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AICF reveals National calendar for the year 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 03/12/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed a lot of events and a lot of plans went ashtray. However, the year 2022 hopefully will bring a new ray of hope in everyone's lives. AICF has announced all National events and their increased total prize fund. January and February 2022 will witness three National championships each. National Junior (Under-20) is slated to take place at Delhi from 9th to 15th January, followed by National School from 17th to 21st at Bhubaneswar, Odisha and National Sub-Junior (Under-16) between 23rd and 31st at Visakhapatnam. The increased prize fund in all National events owing to AICF's agreement with MPL is also revealed. Find out all information about 2022 tournaments announced by AICF.

AICF Calendar 2022

Here is what AICF Calendar 2022 looks like. More details will be shared of each tournament will be made available on AICF and ChessBase India calendar over time.


1. MPL National Junior (Under-20) - 9th to 15th January at IGI Stadium, Delhi. Total prize fund - Rs 10,00,000.


2. MPL National School - 17th to 21st January at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Total prize fund - Rs 5,00,000.


3. MPL National Sub-Junior (Under-16) - 23rd to 31st January at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Total prize fund - Rs 9,00,000.


4. MPL National Amateur - 2nd to 7th February at Rajasthan. Total prize fund - Rs 3,00,000.


5. MPL National Women - 9th to 17th February at Bheemavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Total prize fund - Rs 25,00,000.


6. MPL National Senior - 9th to 21st February at Ganges Club, Kanpur, UP. Total prize fund - Rs 30,00,000.


7. Ahmedabad International Open - 23rd February to 2nd March at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


8. Pune International Open - 4th to 11th March at Pune, Maharashtra.


9. Guwahati International Open - 13th to 20th March at Guwahati, Assam.


10. Delhi International Open - 22nd to 29th March at Delhi.


11. MPL National Under-10 - 1st to 7th April at Jammu. Total prize fund - Rs 5,00,000.


12. MPL National Rapid - 2nd to 4th April at Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Total prize fund - Rs 4,00,000.


13. MPL National Blitz - 5th April at Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Total prize fund - Rs 2,50,000.


14. MPL National Under-8 - 9th to 16th April at Gurgaon, Haryana. Total prize fund - Rs 5,00,000.


15. MPL National Team - 9th to 16th April at Nashik, Maharashtra. Total prize fund - Rs 5,00,000.


16. MPL National Women Team - 9th to 16th April at Nashik, Maharashtra. Total prize fund - Rs 5,00,000.


17. MPL National Under-18 - 18th to 25th April at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Total prize fund - Rs 9,00,000.


18. MPL National Under-12 - 2nd to 9th May at Mandya, Karnataka. Total prize fund - Rs 8.00.000.


19. MPL National Under-14 - 11th to 19th May at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Total prize fund - Rs 8,00,000.


20. Kolkata International Open - 21st to 29th May at Kolkata, West Bengal.


21. Odisha International Open - 31st May to 8th June at Odisha.


22. Visakhapatnam International Open - 10th to 18th June at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


23. Bengaluru International Open - 20th to 28th June at Bengaluru, Karnataka.


24. Women Round Robin - 30th June to 8th July at Tamil Nadu. Total prize fund - Rs 10,000,000.


25. Women Round Robin - 12th to 20th August at Goa. Total prize fund - Rs 10,000,000.


26. Punjab International Open - 22nd to 30th August at Punjab.


27. Bikaner International Open - 1st to 9th September at Bikaner, Rajasthan.


28. MP International Open - 11th to 19th September at Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


29. Chhattisgarh International Open - 21st to 29th September at Chhattisgarh.


30. UP International Open 2022 - 1st to 9th October at Uttar Pradesh.


* - That National events mentioned above will be selection event for the Indian Team for the year 2022 only.

** - The National championships for selecting Indian team for the year 2023 will be held after October 2022.

*** - Participation from 25 states is mandatory for obtaining grant from Government for National Senior, National Women, National Junior & National Sub-Junior



Download AICF Calendar 2022

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