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St. Xavier, The Sanskaar Valley and Carmel Convent win Khelo Chess India Inter-school trophy

by Niklesh Jain - 16/10/2023

ChessBase India's Khelo Chess India Mission is gaining momentum towards the aim of creating 1000 chess players in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The 20th edition of Khelo Chess India, the first ever Inter-School Trophy was organized on 15th October 2023. A record number of 235 players participated in the competition, of which 198 played in the boys' category and 37 in the girls' category. St. Xavier's School, The Sanskaar Valley School and Carmel Convent School won the team championships in different categories. In the Under 12, Under 15 and Under 19 age categories, 18 medals were given to players in both boys and girls categories. Read all about the event in this article below.


St. Xavier's, Sanskaar Valley and Carmel Convent won the Khelo Chess India Inter School Trophy

A total of 20 tournaments have been played so far under the Khelo Chess India Series organized by ChessBase India in Bhopal, the state capital.

And now in this series, the first Khelo Chess India Inter School Trophy was organized. This one-day chess tournament was organized at St. Xavier's School in four different categories.

A total of 235 players from almost all the major schools of Bhopal participated in this inter-school chess tournament. The tournament was an individual Swiss chess tournament and individual medals were awarded. The team championship was decided on the basis of combined scores of top 5 players of each school in the boys category, and top 3 players in the girls category.

Carmel Convent School won the team championship trophy in the under-12 age group in the girls category.

In the individual event, Arna Chaubey (DPS Nilbad), Tanu Sinha (St. Xavier) and Mrida Singh (The Sanskaar Valley) won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

St. Xavier's School won the team championship trophy in the Under-12 Open Team Championship. 

While in the individual event, Ishan Singh Khanuja (The Sanskaar Valley), Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (St. Xavier's), and Bhavya Agarwal (Sagar Public School) won the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

The Sanskaar Valley School won the team championship trophy in the Girls under-19 category.

While in the individual event, Purva Pachoria (St. Montfort School), Tanu Sinha (St. Xavier) and Mrida Singh (The Sanskaar Valley) won the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

St. Xavier's School won the Team Championship trophy in Boys Under-19 Team Championship.

While in the individual event, Iman Ahmed (St. Xavier), Aditya Singh Jaat (St.Xavier) and Shubh Jain (The Sanskaar valley School) won the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

In the Under 15 age group, which was a part of the Under 19 team championship, the individual medals in the boys category were Abeer Dubey (Gold, The Sanskaar Valley School), Arnav B Kumar (Silver, St. Xavier's School) and Kavya Jain (Bronze, World Way International).

In the girls category, Kavya Jain (World Way School) and Ira Sharma (DPS Nilbad), Samriddhi Chandel (Sagar Public School) and Anvi Jalani (The Sanskaar Valley) won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

As a tournament director, this tournament was very special for me. Because, I believe that only chess in schools can take this game further in the country. It can also play an important role in forming good citizens of the country.

Siblings Aishwin Daniel and Aishwarya Daniel, who are not only FIDE rated players but also alumni of St. Xavier's School, played a special role in organizing this tournament. Apart from these two, many other alumni also played a very important role in this event.

St. Xavier School won two trophies and was the best school!

Photo Gallery - Special moments from the tournament

Final Standings

Under-19 boys Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
153Iman, AhmedU19IND0St. Xavier's62224,525,00
28Abeer, DubeyU15IND0The Sanskar Valley School5,519,52220,75
327Arnav, B KumarU15IND0St. Xavier's5212317,00
414Aditya, Singh JaatU19IND0St. Xavier School520,523,519,00
51Kavya, JainU15IND1102World Way International520,523,517,50
699Shubh, JainU19IND0The sanskaar valley school519,520,515,50
7112Vikram Singh, RajputU19IND0Carmel Ratanpur5192115,50
828Arsham Ali, RizviU19IND0Campion School518,520,516,50
9104Tanishq, MehtabU19IND0DBS Neelbad5182016,00
1052Harshdeep, SinghU15IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School514,51613,00
1151Harjyot Singh, BaggaU19IND0St. Xavier's School4,523,52719,00
1287Rudransh, BhajniU19IND0Campion School4,52223,516,25
1392Samrath Singh, CheemaU15IND0The Iconic School4,519,522,515,25
1430Arush, KumarU15IND0The Sanskaar valley4,518,52115,25
1517Akshat *, SinghU15IND0Bal Bharati School4,5182015,50
1643Darshil, SahuU19IND0St.xavier'sSchool4,51818,511,25
1798Shriyansh , GuptaU15IND0Saint Josheph Co Ed School Bhopal4,513,515,512,25
1821Ansh, SaxenaU19IND0Campion School421,523,513,00
1981Prateek, PandeyU19IND0International public school42022,514,00
2024Aravdeep Lohani,IND0Jawaharlal Nehru41921,514,00
2172Nakshatra, PateriaU19IND0Campion School41921,513,00
2247Devashish, SaxenaU15IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT41920,512,00
2378Prakhar, SinghU19IND0St. Xavier's418,521,513,00
24110Vedant Tushar *, kitadikarU15IND0Bal Bharati School418,520,512,00
2561Krishna Kumar, KoliU15IND0Ryan international school418,52011,00
2679Pranav, WanjariU19IND0Campion School41819,510,50
2719Amay, SahuU15IND0ST. XAVIER'S School4181910,50
28100Shubh, VirmaniU19IND0Carmel Ratanpur417,52013,00
2969Mrityunjay, GohalU19IND0Carmel Ratanpur417,519,511,00
3054Ishaan, ShrivastavaU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School4171911,00
88Sajal, RathoreU15IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT4171911,00
118Yatharth Anil, DuragkarU15IND0St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School4171911,00
3325Archit, HirwaniU15IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School4171810,00
3489Sajal, ShrivastavaU15IND0Carmel Ratanpur416,5188,50
3511Abhishrey, SharmaU19IND0Carmel Ratanpur4161710,00
3640Ayush, PachauriU15IND0Carmel Ratanpur415,5168,00
3722Anupam Tiwari,IND0St Paul4151711,00
38115Vishishth, JoshiU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley school3,52223,512,25
3968Mohammad Shayaan, KhanU15IND0Billabong High International School3,51921,510,75
4042Daksh, SharmaU15IND0The Sanskar Valley School3,518,5207,75
42108Udit, GoyalU19IND0The sanskaar Valley School3,517,518,58,00
4344Darvesh, KhoiyaU15IND0Jawaharlal nehru school3,517,5188,25
445Aastik, AhirwarU15IND0St.xavier'sSchool3,515179,75
4515Advit, DeshpandeyU19IND0Campion School321239,00
4665Manav, KapoorU19IND0The Sanskar Valley School320,5237,50
47117Yash, RathoreU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School31921,59,00
4864Manav, ChotraniU15IND0ST. MONTFORT SCHOOL318,520,58,50
4934Astik, PathakU15IND0Sage Kolar318,520,58,00
504Aashiv, DevnaniU15IND0The Sanskar Valley School31820,56,00
5223Aranya, ChowdhuryU19IND0Campion School318197,25
5346Deep, PurshwaniU19IND0ST. MONTFORT SCHOOL317,519,56,00
5460Krish, ZutshiU15IND0The sanskaar Valley School317196,00
5510Abhinandu D, VijeshU19IND0ST. MONTFORT SCHOOL317195,00
5645Daskh Mishra,IND0St Xavier31717,55,00
5726Arhaan, KaushikU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School316,518,56,00
5862Krishna, SimhalU19IND0The sanskaar Valley School31617,56,00
5983Priyansh, GangwaniU19IND0The sanskaar valley school31617,55,50
61119Yugraj, PuriU15IND0The Sanskar Valley School316176,00
6241Chetan, lokhandeU19IND0Ryan international school31616,57,00
6333Ashu, DebnathU19IND0Ryan international school31616,55,00
6437Aviral, DixitU15IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT31616,54,00
6694Shashank Kumar,IND0Jawaharlal Nehru315177,00
68105Tanmay, AhujaU15IND0The sanskaar valley school315176,75
697Aayush Patil,IND0St Xavier315163,00
7075Ojas, RajputU15IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT314,516,58,00
7270Mrityunjay, SethU15IND0Ryan international school313,514,57,50
7331Aryan, SahuU15IND0Carmel Ratanpur313144,50
7485Rajveer, RaghuvanshiU15IND0Bal Bharati School31212,54,00
7558John, RawatU15IND0St.xaviers school31111,53,00
7671Naitik, MaranU15IND0Carmel Ratanpur310,511,56,50
779Abhijwal, SharmaU19IND0The Sanskaar Valley School2,519,521,56,25
7867Mehul K Sahu,IND0Queens mary h s school2,51718,56,25
7932Ashish, MeenaU19IND0Bal Bharati School2,51616,54,50
8012Abhyudai, TiwariU15IND0The Ivy Global School218,5216,00
82111Vihaan, PandeyU15IND0St Xaviers School218,520,54,00
8339Ayan, TrivediU19IND0Carmel Ratanpur218,519,55,50
8486Rajwardhan, YadavU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School217,519,53,00
85102Soumy, RathoreU19IND0St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School217,518,54,00
862Aadi, NemaU15IND0The sanskaar valley school216,517,51,00
97Shreyash, RajputU15IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal216,517,51,00
106Tejasva, BhaisareU19IND0Bal Bharati School216,517,51,00
8936Atharva Vivek, LawtawarU15IND0ST. XAVIER School216184,00
9016Aksh, SaxenaU19IND0Ryan international school216174,00
92101Siddharth, MahajanU15IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal215,516,51,00
933Aadit, JainU19IND0The sanskaar valley school215174,00
94109Vedansh, ShuklaU15IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT214,5164,00
95120Vivaan Rawat,U19IND0Campion School214165,00
9680Pranava, ShahU15IND0THE IVY GLOBAL SCHOOL213,5142,00
9774Nitin, YadavU15IND0Ryan international school213154,00
9859Kartavya, AhirwarU15IND0St.xavier'sSchool21313,52,00
9929Arslan, khanU19IND0The sanskaar valley school212,513,51,00
10093Sarthak, JhaU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School211123,00
10157Jigar, VishwakarmaU15IND0Govt Anand Nagar21111,52,00
10256Jay Shekhar, MishraU15IND0The sanskaar valley school21010,54,00
10320Ansh, RathoreU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School1,515,516,52,75
105114Viraat, SharmaU15IND0St.Xavier’s School115,517,50,00
10648Gaurang, PawarU15IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School114,5160,00
10784Rajul, VishwakarmaU19IND0Govt Anand Nagar114162,00
95Sheiyansh, GuptaU15IND0The Sanskaar Valley School114162,00
11096Shobhit, PatelU15IND0Queen marys sr. Sec school113,5153,00
11182Prince, AhirwarU19IND0Govt Anand Nagar113,514,51,00
11350Gyandeep, SinghU19IND0Army Public School112142,00
11449Gaurav, GoyalU15IND0Govt.anand nagar H111120,00
1156Aayush, PatilU19IND0St xavier school bhopal012,513,50,00
55Jatin, NathaniU15IND0Holy family convent sr.sec. school012,513,50,00
63Krishnadev Sen,IND0Holy Cross012,513,50,00
66Mayank, kalawatU19IND0Govt.anand nagar H012,513,50,00
11938Avradeep, LohaniU15IND0Jawaharlal nehru school010110,00


Under-12 boys Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Ishaan, Singh KhanujaU12IND1378The Sanskaar valley62224,525,00
21Madhvendra, Pratap SharmaU12IND1653St. Xavier School62022,522,50
330Bhavya, AgrawalU12IND0Sagar Public School5232620,00
43Jain, MedantU12IND1214Sage Kolar522,525,519,50
537Dirgh, SrivastavaU12IND0Sagar Public School Saket Nagar Bhopal5202216,00
648Kushagra, GuptaU12IND0DPS Neelbad52021,517,00
773Suryaansh, SuryawanshiU12IND0Sage Ayodhya518,52116,50
866Shaurya, Gupta jawaharlalU12IND0Jawaharlal nehru school518,520,515,00
951Mannan, KachhawahU12IND0St. Xaviers4,517,519,512,25
1055Nityanta, BhatiyaU12IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal4232514,00
114Praneet, ChorghadeU12IND1110St Joseph's School421,524,514,50
127Abdullah, khanU12IND0Jawaharlal nehru school4202314,00
1325Avigh, TiwariU12IND0Carmel Ratanpur42020,513,00
1468Shourya, lahotiU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School419,52110,00
1575Tejasva, SharmaU12IND0St. Xavier school418,52111,50
1661Prateek Kumar, JangraU12IND0Carmel Ratanpur418,520,511,50
1770Shrish Singh, ChouhanU12IND0ST. XAVIER'S School41820,513,00
1856Nivaan, SinghU12IND0DPS Neelbad4182012,00
1924Atharva, SoniU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School417189,00
2062Samyak, ShobhaneU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School416,518,510,00
2152Meet Parashar,U12IND0St. Fransis416,51810,50
2220Atharv, GuptaU12IND0St.xaviers school416189,00
2346Kovid krishan, GohalU12IND0Carmel Ratanpur41617,59,00
2418Anshaditya Singh, GangwarU12IND0Sagar Public School4151710,00
2558Parv, SewaniU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School41415,59,00
265Aagrah, BeoharU12IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School3,518,52110,25
2750Lokit, MahajanU12IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal3,518,5209,25
2841Hitej Singh, ChouhanU12IND0ST. XAVIER'S School3,51819,57,50
2954Nikhar, NemaU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School321,5237,50
3031Daksh, JainU12IND0Sage Kolar321239,00
3145Kartikeya,U12IND0ST. THOMAS CONVENT319,521,57,50
3277Vedant Malviya,U12IND0St. Xaviers319,5219,00
3357Parth, BhardwajU12IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School318208,00
3427Avyaan Sonee,U12IND0Sanskar31818,56,00
3514Akshat, ChourasiaU12IND0Sage Kolar317197,00
35Dhruv, BhardwajU12IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School317197,00
3744KARTIK, GUPTAU12IND0St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School31718,56,50
3842Jaydeep, PalU12IND0Bal Bharati School31718,56,00
3972Shubh, ShuklaU12IND0The sanskaar Valley School316,5185,00
4039Harsh, BarveU12IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal316187,50
4121Atharv, KanaujiaU12IND0St.xaviers school316187,00
4243Jeet, JoisharU12IND0Ryan International School316186,00
4369Shresth Kumar, VishwakarmaU12IND0St.francis Co-ed school31617,56,00
4465Shaurya, Gupta sanskarU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School314,5166,00
4534Dhananjay, PanickerU12IND0St Xaviers314,5165,00
4636Diptansh, KumarU12IND0IPS Misrod313,514,55,00
4760Prakhar, MaywadU12IND0St. Xavier School312,514,56,50
4878Yash, PatelU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School31112,52,00
4940Hemashra, MotianiU12IND0The Sanskar Valley School2,519216,25
508Achintya, BeoharU12IND0St. Xavier's Sr.Sec School2,516,5185,75
5119Arnav, TiwariU12IND0ST. MONTFORT SCHOOL2,515,5177,25
5249Lakshya sushil, MishraU12IND0St xavier school bhopal2,51516,55,25
536Aarav, JainU12IND0St. Xavier's2,51516,55,00
5423Atharva, SharmaU12IND0DPS Bhopal21919,54,00
5571Shubh, SharmaU12IND0ST. MONTFORT SCHOOL217,519,55,00
5616Amay, AgarwalU12IND0The Sanskar Valley216,5171,00
5759Prabhav, GuptaU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School216185,00
5867Shauryaveer, UppalU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley school215,5173,00
5912Akshaj, PandeyU12IND0The Sanskaar Valley School215,5172,00
76Vansh, SinghU12IND0Bal Bharati School215,5172,00
6153Mehul, Kumar SahuU12IND0Queen marys Se. School Bhopal21415,53,00
6213Akshansh, JainU12IND0St Xaviers School214151,00
6322Atharv, ZalaniU12IND0Carmel Ratanpur213,514,53,00
6438Gaurvik, SoniU12IND0ST. XAVIER School21314,53,00
6574Tanishq, AgrahariU12IND0Sagar Public School21314,51,00
669Aditya, MeenaU12IND0Bal Bharati School213141,00
6732Daksh, Pratap Singh U12IND0Bal Bharati School212,5144,00
6811Aditya, TiwariU12IND0St. Xavier212131,50
6917Amay, MishraU12IND0St. Xavier school21212,52,00
7110Aditya Narayan, KunduU12IND0St. Xavier school1,512,5143,25
7215Alex Alwin,U12IND0St. Xaviers114151,00
7364Shashwat, BhargavU12IND0Bal Bharati School11313,50,00
7463Sanidhya, SharmaU12IND0St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School112,5130,00
7528Ayush, SuryavanshiU12IND0Govt.anand nagar H11112,52,00
7629Ayushman, BasediaU12IND0Campion School011,512,50,00
7726Avinash, SharmaU12IND0010,511,50,00

Girls Combined Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypFEDClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Ira, SharmaU15INDDPS Neelbad5,52124,522,25
24Aarna, ChoubeyU12INDDPS Neelbad5192115,50
325Samriddhi, ChandelU15INDSagar Public School516,51815,00
421Poorva Pachoriya,U19INDSt Manford4,5182013,75
56Anvi, ZalaniU15INDThe Sanskaar Valley School4222313,50
619Peehu, JainU15INDJawaharlal Nehru School4192112,00
728Shruti, KarmakarU19INDSt Theresa School418,520,513,00
833Tanu, SinhaU12INDSt. Xavier School41718,510,00
917Mrida, SinghU12INDThe Sanskar Valley415,516,510,50
1023Riya, NambiarU15INDThe Sanskaar Valley School414168,00
1134Tanvi, ShuklaU12INDJawaharlal Nehru School413,514,59,00
125Anushka, jainU19INDCarmel Convent3,520,52311,75
1311Dishita, SwamiU15INDThe Sanskar valley school3,51920,510,25
1436Vibhuti, VishwakarmaU15INDCarmel Convent3,51920,59,25
1520Pooja Tiwari,U19INDHoly Cross3,516,518,59,75
1637Vidhi, AgrawalU15INDCarmel Convent3202310,00
177Aradhya, SinghU15INDJawaharlal Nehru School319,520,58,50
189Bhoomi, YadavU19INDSt Xavier318,520,59,00
1918Nivedika, SapraU15INDThe Sanskaar Valley School315,5177,00
2035VAISHNAVI, TIWARIU12INDHoly Cross315,516,53,50
2132Taniya, GulfamU12INDCarmel Convent Sr. Secondary School, BHE31516,53,50
2212Diya D, RiyazU12INDCarmel Convent School315166,00
2327Shrishti, SharmaU12INDCarmel Convent314,516,55,50
2431Suhani, NaharU15INDJawaharlal Nehru School311,512,56,00
2524Sampada Tripathy,U12INDHoly Cross2,511,512,53,75
263Aaradhya, PathakU12INDSage Bhopal219,5227,00
278Avantika, SinghU12INDSage Kolar217,5195,00
2814Mauli, SrivastavU12INDThe Sanskar valley school216,517,55,50
2922Preksha, RichhariyaU12INDCarmel Convent214,515,53,50
302Aadhya, Jain  U12INDSt Xavier214,515,53,00
3130Subhana Anish, KhanU19INDHoly cross213144,00
3210Chhavi, WadhwaniU12INDSt Xavier1,514152,75
3326Shreyanka, BiswasU12INDSt Xavier1,513143,75
3415Mishita, MaheshwariU12INDThe Sanskaar valley school1,51212,53,75
3529Simar, SinghU12INDCarmel Convent11314,51,50
3613Garima, NarainU19INDSt Xavier012,513,50,00

This article was translated to English by Himank Ghosh.

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भोपाल के अश्विन नें जीता खेलो चैस इंडिया का दोहरा खिताब

@ 19/06/2023 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
वेदान्त भारद्वाज नें जीता द्वितीय खेलो चैस इंडिया रैपिड का खिताब

@ 20/03/2023 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
खेलो चैस इंडिया रैपिड शतरंज टूर्नामेंट 19 मार्च को

@ 15/03/2023 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
9-year-old Madhvendra Pratap Sharma wins Khelo Chess India Blitz 2023 with a perfect 7/7

@ 08/03/2023 by Niklesh Jain (en)
Aishwin Daniel wins Khelo Chess India Late R Satyamurthy Memorial Rapid Open 2023

@ 27/01/2023 by Niklesh Jain (en)
अश्विन डेनियल नें जीता प्रथम खेलो चैस इंडिया रैपिड

@ 24/01/2023 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
Khelo Chess India Late R Satyamurthy Memorial Rapid Open to take place this Sunday 22nd January

@ 20/01/2023 by Niklesh Jain (en)
खेलो चैस इंडिया रैपिड शतरंज - भोपाल में होगा आयोजन

@ 19/01/2023 by Niklesh Jain (hi)
The first-ever Khelo Chess India event at The Sanskaar Valley School

@ 20/12/2022 by Shahid Ahmed (en)
भोपाल के द संस्कार वैली से हुई "खेलो चैस इंडिया " की शुरुआत

@ 20/12/2022 by हिन्दी चैसबेस इंडिया (hi)

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