to be the next under-7 or under-9 national champion of India.

Chess Guru Academy Scholarship for U6 and U8 Kid

There are many talented kids in India who are in need of financial support for professional chess training. Chess coaching these days is expensive and becomes difficult to afford. For those who feel that their kids have the talent and would like to pursue the sport seriously, ChessGuru Academy from Mumbai has come up with a scholarship for free training for one year for under-6 and under-8 kids. The Academy and its founder Amit Panchal are specifically aiming for this age group, as they want to prepare them for Under 7 and Under 9 nationals for the next year in 2019.

What does the scholarship include:

1. A yearly sponsorship of regular class conducted at Bhandup Centre in Mumbai (No fees for one year)

2. Minimum of 30 private/online sessions at the academy in a year from our coaches

3. Entry fees of one rapid tournament per month in Mumbai for one year

4. Entry fees of at least one rating tournament in Mumbai

5. Entry fees and travelling expense for state championships 

6. A sponsorship of Rs. 10000 in cash if a kid is selected for nationals from Maharashtra state

7. Entry fees and travelling expense of the kid for nationals (Only if he is in top 5 of states)

8. A sponsorship of Rs. 20000 in cash if a kid wins nationals

Criteria for selection:

1a. Age limit for under 6 - Born on or after 1st Jan 2012.

1b. Age limit for under 8 - Born on or after 1st Jan 2010

2. Selection of Candidate for sponsorship is based on merit and the form submitted below.

3. For Under 8 Category, Fide Rating of 1100+ for boy and a FIDE rating of at least 1050+ for girl

4. For Under 6, there is no need of Rating, He/she can be rated/unrated.

5. For under 6 Category, past achievements in his age category tournament would be considered for selection and they will assessed by the team. We have kept these criteria as we really want to offer this sponsorship to deserving candidates. 

All those who are interested for this scholarship, must fill the form here

Few Achievements of Students from Chess Guru Academy:

Vedant Vekhande:

Vedant is 10 years old and has a FIDE rating of 1385. He was 5th in World Schools in Under 7 age group held at Thailand in the year 2007, this was the best performance by an Indian in under 7 age group in 2007. Vedant won gold and become Maharashtra state schools Champion in U10 age group in December 2017. He also finished 2nd in U-9 Maharashtra State 2017.


Kshatriya Vekhande:

Kshatriya is eight and a half years old and has a FIDE rating of 1306. He was 2nd in Under 7 Maharashtra states in 2016. He won the 5th prize in under 13 Maharashtra State 2018 which took place last month and he was 3rd in Under 11 Maharashtra state 2018


Isha Inamdar

Isha currently has a FIDE rating of 1361, She started learning chess when she was 12 years old and in less than 2.5 years she won gold and became Maharashtra state school champion in the under-14 age group in December 2017. She even got 97.8% in 10th grade. In 10th itself she won State Schools. She has almost attended all the chess sessions while she was in 10th and she even attended sessions when her board exams were going on.

Saarth Bhosale:

Saarth won Gold and become U7 Maharashtra State Champion in 2017. At the age of 7, he also won 3rd prize in Under 8 Maharashtra State Schools in December 2017.

Devansh Shah: He got a Rating of 1399 in his first rating tournament in 2017. He currently has a rating of 1500+


Few other Students who are regular Prize winners in Mumbai Tournaments includes Sohan Nikam, Anish Godse, Yash Rane, Viraj Rane, Vedang Sapre, Nevil, Parsh Gala, Anirudh Satish and many more. Many Students from Chess Guru Academy has achieved International Fide Ratings in short span of time. Chess Guru Academy has invited top coaches of India and world which includes grandmasters and International Masters regularly for benefits of students. Chess Guru Academy has centres all over Mumbai.

Famous Ukrainian GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko conducted a camp at the Chess Guru Academy in Mumbai | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

About Chess Guru Academy:

Amit Panchal is the founder of the Chess Guru Academy in Mumbai

Amit Panchal is Founder/Owner of Chess Guru Academy. He has done BE (Engineering) and MBA from Mumbai University. He is a full time chess coach, mentor and organizer. He is also a chess columnist in Janmabhoomi newspaper. One of his students was 5th in world schools and four of his students have been to top 100 of world rankings in their respective age groups. Many of his students have achieved International FIDE ratings. Students from his academy are regularly winning prizes in various tournaments.

Chess Guru Academy has a team of top level professional coaches to guide young players with best coaching facility and thereby raising their skills in the game. Chess Guru can prepare any student to be mentally fit to become a competent chess player with properly designed training method. Being owned and managed by Mr. Amit Panchal, International FIDE Rated Chess Player, Chess Guru serves the best chess training to players in and around Mumbai.


Amit Panchal – 9867590592

In case you have missed the form for the scholarship, here it is once again

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