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The first-ever Khelo Chess India event at The Sanskaar Valley School

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/12/2022

The Head of Hindi ChessBase India, FI Niklesh Jain held a chess workshop at The Sanskaar Valley school in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This was the first 'Khelo Chess India' event held on Saturday 17th December to promote chess among school children and increase general awareness of the sport. First children were taught about the advantages and benefits of learning and playing chess, then Niklesh played a blindfold match against Samarath Raghuwanshi. The blindfold match was shown on a live board where spectators were able to follow the game. Finally, he played ten simultaneous exhibition matches against the school children. Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

Niklesh Jain plays a Blindfold match and 10-player Simultaneous Exhibition

On Saturday 17th December 2022, ChessBase India along with The Sanskaar Valley school organized a first-ever 'Khelo Chess India' event at the school premises to promote chess among the school children and increase general awareness of the sport.

FI Niklesh Jain plays a blindfold match in front of live audience | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India
Replay FI Niklesh Jain's blindfold match at The Sanskaar Valley | Video: Hindi ChessBase India
Replay the live stream of Khelo Chess India , Blindfold & Simul Chess Exhibition by FI Niklesh Jain | Video: Hindi ChessBase India

The coach of the first-ever Indian School team to represent the country in 2016 and 2017 in Russia, FIDE Instructor Niklesh Jain shared the advantages of playing chess in their education and daily life. He also shared the benefits of increase in concentration, focus, decision-making abilities and an improvement of memory.

Advantages and Benefits of learning and playing Chess which were shown to the students | Photo: FIDE Chess in Education book

Blindfold is being tied on Niklesh's eyes to ensure he has zero visibility | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

The students of The Sanskaar Valley School followed the blindfold match with rapt attention | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

In the second part, Niklesh played a blindfold match against the FIDE-rated player of the school - Samarth Raghuwanshi. The game arising out of Petroff's Defense, ended in a draw after 38 moves. Both players were saying their respective moves aloud on the mic so that Niklesh can play the game blindfolded, while Samarth was making the moves on a DGT board so that the live audience can see follow the game on ChessBase software.

The chess workshop concluded with a ten-player simultaneous exhibition matches by FI Niklesh Jain against the school children. They are - Priyanshi Ahirwar, Kaushiki Malviya, Ansh Rathore, Ashiv Dewani, Arush Kumar, Atharvraj Singh Parmar, Abir Dubey, Swadha Sharma, Ishan Singh Khanuja and Arhan Kaushik. Niklesh won six games and the remaining four ended in a draw.

Glimpses of the Simultaneous Exhibition by FI Niklesh Jain | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

Children enjoying the Simultaneous Exhibition | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

The ten children who took part in the Simultaneous Exhibition were given a participation certificate each | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

All games were played on ChessBase India boards | Photo: Hindi ChessBase India

The middle school in-charge Mrs. Swapna Choubey and school teacher Shahbaz Khan from The Sanskaar Valley School were present in these events. Hameed Khan, Ayush Jain and Shayan Khan from ChessBase India Hindi contributed to make the program successful.


The Sanskaar Valley School: Official site, facebook, instagram, and youtube

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