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The participants of the ChessBase India Tour to the Catalan Circuit

by ChessBase India - 23/05/2019

Have you always wanted to play in a tournament outside India but didn't feel confident about the logistics? Well, the ChessBase India Power group tour to the Catalan Circuit, is your perfect chance to plan tournaments outside India and also save money. How? A group tour manager will be looking after all your needs as you focus and give your 100% on the board. This year the circuit begins from the 24th of June 2019. In this article you will find the names of the participants who have already enrolled for the group tour. Sreeshwan Maralakshikari rated 2461 is one of them. You also have many other talented youngsters like Arhan Anand, Honi Arora, Tejes Kumar and others. There isn't much time left, so make your decision soon! 

The ChessBase India Power group tour is a concept where youngsters can travel with a ChessBase India tour manager for a series of tournaments outside India. What this basically ensures is that the parents do not have to travel with their children and it saves a lot of time and finances in the process. Also the children become independent and learn at lot about managing their day to day activities.


The last ChessBase India Group Tour went to Dubai and Sharjah Open in the months of March and April 2019. This was our second ChessBase India group tour after the one we made to Barcelona in 2018. We had five players from all parts of India who went with Niklesh Jain, the group tour manager and his wife WIM Angela Franco. This is how the players performed.

A total of 171.8 Elo points gained in the tour

The entire group of seven having their last meal together in Dubai | Photo: Niklesh Jain

From left to right: Kaushik Iyer, Rakshith Srinivasan, Souradip Deb, Niklesh Jain (manager), Sanskriti Goyal and Mrudul Dehankar | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Here's a glimpse of the accommodation arrangements that were made for the players:

The spacious living room

The cozy bed room

The well-equipped kitchen
Check out this video which contains the interviews with the participants of the ChessBase India Power tour to Dubai and Sharjah

Feedback from the parents

My daughter Mrudul Dehankar returned from Dubai and Sharjah tour. Niklesh Jain and his wife are very cooperative. They took care of my daughter in all respects. My daughter enjoyed the tour for playing her chess games and also enjoyed sight seeing that was arranged. We both parents are working and could not give exposure to our daughter for foreign tours. ChessBase India is a good platform for us. - Vilas Dehankar


According to my daughter, she enjoyed very much. Both the coaches Niklesh and Angela were very cooperative and friendly and provided every necessary things that she needed. And as a parent I felt very comfortable and relaxed sending my child with the ChessBase India group. And if ChessBase will organise such a trip in future, we will surely think about it. Thanks for everything. - Deepak Goyal

What's next? The Catalan circuit 2019

Barbera Open - 4th July to 12th July 2019

Sant Marti Open - 13th to 21st July 2019

Sitges Open - 22nd to 30th July 2019

Badalona Open - 2nd to 10th August 2019


The ChessBase India Power group Tour manager will be Ankit Dalal. There is also a tournament before the Barbera Open - Platja D'Aro open. However, it is quite soon and it is away from the city of Barcelona. Hence, it would make sense to play four tournaments beginning from Barbera, Sant Marti, Sitges and Badalona.


The cost of the package is Rs.1,80,000 for four tournaments inclusive of food. You can get further details by contacting ChessBase India Power on the phone number given at the end of the article.


Here are the players who are joining the ChessBase India Power Group Tour: 

The current under-14 Asian Champion and one of the brightest talents of Indian chess Sreeshwan Maralakshikari will be part of the group tour. His Elo is 2461 and he already has two IM norms. He will be looking to secure his final GM norm.

Arhan Anand is a part of the ChessBase India Juniors team and has annotated many games on our newspage

Born in 2007, Tejes Suresh Kumar is just 11 years old

Honi Arora, also born in 2007 is part of the group tour

Fatima Abdeen is a former State Champion of Kerala

Participants of the Group Tour

Arhan Chethan Anand 1791

Tejes Suresh Kumar 1533

Arora Honi 1663

Laddha Shubh Jayesh 1624

Laddha Yash Jayesh 1530

Sivanesan Subramanian 2013

Haresh Gajanand More              -                 -

Abdeen Fathima 1621

Asna Abdeen 1227

Sreeshwan Maralashikari 2461

Radhika Maralashikari (mother of Sreeshwan)


There are few other players who are not part of the group tour but the arrangements for them have been made by ChessBase India Power

1. Priya Shah           

2. Amit Panchal

3.Kshatriya Vekhande

4. Vedant Vekhande

5. Rajesh Gupta

6. Arham Anand Shah

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Contact ChessBase India Power:

Hotline and Whatsapp: 09106908500/ 07878860008 (10 a.m to 8 p.m.)


Because chess players must play chess!