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PSPB wins National Teams 2019 for the second consecutive year

by Shahid Ahmed - 13/02/2019

PSPB wins National Teams 2019 in both Open and Women category and successfully defended their title. While women's team won all seven of their games and finished at a 100% score of 14.0/14, Men's team scored 17.0/18 to win it for the second consecutive year. Airport Authority of India secured 2nd and 3rd position in Open and Women's category, by scoring 14.0/18 and 11.0/14 respectively. Railways SPB-B secured 3rd position in the Open category with a score of 13.0/18. Air India secured 2nd position in the Women's category scoring 11.0/14 points. The tournament was the strongest National ever in Indian chess history as 18 GMs, 17 IMs and 7 WGMs participated in it. Complete report including photos, videos, interviews and games from the final round. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

PSPB dominate National Teams 2019

Team PSPB with their Open and Women Champion's Trophy | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
National Team 2019 Champions PSPB players share their thoughts | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Round 9 Open

Biggest upset of the final round: 15-year old CM Aronyak Ghosh drew with the highest rated player of the tournament GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

White has a huge advantage. Find out the correct continuation
Final moments: 15-year-old CM Aronyak Ghosh drew with Arjuna Awardee GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Subhayan scored the second biggest upset of the final round when he drew with the reigning National Champion GM Aravindh Chithambaram | Photo: Gopakumar Sudhakaran

GM Karthikeyan Murali got a walk over as his opponent Srijit Paul surprisingly did not turn up in the final round | Photo: Gopakumar Sudhakaran

GM Deep Sengupta scored a comfortable victory over Arpan Das | Photo: Gopakumar Sudhakaran

The dark horse of the tournament Bengal Red defeated Air India in the final round, handing them their only defeat of the tournament and interchanged places with them. Bengal Red finished 4th while Air India finished 6th | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The talented young GMs to watch out for: Abhimanyu Puranik, Stany G A and Visakh N R. Airport Authority of India defeated All Orissa CA by 2.5-1.5 to secure the first runner-up position | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
Final moments: GM Abhimanyu Puranik of AAI was held to a draw by IM Utkal Ranjan Sahoo of All Orissa CA | Video: Shahid Ahmed

LIC lost to Railways SPB-A by 1-3. RSPB-A was placed 5th. GM Swapnil Dhopade had the longest game of the final round against his trainer IM Anup Deshmukh | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
Trainer IM Anup Deshmukh shows his trainee GM Swapnil S Dhopade how to be the gentleman of the game | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Railways SPB-B whitewashed Telangana SCA 4-0 to secure the second runner-up position | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Round 9 results

Bo.1  PSPBRtgFED-7  Alekhine Chess Club - A -RtgFED3 : 1
Ganguly, Surya Shekhar
Aronyak, Ghosh
2324IND½ - ½
Aravindh, Chithambaram Vr.
Subhayan, Kundu
2354IND½ - ½
Karthikeyan, Murali
Srijit, Paul
2340IND+ - -
Sengupta, Deep
Arpan, Das
2164IND1 - 0
Bo.4  Air IndiaRtgFED-6  Bengal RedRtgFED1½:2½
Bakre, Tejas
Barua, Dibyendu
2414IND½ - ½
Satyapragyan, Swayangsu
Neelotpal, Das
2409IND½ - ½
Swayams, Mishra
Ghosh, Diptayan
2556IND½ - ½
Narayanan, Srinath
Koustav, Chatterjee
2332IND0 - 1
Bo.8  All Orissa CARtgFED-2  Airport Authority of IndiaRtgFED1½:2½
Sidhant, Mohapatra
Vignesh, N R
2473IND½ - ½
Sahoo, Utkal Ranjan
Puranik, Abhimanyu
2538IND½ - ½
Nayak, Rajesh
Stany, G.A.
2517IND½ - ½
Baivab, Mishra
Visakh, N R
2505IND0 - 1
Bo.9  L I CRtgFED-3  Railways SPB - ARtgFED1 : 3
Deshmukh, Anup
Swapnil, S. Dhopade
2488IND0 - 1
Gajendra, Singh
Krishna, C R G
2476IND0 - 1
Sriram, Jha
Deepan, Chakkravarthy J.
2532IND½ - ½
Sharma, Dinesh K.
Thejkumar, M. S.
2470IND½ - ½
Bo.11  Telangana SCARtgFED-5  Railways SPB - BRtgFED0 : 4
Bharat, Kumar Reddy Poluri
Nitin, S.
2395IND0 - 1
Raghav, Srivathsav V
Shyaamnikhil, P
2428IND0 - 1
Varun, V
Laxman, R.R.
2417IND0 - 1
Shanmukha, Pulli
Himanshu, Sharma
2441IND0 - 1

Round 7 Women:

PSPB Women's team ended on a high note by registering a 4-0 win over UP CSA | Photo: Gopakumar Sudhakaran

Air India defeated LIC by 2.5-1.5 and secured the 2nd position | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Airport Authority of India defeated Bengal Tigresses by 2.5-1.5 when WIM Sakshi Chitlange picked up the crucial win to help her team finish at 3rd position | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Round 7 results

Bo.9  U P CSARtg-1  PSPBRtg0 : 4
Gupta, Anika
Gomes, Mary Ann
23170 - 1
Rukhsar, Bano
Padmini, Rout
23150 - 1
Tiwari, Aradhana
Karavade, Eesha
23650 - 1
Jaiswal, Ayushi
Pratyusha, Bodda
22750 - 1
Bo.2  Air IndiaRtg-6  L I CRtg2½:1½
Meenakshi, Subbaraman
Swati, Ghate
2229½ - ½
Vijayalakshmi, Subbaraman
Kiran, Manisha Mohanty
20690 - 1
Kulkarni, Bhakti
Tanuja, Kansal
01 - 0
Ramaswamy, Aarthie
Bindu, Saritha K.
15231 - 0
Bo.3  Airport Authority of IndiaRtg-4  Bengal TigressesRtg2½:1½
Chitlange, Sakshi
Mohana, Sengupta
18341 - 0
Pujari, Rucha
Arpita, Mukherjee
2184½ - ½
Srija, Seshadri
Bristy, Mukherjee
1915½ - ½
Parnali, S Dharia
Chandreyee, Hajra
1921½ - ½

Team Prizes:

Champion in open section: Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (GM Aravindh Chithambaram, GM G N Gopal, GM Deep Sengupta, GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly, GM Karthikeyan Murali and Manager IM D V Prasad) - 17.0/18 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Champion in women's section: Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (IM Padmini Rout, IM Eesha Karavade, WIM Pratyusha Bodda and WGM Mary Ann Gomes) - 14.0/14 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

1st runner-up in open section: Airport Authority of India (IM Vignesh N R, GM Stany GA, GM Visakh N R, GM Abhimanyu Puranik and GM Shyamsundar M) - 14.0/18 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

1st runner-up in women section: Air India (WGM Bhakti Kulkarni, WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy, WGM Subbaraman Meenakshi and IM Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi) - 11.0/14, TB1 - 19.5 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd runner-up in open section: Railways Sports Promotion Board-B (IM Arghyadip Das, IM P Shyamnikhil, GM Laxman R R, GM Himanshu Sharma and IM Nitin S) - 13.0/18, TB1-26.5 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd runner-up in women section: Airport Authority of India (WIM Nandhidhaa P V, WIM Srija Seshadri, WIM Parnali S Dharia, WIM Rucha Pujari and WIM Sakshi Chitlange) - 11.0/14, TB1 - 19.0 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th in open category: Bengal Red (GM Dibyendu Barua, GM Diptayan Ghosh, GM Neelotpal Das, Koustav Chatterjee and FM Mitrabha Guha) - 13.0/18, TB1-25.5 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th in Women category: LIC (WM Bindu Saritha K, WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty, Tanuja Kansal, WGM Swati Ghate and Renuka Kumari B) - 8.0/14, TB1-17 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th in open: RSPB-A (IM C R G Krishna, GM Swapnil Dhopade, GM M S Thej Kumar, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy and GM P Karthikeyan (not in picture) - 13.0/18, TB1-24.5 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th in women: Tamil Nadu - 8.0/18, TB1-16 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

6th - Air India (GM Srinath Narayanan, GM Tejas Bakre, IM Satyapragyan Swayangsu, IM C S Gokhale, IM Swayams Mishra (not in picture) and manager V S Negi) - 13.0/18, TB1-25.5) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th - Alekhine Chess Club-A (Srijit Paul, Anustoop Biswas, Subhayan Kundu, CM Aronyak Ghosh and Arpan Das) - 12.0/18, TB-2 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th - Alekhine Chess Club-B (Arya Bhakta, Sourath Biswas, Arpan Das Jr. , Aditya Bikram Paul and Soham Bhattacharya) - 12.0/18, TB-0 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th - Andhra Pradesh SA - B - 11.0/18, TB1-20.0 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th - Tamil Nadu SCA - 11.0/18, TB2-19.5 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board Prizes:

Board #1 Open: Gold - Vipul Subhashi of All Bihar CA-B - 92.9% , Silver - GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly of PSPB - 75% and Bronze - IM Vignesh N R of Airport Authority of India - 71.4% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #1 Women: Gold - WIM Sakshi Chitlange of Airport Authority of India - 91.7%, Silver - WGM Swati Ghate of LIC - 71.4% and Bronze - WGM Subbaraman Meenakshi of Air India - 64.3% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #2 Open: Gold - Chaintanya Sairam Mogili of Andhra Pradesh SA-B - 85.7%, Silver - Subhayan Kundu of Alekhine Chess Club-A - 77.8% and Bronze - GM Aravindh Chithambaram VR of PSPB - 75% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #2 Women: Gold - WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty of LIC - 78.6%, Silver - WIM Rucha Pujari of AAI - 75% and Bronze - WGM Mary Ann Gomes of PSPB - 71.4% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #3 Open: Gold - GM Laxman R R of RSPB-B - 78.6%, Silver - GM Neelotpal Das of Bengal Red - 78.6% and Bronze - IM Swayams Mishra (not in picture) of Air India - 72.2% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #3 Women: IM Padmini Rout of PSPB - 100%, Silver - Sudipa Haldar of Rising Bengal - 71.4% and Bronze - Neha Singh (not in picture) of All Bihar CA - 66.7% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #4 Open: Gold - GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J of RSPB-A - 75%, Silver - Joel Paul G of Andhra Pradesh CA - 75% and Bronze - Varun V (not in picture) of Telangana SCA - 72.2% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #4 Women: Gold - WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy of Air India - 78.6%, Marium Fatima of All Bihar CA - 66.7% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Board #5 Open: Gold - Rushyendra Chowdary Kantipudi of Andhra Pradesh CA - 83.3%, Silver - GM Himanshu Sharma of RSPB-B - 81.8% and IM D K Sharma of LIC - 81.3% | Photo - Gopakumar Sudharakaran

Board #5 Women: Gold - WIM Pratyusha Bodda of PSPB - 91.7%, Silver - WIM Parnali S Dharia of AAI - 75% and Sneha Halder of Rising Bengal - 40% | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Final Standings in Open category:

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
22Airport Authority of India970214024,099240,0
35Railways SPB - B961213026,596248,5
46Bengal Red961213025,595242,0
53Railways SPB - A961213024,597245,0
64Air India953113023,599234,0
77Alekhine Chess Club - A -960312223,593211,0
814Alekhine Chess Club - B960312022,578176,5
920Andhra Pradesh SA - B951311020,083155,0
1013Tamil Nadu SCA951311019,585152,0

Final Standings in Women category:

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
22Air India751111119,555143,5
33Airport Authority of India751111119,055130,0
46L I C74038017,05496,0
55Tamil Nadu74038016,05269,0

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