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49th National Women 2023 R1: Suryanshi denies Isha a full point

by Shahid Ahmed - 01/07/2023

14-year-old Suryanshi Sharma (HP) held WIM Isha Sharma (KAR) to a draw in the first round of 49th National Women 2023. The teenager could have pushed for a win in the double rook and opposite color bishop endgame. However, she traded the rooks and drew the resultant opposite color bishop endgame comfortably. The defending two-time National Women and the newly crowned Asian Women 2023 champion - IM Divya Deshmukh is the top seed. Since 2018, every champion won it for two consecutive years before a new champion got crowned. Will Divya win for the third consecutive time, just like previous winners of the last decade - IM Padmini Rout and WGM Mary Ann Gomes, or are we going to witness a new champion? Round 2 starts today at 10 a.m. IST Photos: Ankit Dalal

A smooth start for the top seeds

The eleven-round Swiss League tournament witnesses the participation of over 150 players including 6 IMs, 6 WGMs and 10 WIMs. This time the eligibility has been increased to any rated player. The event is organized by Gujarat State Chess Association from 30th June to 10th July 2023. Total prize fund is ₹3000000. The top three prizes are ₹700000, ₹550000 and ₹450000 each.

Suryanshi Sharma (HP) denied WIM Isha Sharma (KAR) a winning start

Suryanshi - Isha

Position after 27...a6

Suryanshi Sharma (HP, 1403) should have gone for 28.b4 idea a4, b5 and created a passed pawn on the b-file. Instead, she captured on c4 28.bxc4 Rxc4 29.Rxc4 Rxc4 30.Rxc4 Bxc4 the game liquidated into an opposite color bishop endgame and it ended in a draw eventually.

Photo Gallery

The defending two-time National Women and newly crowned Asian Women 2023 champion IM Divya Deshmukh is the top seed

Former four-time National Women champion - IM Padmini Rout

The previous two-time National Women champion - IM Bhakti Kulkarni

Asian Women 2023 Silver medalist - WGM Mary Ann Gomes

IM Eesha Karavade won her game comfortably

Former National Women champion - IM Soumya Swaminathan

Inauguration Ceremony

The tournament hall at Karnavathi Club in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Replay Round 1 games

Round 1 results

180AFMShanmathi, Sree S1425TN00 - 10WGMDivya, Deshmukh2389MAH1PGN
22IMPadmini, Rout2353PSPB01 - 00Kirthika, B1422TEL81PGN
382Kale, Shruti1421MAH00 - 10IMKulkarni, Bhakti2315GOA3PGN
44WGMGomes, Mary Ann2315PSPB01 - 00Yuti, Mayur Patel1421MAH83PGN
584Advika, Sarupria1418RAJ00 - 10IMKaravade, Eesha2293PSPB5PGN
66IMSoumya, Swaminathan2293PSPB01 - 00Arya, G Mallar1407KER85PGN
786Suryanshi, Sharma1403HP0½ - ½0WIMSharma, Isha2267KAR7PGN
88WGMPratyusha, Bodda2250AP01 - 00Gade, Sharanya1399TEL87PGN
988Jigna, Joshi1398GUJ00 - 10WIMMahalakshmi, M2242RSPB9PGN
1010WGMSrija, Seshadri2226TN01 - 00Falak, Joni Naik1391GUJ89PGN


Standings after Round 1

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1156Sudha, GwNIND0AND1000,5000
21WGMDivya, DeshmukhU18wNIND2389MAH1000,0001
2IMPadmini, RoutwNIND2353PSPB1000,0001
3IMKulkarni, BhaktiwNIND2315GOA1000,0001
4WGMGomes, Mary AnnwNIND2315PSPB1000,0001
5IMKaravade, EeshawNIND2293PSPB1000,0001
6IMSoumya, SwaminathanwNIND2293PSPB1000,0001
8WGMPratyusha, BoddawNIND2250AP1000,0001
9WIMMahalakshmi, MwNIND2242RSPB1000,0001
10WGMSrija, SeshadriwNIND2226TN1000,0001
11WIMChitlange, SakshiwNIND2225MAH1000,0001
12WIMSalonika, SainaU20wNIND2223ODI1000,0001
13IMMohota, NishawNIND2185PSPB1000,0001
14WIMVishwa, VasnawalaU18wSIND2181GUJ1000,0001
15WIMArpita, MukherjeewNIND2160WB1000,0001
16WFMDhyana, PatelU18wNIND2155GUJ1000,0001
17WFMNimmy, A.G.wNIND2151KER1000,0001
18WGMVarshini, VwNIND2120TN1000,0001
19WIMBommini, Mounika AkshayaU20wNIND2094AP1000,0001
20WFMSaranya, JwNIND2050TN1000,0001


Round 2 pairings

11WGMDivya, Deshmukh2389MAH11Marium, Fatima1703BIH44
243WCMArushi, Kotwal1704JK11IMPadmini, Rout2353PSPB2
33IMKulkarni, Bhakti2315GOA11Swara, Lakshmi S Nair1680KAR46
447Kanishka, S1676TN11WGMGomes, Mary Ann2315PSPB4
55IMKaravade, Eesha2293PSPB11Anishka, Vikram1675DEL48
649Sachi, Jain1675DEL11IMSoumya, Swaminathan2293PSPB6
751Kalyani, Sirin1660KER11WGMPratyusha, Bodda2250AP8
89WIMMahalakshmi, M2242RSPB11AFMShubhi, Gupta1667UP50
953Dakshita, Kumawat1649RAJ11WGMSrija, Seshadri2226TN10
1011WIMChitlange, Sakshi2225MAH11Rout, Yashita1655ODI52



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