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Pranav Venkatesh earns his second GM-norm with a 3175 performance

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/06/2022

The chess universe is well-acquainted with the strength of IM Pranav Venkatesh. He earned his second GM-norm by scoring seven consecutive victories at Vezerkepzo GM June 2022 with a rating performance of 3175. He also crossed 2500 in the live ratings in the process. The 15-year-old from Tamil Nadu did not slow down, instead he won his eighth round game too against strong Czech Republic no.8, GM Vojtech Plat. The teenager only drew his last round game to end the event with a score of 8.5/9. He finished a massive 1.5 points ahead of the field. This is his fourth tournament victory of the year. He had also secured a second place at MPL 46th National Sub-Junior Open 2022. Photo: GM Attila Czebe's fb

15-year-old Pranav crosses 2500

IM Pranav Venkatesh took only one tournament to get himself adjusted in Budapest, Hungary. In the second event, he wrecked through the competition by winning the first eight games and scoring his second GM-norm in just seven. Last year, Pranav became an IM and scored his maiden GM-norm at Serbia Open 2021 Masters in July. It seems like the teenager prefers to achieve two title requirements in one event. Now he is just the final GM-norm away from becoming India's next Grandmaster.

Champion - IM Pranav V 8.5/9 flanked by organizer GM Attila Czebe (right) and Chief Arbiter FA Bela David (left) | Photo: Attila's fb

Pranav scored 8.5/9, with a performance of 2832 and gained 29 Elo rating points
IM Pranav Venkatesh scores his second GM-norm in Hungary with a 3175 rating performance | Video: ChessBase India

Aveskulov - Pranav, Round 7

Position after 37...Nd8

To understand IM Pranav V's (2481) strength, you have to see his win against GM Valeriy Aveskulov (UKR, 2534). It is evident that Black has a positional edge. The game is a must-see for those who love positional chess and the art of maneuvering, because the 15-year-old masterfully converted his advantage into a win. His understanding of the piece placement eventually induced a mistake by the GM, and he went on to win the game. This win secured Pranav's second GM-norm.

IM Pranav Venkatesh sporting the Sadhana App merchandise in Hungary

Pranav Venkatesh is one of the three players who has received the Sadhana app sponsorship.

Pranav - Plat, Round 8

Position after 33...Bg7

It goes without saying that Czech Republic no.8, GM Vojtech Plat (2555) is a very strong player. Pranav launched a devastating attack on his opponent's kingside. 33...Bg7 seems to barely hold the fort together. Find out the winning continuation for White. Pranav registered his eighth victory in a beautiful fashion to take his score to 8/8.

IM Pranav Venkatesh at Vezerkepzo GM June 2022

IM Pranav is trained by one of the best coaches in the country - Visweswaran K

IM Pranav Venkatesh is well on his way to become India's next Grandmaster | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

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Final Standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtg TB1  TB2  TB3 
IMPranav VIND24818,535,008
GMPlat VojtechCZE25556,021,754
GMAveskulov ValeriyUKR25345,521,003
IMSammed Jaykumar SheteIND24004,516,502
GMCzebe AttilaHUN23684,016,250
IMVardaan NagpalIND23573,514,251
FMAditya Vikram PaulIND24093,513,251
WIMSharma IshaIND22343,512,502
FMOngut Tamas GunesHUN23153,014,500
WIMGaal ZsokaHUN23243,010,502


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