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3rd Pursue your Chess Scholarship of Rs.1,00,000

by Sagar Shah - 31/07/2021

In 2018, Ashwin Subramanian, a chess lover from Bangalore, came forward and instituted the "Pursue your Chess" Scholarship under the ChessBase India Foundation. Today, the support by Ashwin has reached into its third year. The Pursue Your Chess Scholarship has helped Indian chess in a big way, carving two International Masters - Sammed Shete and Shahil Dey. Every year, the amount of support to the winner of the scholarship has increased. It started with Rs.50,000 in the first year, Rs.75,000 in the second and this year it is Rs.1,00,000. In this article you get to know all about the scholarship and how you can apply for it. The last date for submission is 15th of August.

When Ashwin Subramanian was a young boy, he fell in love with chess. He was quite good at it, however, lack of financial resources made him unable to pursue the sport. Instead, he had to focus on his academics and finish his education. Today he is a successful software engineering manager at Intel and continues to play chess from time to time. He also won the ACO World Amateur Chess Championship in 2018. The fact that Ashwin could not follow his passion in his childhood is something that he would not like to happen with other chess talents in the country. It was with this intention that the first "Pursue Your Chess" Scholarship was introduced on 5th of September 2018.

Totally engrossed in the game. The man behind the "Pursue Your Chess" Scholarship - Ashwin Subramanian

The first pursue your chess scholarship of Rs.50,000 was won by Sammed Shete from Kolhapur in 2018. By the time his scholarship came to an end, Sammed had become an IM. The second pursue your chess scholarship of Rs.75,000 was introduced on 6th of March 2020 and it was won jointly by Shahily Dey (Rs.50,000) and Anirudh Potawad (Rs.25,000). A few months ago Shahil Dey became the first International Master from North East India. Now coming into the third year, we are launching the 3rd edition of Pursue Your Chess Scholarship and this time the amount has been increased to Rs.1,00,000. Speaking to ChessBase India, Ashwin says, "Basically my capacity to contribute went up and hence I am increasing the scholarship amount to offer even greater support!" The Pursue Your Chess scholarship is into its 3rd year, what is it that keeps it going? "I see the opportunity to help other chess players pursue their chess goals as a huge privilege and honour! I am glad I have the wonderful ChessBase India Foundation platform to do so!"

Three youngsters who have benefitted from the Pursue your Chess Scholarship (from left to right): Shahil Dey, Anirudhha Potawad and Sammed Shete 

The selection of the winner of the Scholarship is based on many factors. Of course, talent and chess strength are the key ingredients, however, what is also taken into consideration is the financial background and the sincerity with which the candidate wants to pursue his chess dream. That's the reason why you will see that support was extended to not just players with a high rating. While Shahil and Sammed were in 2300s when they won the scholarship, Anirudhha had an Elo of just 1914.


Ashwin is very happy that his scholarship has been very effective and has created two new IMs in the country, "I’m very proud of what Sammed and Shahil have accomplished - it takes tremendous effort, courage and commitment so hats off to them for becoming IMs! I’m glad that I could play a small but meaningful role in their journey!" This is what the three winners of the scholarship had to say:


Mithu Dey (mother of Shahil Dey): The scholarship which Shahil received from ChessBase India Foundation was used in his coaching with Roktim sir. It was a helping hand which push us and made us believe that we can go and continue our journey. The biggest satisfaction was not just money but also the recognition that he was selected as a winner of the scholarship based on his past performances. I would like to thank Mr. Ashwin Subramanian for his kind support."


Sammed Shete: "Pursue your chess scholarship 2018-19 really helped me to become an IM. When the scholarship began in December 2018, I had an Elo of 2368 and 1 IM norm. When the scholarship ended in December 2019, I had an Elo of 2398 and had completed all my IM norms and had become an IM!" 


Ravindra Potawad (father of Anirudhha Potawad): The sponsorship amount was used to train with GM Vishnu Prasanna. Until this point Anirudh had never received personal coaching. During this period, Anirudhha has learned many new things. Vishnu Sir taught him how to work on his weak parts. Vishnu sir explained him how to work on chess in upcoming time and assured him to ask doubts whenever needed. A big Thank you to Ashwin Sir for such a huge help.


So what are Ashwin's expectations from the 3rd pursue your chess scholarship? "I have no expectations or aims as such - I like to only focus on what I can do - which is to contribute to helping others pursue their chess aspirations and hope it helps the recipient(s) get closer to their chess goals! My message to all the people who would be applying for the 3rd Pursue your chess scholarship is "Thank you for your tremendous commitment in pursuing your chess aspirations - it takes a lot of courage to pursue your passion! My best wishes to you and I hope this scholarship helps you overcome financial obstacles in pursuit of your passion!"

Details of the Scholarship:

The amount of the scholarship will be Rs.1,00,000. The deserving player who will be selected for the scholarship will get Rs.12000 in the first month (September 2021) and Rs.8000 on the first of every month for the remaining 11 months. This scholarship will begin from the 1st of September 2021 and the beneficiary's account will be credited on the first of every month with the scholarship amount. The last date to apply for the scholarship is 15th of August 2021.

Who can apply:

1. Any Indian chess player. There is no age limit.

2. Should come from a weak financial background

3. Should have achieved some substantial results in the chess world

4. Wants to pursue chess aggressively over the course of the next year

All those who are interested must fill the form and submit it before 15th of August.

Please Note: We recommend that you take some time out and fill the form in peace with detailed answers. The amount of Rs.1,00,000 is not a small one. People who furnish appropriate details will be considered for the scholarship.

We, at ChessBase India, can help you institute a scholarship and make sure that your money reaches the right talents. Write to us at if you are interested to donate and support a talent in India. “When ordinary people come together and contribute, extraordinary things can happen to our chess society.

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