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Live games from the National Premier 2017

by Sagar Shah - 29/10/2017

The 14 player round robin Indian National Premier 2017 is taking place in Patna, Bihar from the 28th of October to 10th of November. The average rating of this event is 2480 and the winner will not only win Rs. 1,75,000 but will also go back home as the National Champion. On this page you can follow the games live, as well as look at the games of the previous rounds that have been completed. You also get basic information about the schedule of the event and links to all the reports of the previous rounds. Live games begin each day at 10 a.m. IST. 3rd of November is a rest day.

Live games begin at 10 a.m. IST

Replay finished games:


12017/10/2801:00 PM
22017/10/2910:00 AM
32017/10/3010:00 AM
42017/10/3110:00 AM
52017/11/0110:00 AM
62017/11/0210:00 AM
72017/11/0410:00 AM
82017/11/0510:00 AM
92017/11/0610:00 AM
102017/11/0710:00 AM
112017/11/0810:00 AM
122017/11/0910:00 AM
132017/11/1010:00 AM

Previous reports:

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R3: Capablanca's theorem helps Aravindh

R4: King is an active piece!

R5: Shete scores a stunning win

R6: Aravindh Chithambaram is the sole leader

R7: Unrest after the rest day

Hindi coverage by Niklesh Jain:

नेशनल प्रीमियर-R1- दीपन के प्यादों में उलझे हिमांशु

नेशनल प्रीमियर R-2- जब राजा निकला घूमने !

अरविंद - अर्घ्यदीप की पहली जीत

नेशनल प्रीमियर R-4 - अब आया खेल का मजा !

नेशनल प्रीमियर-R-5 : उलटफेर अभिजीत कुंटे हारे

नेशनल प्रीमियर-R-6 -अरविंद निकले सबसे आगे !

नेशनल प्रीमियर-R-7-विश्राम के बाद :जमकर हुए प्रहार

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