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This Valentine's Day gift your loved ones ChessBase 15 hard copy

by Sagar Shah - 14/02/2019

The only reason why we would like to celebrate Valentine's Day is because it signifies "Love". And Love for the game of chess is what binds us all together. On 14th of February, we are offering you a unique chance to send a ChessBase 15 hard copy to your loved ones at a discount of Rs.590! At the same time you can send them a special message and we will put it down in a card and send it across to them. You can also do so with the books we have! Today 14th of February is also a special day for ChessBase India because the youngest member of the team Avathanshu Bhat, the Juniors editor-in-chief, turns 14 years old. We tell you about some of the work he has done in his journalistic career till date.

Valentine's Day signifies love, and the love which bonds all of us together is the love for the game of chess! On this Valentine's Day we would like to offer you something special - an ability to send special gift to your loved ones with a message inside.

How does it work?

When placing an order put the address of the person to whom you want the product to be delivered. When checking out, after choosing the method of payment, you will see an "Additional Comments" box. In it, you can write your message for your loved one. This will be then put down on a special Valentine's Day card and sent tomorrow (15th of February).

Additional comments section is where you should write down your Valentine's Day message!

Rs.590 off on ChessBase 15 hard copy for today:

ChessBase India launched its first hard copy ChessBase product - the ChessBase 15 a few months ago. The cost of ChessBase 15 downloadable format is Rs.3715 (inclusive of all taxes), while the cost of ChessBase hard copy has been Rs.4305 (inclusive of all taxes). But today, only on the 14th of February, we would like to give you the ChessBase 15 hard copy at a discount of Rs.590.

When you go to buy ChessBase 15 in the shop, you will be given two options - Hard copy or soft copy. You should select the Hard Copy and as you can see at the top, the price has not changed. You will have to pay Rs.3715.82 only. This includes free shipping all across India!

Your Valentine's Day message will also be sent if you buy any of the chess books!

If you do purchase ChessBase products in downloadable format and would still want to send a message to your loved ones via the additional comments box, then it will be sent to them via email.

Note: The offer of sending a card to your loved ones with a message and also a discount of Rs.590 is only applicable on the orders placed on 14th of February.

Valentine's Day, a special day for ChessBase India:

14th of February is a special day for ChessBase India, not just because it is the Valentine's Day. It's the birthday of ChessBase India Juniors editor-in-chief Avathanshu Bhat.

Avt's perfect birthday gift on his birthday and Valentine's Day - the ChessBase 15 hard copy!

Avathanshu Bhat turns 14 years old today. Since last couple of years, he has been tirelessly covering the Indian chess scene. Sometimes when I speak with him I forget that he is just 14 years old. He is able to execute the most difficult tasks related to writing with ease. It is obvious that he is extremely gifted when it comes to putting the pen on paper. We are glad that he is working in the field of chess, and through his articles is powering chess in India.

It is because Avathanshu that we began the ChessBase India Juniors. And it has completed 12 articles in the last year!

Here are some of the memorable photos of Avathanshu over the last couple of years that we would like to share with you:

Interviewed by Nandakumar Marar, a prominent journalist for an article that was published on the front page of the Hindu!

Interviewing the child prodigy and USA GM Awonder Liang at the Sunway Sitges Chess Festival 2017!

Interviewing the chess patron of Sangli Mr. Shirgaonkar in 2017

Setting up the ChessBase India stall at the Powai festival when he was just 12 years old!

Avathanshu's first chess certificate! The love that began 7 years ago, is still going strong! We wish him a very happy birthday

There are many articles of Avathanshu that I like, but if I had to choose one it would surely be Chess Species classified. Read it and I am sure, you won't be able to suppress that smile on your face!

On Behalf of the entire ChessBase India team we wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day

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