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Paracin 2019: Nandhidhaa grabs her second IM norm, Pavan BNB wins B group

by Rupali Mullick - 27/07/2019

GM Ivan Ivanisevic of Serbia won the 12th edition of Paracin International Open 2019. Ivan remained undefeated and scored 7.5/9, finished a half point ahead of the pack of four players. FM Raymond Song of Chinese Taipei scored 7.0/9 and finished 2nd due to a better tie-break score. GM Dmitry Svetushkin of Moldova also scored 7.0/9 and he defeated Song in the penultimate round, however due to a lower tie-break score, he had to settle for 3rd position. Vishnu Prasanna was the only Indian to finish in top 10 by scoring 6.5/9. Nandhidhaa scored her second IM-norm at the event and Pavan BNB won the B-group. We had two Indians who gained huge number of rating points and we bring their video interviews. Report from the venue by Rupali Mullick.

Nandhidhaa brilliant at Serbia

WIM Nandhidhaa P V scored her second IM-norm and second WGM-norm at the event, with a round to spare and a well-earned score of 6.0/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

Nandhidhaa lost just one game and was extremely solid in the others. Scoring 6.0/9 when you have faced eight higher rated opponents, is quite amazing!
Nandhidhaa talked about scoring her norms and showed the 'revenge game' | Video: Rupali Mullick

Here is Nandhidhaa's game against Lee Jun Hyeok from round 8:

The main organizer of the Paracin Open is FM IA FT IO Sasa Jevtic - the brain behind the event | Photo: Rupali Mullick

Sasa works very hard before and during the event and takes care of all the lodging and transfer requirements of all the participants of the event along with all the ~400 registrations. Here's a little bit of history about the event. Chess in Paracin, Serbia had a long tradition. But, there was a break in activities from 1996 till 2007. It was Sasa Jevtic who decided to change something and build up chess in Paracin again. As school population is the base for all activities Sasa organized education for teachers in local schools so that they can establish chess as a chosen subject in elementary schools. Foundation Marko Todorovic from Paracin financially helped to buy a lot of chess sets, chess clocks and chess books which were distributed among elementary schools in Paracin. The Youth Chess Club "Paracin" was founded in 2009 and this club started to be body in charge for all important chess events in Paracin, including International Chess Festival. This is how it all began and now the Paracin Open is one of the biggest open events in Europe.

An interview with the man himself - Sasa Jevtic.

Apart from the Rapid one-day tournament, there are three classical chess tournaments: Open A is the main event for players with ELO >2100, Open B is a rating tournament for players with Elo < 2100; and Open C is a special non-Fide tournament for players with Elo < 1500 and born in 2003 and younger.


There were 166 participants in the Open A tournament including 15 GMs, 18 IMs, 8 WIMs, 43 FMs and 11 WFMs. There were players from 32 countries with 36 players from various regions of Serbia. There were 23 players from India this year, including GM Vishnu Prasanna leading the Indian contingent. There were 191 participants in the Open B tournament including players from 24 countries with 105 players from various regions of Serbia. There were 10 players from India, with Pavan BNB starting as 15th seed. Top ranked blind players of India Kishan Gangolli and Aryan Joshi participated in the Open A and B respectively.


At the end of the eighth round, top seeded GM Ivan Ivanisevic was leading with 7.0/8, followed by GM Dmitry Svetushkin and FM Miloje Ratkovic at 6.5/8 occupying 2nd and 3rd spot. There were 6 players trailing the top 3 by only half a point at 6.0/8. The ninth round had many decisive games being played on the top 10 boards (except the top 2 tables which ended in draws) and ended up with GM Ivan Ivanisevic clinching the first place with 7.5/9.

GM Ivan Ivanisevic drew his last round game against FM Miloje Ratkovic on board number 1 to end up with 7.5/9 guaranteeing him a spot in the top 3 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

GM Dmitry Svetushkin drew his game with the black pieces against GM Bence Korpa on board number 2, and ended up with 7.0/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

IM Nail Bashirli, who was in a must win situation for a top 5 finish scored a win on board three with the black pieces against the reigning champion GM Justin Tan to finish with 7.0/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

FM Raymond Song won his game against IM Abdulla Gadimbayli on board number 4, to end up with 7.0 /9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

GM Vishnu Prasanna scored a win in his final round against IM Vuk Djordjevic. Vishnu scored 6.5/9 just missing the top 5 spot by half a point | Photo: Rupali Mullick

The clear winner of the tournament is Serbian GM Ivan Ivanisevic with 7.5/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

FM Raymond Song came in second with the best tiebreak at 7.0/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

Third: GM Dmitry Svetushkin with the second best tiebreak at 7.0/9 | Photo: Rupali Mullick

GM Vishnu Prasanna tied for the 6th spot – ended up finishing in 10th place after the tie-breaks | Photo: Rupali Mullick

WFM Tanishka Kotia missed scoring her WIM norm at the event. Even though she had a performance rating of 2253, she didn't get her WIM norm because she didn’t get to meet enough WIM or higher titled players. But she went home 130 Elo points richer! | Photo: Rupali Mullick
Tanishka Kotia had a rating of 1942 and played in three tournaments in Serbia - Silverlake Open, Nis Open and Paracin Open. She gained 100+ Elo points in all three tournaments and crossed the Elo of 2250! How did she do it? Check out the interview above.

Visually impaired Kishan Gangolli did not register himself as a blind player in the Open A event (played on a normal chess board and not on a braille chess board), and had a very commendable performance of 4.5/9, gaining 56 Elo points. Kishan is five-time national blind champion of India and is 75% blind.| Photo: Rupali Mullick

In the Open B event, 15th seeded Pavan B N B from India played consistently on the top tables to finish with 8.0/9 and took home the first prize and 56 Elo points | Photo: Rupali Mullick

The top three finishers of Open B – 1. Pavan B N B, 2. Slobodan Kuzmanovic, 3. Ali Can Kartalkanat | Photo: Rupali Mullick

Vansh Agarwal (1499) of Mumbai played phenomenally in the Open B, surprising all his higher rated opponents – starting as 156th seed, ranked 24th at the end with 6.0/9 and gaining a whopping 203 Elo | Photo: Rupali Mullick

11-year-old Vansh Aggarwal from Mumbai went to play in two tournaments in Serbia with an Elo of 1499. In the first tournament Nis Open 2019 he gained 220 Elo points. In the second one - Paracin he gained 202 Elo points. This was the first time that Vansh played a tournament outside India. From 1499, he is now moved to 1921. The youngster attributes his success to meticulous training before the event and also during the tournament. Vansh is trained by IM Nisha Mohota. In this video Vansh discusses not only his secret to improvement, but also shows one of his games against Anna Pasti (1865) from Hungary where the youngster shows excellent understanding from the black side of the Ruy Lopez.

Visually impaired Aryan Joshi was given a special prize – a chocolate hamper for encouragement! In this picture he is seen with his trainer Raghunandan Gokhale| Photo: Rupali Mullick

Final Standings in Open A

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
11GMIvanisevic IvanSRB26127,549,039,06105,7
217FMSong RaymondTPE24567,047,037,071015,4
33GMSvetushkin DmitryMDA25287,047,035,06106,7
440IMBashirli NailAZE23677,046,039,061025,9
525FMRatkovic MilojeSRB24167,043,033,561014,6
626Janzelj TimSLO24166,548,034,551018,9
74GMKorpa BenceHUN25236,547,035,55107,1
829IMMcphillips JosephENG24126,546,034,551016,3
913GMKosic DraganMNE24826,546,034,05103,6
107GMVishnu Prasanna. VIND25056,546,034,04102,1
115GMSanal VahapTUR25206,545,031,0510-1,5
1210GMLorparizangeneh ShahinIRI24946,544,533,05101,3
132GMPerunovic MilosSRB25976,543,531,0510-7,6
1441FMAvalyan ArturRUS23516,045,534,062026,2
1514IMPetrov MartinBUL24806,044,033,0410-2,8
1627IMGadimbayli AbdullaAZE24146,043,532,0510-0,9
1712GMStojanovic MihajloSRB24836,043,033,0410-1,9
1834Liu ZhaoqiCHN23866,043,030,552019,8
1975WIMNandhidhaa P VIND22596,042,530,542057,2
206GMTan JustinAUS25136,042,530,0510-9,6

Complete standings

Final Standings in Open B

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
MKPavan B N BIND19938,046,543,072055,6
MKKuzmanovic SlobodanSRB20667,550,538,062013,4
IKartalkanat Ali CanTUR17287,545,035,562094,6
MKPetrovic Nikola VSRB20537,050,537,562015,8
MKAlbayrak KeremTUR18667,044,036,072061,0
MKEke SalihTUR18927,044,034,064073,6
MKPetrov AntonBUL19526,547,538,564030,4
MKOpacic AlexandarITA19996,544,031,0520-10,8
IMitrovic StefanSRB18466,543,534,052030,0
MKDimkovski StojanchoMKD19096,542,533,05209,8
MKVujcic MilenaSRB19896,542,032,0440-15,6
MKTomic JelenaBIH18846,541,533,054050,8
IKara Gulce NehirTUR17676,540,528,064066,0
MKPetrovic Petar RSRB20146,538,528,5620-24,0
FMDezelin MilanSRB19856,048,533,0320-18,2
MKProzorov PavelRUS19166,048,532,0540-7,6
MKMolnar Gabor RolandSRB20446,048,036,0620-5,4
MKTosic NebojsaSRB20456,047,036,0620-11,8
CMCaberoglu ArdaTUR18856,046,533,534059,2
FMZlatanovic ZoranSRB20526,046,033,0420-20,2

Complete standings