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Upcoming tournaments in June 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 31/05/2019

The month of June is stacked with tournaments of all levels. The very first day of June kicks off with National under-7 in Kolkata. Then Altibox Norway starts in Stavanger, Norway from 4th June starring Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand and other elite players. Asian Continental starts on 6th June in Xingtai, China. Israel hosts a strong Masters and Open tournament from 23rd June. Mayor's Cup continues the summer season of GM tournaments in India from 8th June in Mumbai with it's twelfth edition. The third GM tournament of the summer starts from 18th June with critically acclaimed Goa GM Open. World Chess is slated to bring Chess to television with Armageddon The Beginning from 10th June.

For years players all across the world have been looking for a calendar that would meet their needs with regards to tournaments that are held all across the world. We, at ChessBase India, understand this requirement of the chess community. It is for this reason that we decided to launch a calendar which not only has all the Indian events, but tournaments all across the world.

So let's have a look at the above page carefully.

1. The url of the page is You can type it directly or you can go through the tabs on the top of the ChessBase India website.

2. When you open the calendar, the first tournament that shows you is from the current date. So if you open the calendar on 1st of June, you will get to see all the tournaments from 1st of June onwards.

3. If you would like to see the all the tournaments in the ChessBase India calendar, then click on the button 'archives'. You will get all the tournaments from November 2017 onwards

4. 'Submit your tournament' is an extremely important button that we would like organizers all around the world to use. Once you click on it, the following page opens up:

As an organizer you need to fill in the details like Title of the tournament, venue, address, etc. and then submit the tournament.

Once the tournament is submitted, our team will have a look at it and if it meets with our criteria, the tournament will be approved and listed on the ChessBase India calendar.

5. We have developed certain search filters which will help you to navigate the huge number of tournaments with ease.

You can search using the dates, country, state, and also type of tournament and the currency

If you would like to search a specific word in the calendar we recommend that you use the Ctrl+F function or you using the 'Find on page' function on your mobile browser. This is something that we are working on and will develop a function soon within the calendar as well.


Here's a preview of all the action you can expect in the month of June. We request you to give us your feedback about the ChessBase India calendar and help us to create a powerful tool which will help the chess community.

Go to ChessBase India calendar

Altibox Norway Chess, Croatia Grand Chess Tour, World Chess Armageddon The Beginning, Asian Continental are some of the biggest tournaments of the month. Not to forget, India will have its own GM tournament -12th Mumbai Mayor's Cup and 2nd Goa GM 2019

Altibox Norway Chess

On 4th of June Altibox Norway Chess returns this time with a new time control. Ten elite players around the world including Magnus Carlsen, defending champion of Altibox Norway Chess 2018 Fabiano Caruana, last year's blitz Champion Wesley So, Viswanathan Anand and many more will be seen in action. Find details about the tournament here.

Can Magnus make it six in a row?

Vishy Anand will look for the first tournament victory of the year

2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour

2019 Croatia is one of the four new events... | Photo: Official site

...that is joining the Grand Chess Tour | Photo: Official site

On 26th June, Zagreb, Croatia will host the first Classical format Grand Chess Tour event of the year. The tournament will be played in a 12-player round robin system with only full tour participants for a total Prize fund worth $325000. Find all details here.

Reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen might win his sixth consecutive tournament of the year before heading for Croatia GCT | Photo: Sagar Shah

Caruana will be facing Carlsen for the first time since World Championship back in last November

World Chess Armageddon The Beginning

World Chess The Armageddon The Beginning official logo | Photo: World Chess

Can you guess who the remaining three players will be? | Photo: World Chess

World Chess is trying to popularize chess and make it more mainstream by bringing it to live television. On 10th June 2019 the Blitz and Armageddon tournament is about to begin Russia. So far only five players names have been revealed. Kramnik will play his first tournament since announcing his retirement in January. Find all details here.

The chess world will be delighted to see Kramnik back in action | Photo: Alina L'Ami

Reigning World Rapid Champion Daniil Dubov will be seen in action | Photo: World Chess

Netanya International Chess Festival

Netanya International 2019 Official logo | Photo: Official site

The Israeli Chess Federation hosts one of the biggest tournament of the country in Netanya International Chess Festival. The masters section featuring a 10-player round robin tournament, five of them being World Class players and the other five are top Israeli players.

GM Leinier Dominguez Perez will headline the Masters section | Photo: ChessBase India archives

After winning Gold in IMSA Rapid Men and Silver in Blitz, top seed GM Anton Korobov would like to continue the momentum | Photo: Sina home

Asian Continental Chess Championships 2019

Asian Continental will be one of the last opportunity to qualify for the upcoming World Cup in September | Photo: Tournament Circular

Asian Continental Chess Championships 2019 will take place at Xingtai, China from 6th - 16th June. Find all details here.

Vidit will lead the Indian campaign in the open section to secure a spot in the World Cup | Photo: Sina home

Reigning National Women's Champion WGM Bhakti Kulkarni would like to continue her momentum from National Rapid and Blitz | Photo: ChessBase India archives

Commonwealth Chess Championships 2019

Commonwealth Chess Championships will once again take place in Delhi | Photo: Tournament Circular

Commonwealth Chess Championships will take place in Delhi, India at the end of June from 29th June - 8th July. Find all details here.

GM P Karthikeyan and IM Tania Sachdev are the defending champions | Photo: Amruta Mokal

12th Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2019

The GM tournaments in the summer season of India continues with 12th Mumbai Mayor's Cup 2019 from 9th to 16th June in Mumbai. For more details, check here.

12th edition of Mumbai Mayor's Cup comes with Rs 36 lacs worth of Prize fund| Photo: Tournament Circular

Venezuel no.1 GM Eduardo Iturrizaga will headline the tournament | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Indian campaign will be led by GM Deepan Chakkravarthy | Photo: Niklesh Jain

2nd Goa International Open 2019

The second edition of the successful Goa GM tournament | Photo: Tournament Circular

The first edition of GM tournament was so successful that they are back with the second edition less than a year after their debut. The 2nd edition of the Goa International Open will be pawned off on 18th June and total prize money ₹5300000 will be up for grabs. For more details visit here.

Mr. Commonwealth GM Abhijeet Gupta will spearhead the Indian charge | Photo: Niklesh Jain

There are various other State Championships, State level and National level Classical and Rapid tournaments, National under-7, Asian Schools, Asian Junior and World Amateur in the month of June which can be found here.

For tournament organizers all across the world:

If you are an organizer then you can submit your tournament also, by clicking on 'Submit your tournament' button.

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