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Arjun Erigaisi convincingly clinches 6th Sharjah Masters 2023, Gukesh third

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/05/2023

Arjun Erigaisi scored a thumping victory against Nodirbek Yakubboev (UZB) in the final round to win 6th Sharjah Masters 2023. He did not have the best start as he scored only 3/5 in the first five rounds. However, what matters is that, he scored 3.5/4 in the last four games including a hat-trick in the last three rounds. It was certainly not easy to achieve that but he made it look easy. Since the penultimate round, Arjun was playing like the Arjun we have seen since 2020 to 2022, who was absent this year. That is no longer the case as the 44th Olympiad individual Silver medalist has once again returned to his true form. Seven players scored 6/9. D Gukesh was placed third according to tie-breaks. Nihal Sarin is the only other Indian to make a top ten finish. He scored 5.5/9 to finish ninth. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

The Comeback of Arjun Erigaisi

GM Arjun Erigaisi has had such a phenomenal run since the summer of 2020, that he did not get any time to rest. Earlier this year, he had a couple of forgettable outing at the 85th Tata Steel Masters and 28th TePe Sigeman & Co 2023. However, this fantastic performance of his is going to make everyone forget about those. Winning such a strong tournament which boasted an average of 2617 with 78 GMs, is a roaring announcement that he is back!

6th Sharjah Masters 2023 champion - GM Arjun Erigaisi 6.5/9 | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy
Arjun Erigaisi on winning 6th Sharjah Masters 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

GM Arjun Erigaisi receives his prize at the closing ceremony | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Top 3 (L to R): 3rd GM D Gukesh, 1st GM Arjun Erigaisi and 2nd GM Samuel Sevian (USA) | Photo: Niklesh Jain
"My aim is to reach 2730 by the end of this year" - Samuel Sevian | Video: ChessBase India
Gukesh on finishing third at the Sharjah Masters 2023 and facing Carlsen & Co. in Norway Chess | Video: ChessBase India

Total prize fund of the entire tournament (all three sections) was US$ 60000. The prize fund for the Masters section was US$ 45000. The top three prizes were US$ 10000 + cup, $8000 and $7000 along with a medal each.

GM Arjun Erigaisi also won $1000 worth of Chessify coins | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy
Closing Ceremony moments of Arjun Erigaisi, D Gukesh and others receiving prize | Video: ChessBase India

Arjun - Yakubboev: 1-0

It was the first time the 44th Chess Olympiad individual Silver medalist, GM Arjun Erigaisi (2701) was facing the 44th Chess Olympiad Gold medalist, GM Nodirbek Yakubboev (UZB, 2630) in a rated game. Arjun was once again determined to win the game.

Position after 20...g6

20...g6 invited trouble 21.Rxf7 still Qd5 would have kept Black in the game. 21...Rxe3? just turned things completely in White's favor.

Position after 21...Rxe3?

21...Rxe3? only helped White to open up the f-file and create Alekhine's gun on it. 22.fxe3 Bxd2 23.Rf1 Ra8 24.Qf2 Bc3 25.d4 Nd5 26.Bxg6! Nxe3 27.Rg7+ and Black resigned.

Arjun Erigaisi crushes 44th Chess Olympiad Gold medalist Nodirbek Yakubboev | Video: ChessBase India

GM Arjun Erigaisi once again flabbergasted his opponent in the final round | Photo: Niklesh Jain
Final moments: Gukesh vs Tabatabaei | Video: ChessBase India

GM D Gukesh gave his all but GM M Amin Tabatabaei (IRI) did not budge | Photo: Niklesh Jain

GM Nihal Sarin drew against GM Anton Korobov (UKR) to finish ninth | Photo: Niklesh Jain
Chinese fan is super excited to meet Yangyi Yu | Video: ChessBase India
Interview with Women's World Champion - GM Wenjun Ju (CHN) | Video: Sharjah Chess
Interview with Challenger section champion - GM Adham Fawzy (EGY) | Video: Sharjah Chess
Bughouse game feat Adhiban, Nihal, Pragg, Arjun and Gukesh | Sharjah Masters 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

Replay the Live stream

Replay Sharjah Masters Round 9 live commentary by Amruta Mokal | Video: ChessBase India
Replay Sharjah Masters Round 9 live commentary by GM FST Ivan Sokolov (NED) and GM FST Dimitri Komarov (UKR) | Video: Sharjah Chess

Replay Round 9 games

Round 9 results

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
GMGukesh, D2732½ - ½GMTabatabaei, M. Amin2677
GMYu, Yangyi2729½ - ½GMMartirosyan, Haik M.2675
GMErigaisi, Arjun27011 - 0GMYakubboev, Nodirbek2630
GMSevian, Samuel2684½ - ½GMOparin, Grigoriy2667
GMEsipenko, Andrey26795½ - ½5GMSjugirov, Sanan2712
GMNiemann, Hans Moke270851 - 05GMKadric, Denis2601
GMNguyen, Thai Dai Van26455½ - ½5GMPraggnanandhaa, R2688
GMNihal, Sarin26735½ - ½GMKorobov, Anton2664
GMMaghsoodloo, Parham2734½ - ½GMMchedlishvili, Mikheil2553
GMCheparinov, Ivan26601 - 0GMKovalev, Vladislav2612
GMNarayanan.S.L,26601 - 0GMAditya, Mittal2522
GMAdhiban, B.25891 - 0GMYilmaz, Mustafa2641
GMAbasov, Nijat2634½ - ½GMVakhidov, Jakhongir2607
GMDardha, Daniel26311 - 0GMMurzin, Volodar2604
GMKuybokarov, Temur2566½ - ½GMSargsyan, Shant2630


Final standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
GMErigaisi, ArjunIND27016,503934,512775
GMSevian, SamuelUSA26846043,53912764
GMGukesh, DIND2732604339,502781
GMYu, YangyiCHN27296042,53912777
GMMartirosyan, Haik M.ARM26756040,536,512759
GMNiemann, Hans MokeUSA27086040,53612751
GMTabatabaei, M. AminIRI26776040,53602749
GMOparin, GrigoriyUSA266760403722774
GMNihal, SarinIND26735,5043,538,502731
GMNguyen, Thai Dai VanCZE26455,5042,53812712



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