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Your chance to win a ticket to Dubai for the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League!

by Himank Ghosh - 15/06/2023

Tech Mahindra Global Chess League invites you to make #thebigmove in partnership with Phoenix Malls and ChessBase India. Join us as we flag off the start of exciting two-day tournaments in 5 different cities which can win you tickets to Dubai to watch the finals of the Global Chess League live and win exciting prizes from our Official Wearables Partner, Boat. The first event starts today at the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai! Read the article and get to know how you can take part in these attractive tournaments. Thumbnail: Burj Khalifa Official website

Blitz tournaments across Phoenix Malls in 5 different cities!

With just 6 days to go till the 1st edition of Tech Mahindra Global Chess League kicks off, GCL has made another big announcement. They have announced Phoenix Malls as their Official Mall Partner! As you might know, we have 2 of our ChessBase India clubs in Phoenix Marketcity Mall Mumbai, and Phoenix Citadel Indore.

Global Chess League and Phoenix Malls have come together in organizing something unique - they are holding blitz tournaments across the Phoenix Malls in 5 different cities - Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow and Indore!

All the tournaments are completely free to play, and will take place in the following dates. Do register for the tournament in Phoenix Malls NOW - Only the first 200 people who register will get to play!

Tournament Format

The tournament is divided into 2 stages - the qualification stages and the grand finale. Both the qualification stage and grand finale have free entry! The Qualification stage will be an OTB event, whereas the finals will be held online in lichess.The top 3 winners of the finals will get a chance to witness the finals of the 1st ever Global Chess League live at Dubai!

Qualification stage:

Format: There will be 2 Swiss events of blitz time control at each location as mentioned below.

Time Control: 3 minutes + 2 seconds Increment from move 1

No of Rounds: 8 (Day 1- Separate Event, Day 2- Separate Event)

It is important to note that 2 tournaments will take place in 2 consecutive days in each of the malls. The Winner of each day from each of the Cities mentioned above will qualify for the Grand Finale! If the same player wins on both days, the first runner-up on day 2 will qualify for the Grand Finale Stage. If a player qualifying above rules is not having a valid passport, his/her name will not be considered in the Grand Finale stage. Also, no subsequent substitutions will be made after this.


Tiebreak regulations for Qualification Stage:

1. Buchholz Cut 1

2. Buchholz

3. Sonneborn-Berger

4. Direct encounter

5. The more significant number of wins including forfeits


Prize structure

Apart from having free entry, the qualification events at the Phoenix Malls also boast attractive prizes! Here are the prizes you can bag ( same prizes for both the days):

Winner - Amazon Echo Dot

Runner-up - BOAT Airdopes

Second Runner-up - BOAT Airdopes

Fourth Place - BOAT Airdopes

Fifth Place - BOAT Airdopes

Sixth Place - BOAT Airdopes

With enchanting prizes such as the BOAT Airdopes and Amazon Echo Dot, this event is a must-play!

Grand Finale

There will be Qualifier blitz tournaments held across Phoenix Malls from 5 different cities. In each of these malls, 2 tournaments will take place in 2 days. The winner of each day qualifies to the Grand Finals, so a total of 10 people will qualify to the Grand Finale.The top 3 finishers in the Grand Finale will get a ticket to Dubai!

With a lineup like this, visiting the Global Chess League will be a dream come true for all chess fans!

Tournament Format:

1. The Grand Finale will be held online on the LICHESS Platform in 9 rounds Round Robin format.

2. Time Control: 5 Minutes + 3 Seconds increment from move 1.

3. All the anti-cheating measures will be followed in this stage with front and side cameras to be kept on throughout the event with full-screen share. The organizers & the Chief Arbiter will be explaining the rules in detail one day prior to the event with a trial setup check.


Tiebreak Regulations for the Grand Finale Stage:

1. Direct encounter

2. Sonneborn-Berger

3. The greater number of wins including forfeits

4. Number of wins with Black pieces



The Top 3 Winners of the finals will win a trip to Dubai, to witness the Finals of the First ever Global Chess League (all travel, logistics, and visas will be taken care of by the GCL team)!

Having a valid passport is mandatory to qualify for the final stage. If a player qualifying above rules is not having a valid passport, his/her name will not be considered in the Grand Finale stage. Also, no subsequent substitutions will be made after this.

Chess in the deserts of Dubai! | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Entry forms for the Qualification Stage

Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai - 15th and 16th June 2023

The Blitz tournaments will take place at Atrium 5 of the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai - where the ChessBase India Chess Club is held. The tournament starts from 3:30 PM on 15th June - so be there on time! For any queries, contact on this number: +91 84528 40009. The first 200 people who register can play the tournament - so register fast, and arrive at the venue on time!

The ChessBase India Chess Club at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai has been running for over a year now!

Entry form for the Blitz tournaments:

Phoenix Palladium Mall, Ahmedabad - 16th and 17th June 2023

The Blitz tournaments will kick off that Palladium Mall from 4:30 PM sharp - so be there on time! The first 200 registered participants to arrive at the venue will get to play the tournament. For any tournament-related queries, please get in touch with Mr. Ankit Dalal (Contact no: +91 7878860008).

Get to know more about the Phoenix Palladium Ahmedabad on their official website.

Entry form for the Blitz tournaments:

 Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Pune - 19th and 20th June 2023

For any inquiries about the Blitz tournaments at Phoenix Marketcity Pune on 19th and 20th June, you can contact IA Deepti Shidore ( Contact no: +91 9604737183) or IA Atharva Godbole ( Contact no: +91 9673003782).

Get to know more about the Phoenix Marketcity Pune on their official website.

Entry form for the Blitz tournaments:

Phoenix Pallasio Mall, Lucknow - 20th and 21st June 2023

For information or queries regarding the Blitz tournaments at Phoenix Pallasio Mall, Lucknow on 20th and 21st June, you can connect with IA AK Raizada ( Contact no: +91 9451247160) or Anand Singh (Contact no: +91 98390 01533).

Get to know more about the Phoenix Palassio Mall, Lucknow on their official website.

Entry form for the Blitz tournaments:

Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore - 21st and 22nd June 2023

For information or queries regarding the Blitz tournaments at Phoenix Citadel Mall, Indore on 21st and 22nd June, you can drop a Whatsapp message at this number: +91 8962428326.

The ChessBase India Chess Club at Phoenix Citadel Indore is growing rapidly!

Entry form for the Blitz tournaments:

ChessBase India is the Technical Partner in these events

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the qualification events, play in the beautiful phoenix Malls, and work your way up to winning a ticket to Dubai for the Global Chess League Finals! Register fast, as the entry spots are limited - and come to the tournament venue on time! All the entry forms are linked below:

Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai - 15th and 16th June

Phoenix Palladium Ahmedabad - 16th and 17th June

Phoenix Marketcity Pune - 19th and 20th June

Phoenix Pallassio Lucknow - 20th and 21st June

Phoenix Citadel Indore - 21st and 22nd June


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