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ChessBase 15: Online help and manuals

by Nadja Wittmann - 12/08/2019

ChessBase 15 is a powerful program with a lot of useful functions. The online support helps you to get the most out of ChessBase 15 and is easy to access. And if you really want to explore the depths of the program the ChessBase 15 online manual will help you. It is free and available in four languages! | Drawing: ChessBase

Manuals and help

1) Helpful: "F1"

In ChessBase (and in many other computer programs) pressing the "F1" key (or "F1" +" Fn") is the quickest way to access the online help of the program.

The main view shows "Contents", and provides an overview of the topic that might interest you, e.g. finding games:


The "Index" provides an overview of all topics. Terms and topics are ordered alphabetically.


In "Search" you can enter any term. The program then searches for entries which include this term.


Let's take, for example, the term "cloud". This leads to a list of results which include "cloud":

2) The ChessBase 15 manual as PDF

The following links lead to the PDF versions of the ChessBase 15 manuals:


- English

- Deutsch

- Français

- Nederlands


First steps with ChessBase 15

The short guide "First Steps" (PDF) shows how to start with ChessBase 15 and explains the most important functions and tools. And ChessBase expert Martin Fischer explains the new features of ChessBase 15. Download PDF for free.



ChessBase Wiki






- ChessBase download page (manuals, links, etc.)

- ChessBase Product videos (YouTube)





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