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Mrityunjay Kumar wins Chess for Everyone All India Open Faridabad 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 04/01/2020

Mrityunjay Kumar of Bihar scored an unbeaten 8.0/9 to win Chess for Everyone FIDE Rated Open 2019. Three players finished with the score of 8.0/9. Local lad Uttam Prakash Sharma of Haryana and unrated Shivam Saxena were placed second and third according to their tie-break score. Total 276 players participated from various states all over the country. Total prize fund ₹63000 and Corfom mattresses and yoga mat worth ₹50000 was distributed among the prize winners. Chess for Everyone tournament is low entry fee event which is to encourage everyone to participate in a FIDE rated event. Photo: Alka Chhikara

Three players finish at 8.0/9

Thirteenth seeded Mrityunjay Kumar of Bihar, third seeded Uttam Prakash Sharma of Haryana and unrated Shivam Saxena of Delhi finished with a score of 8.0/9 each. Mrityunjay clinched the title, Uttam and Shivam were placed second and third respectively according to their tie-break score.

Champion Mrityunjay Kumar scored 8.0/9, receives ₹8000 cash, champion's trophy and Corfom mattress along with Yoga mats worth ₹25000 | Photo: Alka Chhikara

Mrityunjay's unbeaten championship run allowed him to gain 43 Elo rating points

Runner-up Uttam Prakash Sharma also scored 8.0/9, won ₹5000 cash, a trophy and Corfom mattress worth ₹20000 | Photo: Alka Chhikara

Second runner-up Shivam Saxena finished with 8.0/9, bagged home ₹4000 cash and Corfom mattress worth ₹15000 along with a trophy | Photo: Alka Chhikara

All prize winners | Photo: Alka Chhikara

Tournament Organizer and Arbiters | Photo: Alka Chjhikara

The tournament was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Naresh Sharma, General Secretary, The Haryana Chess Association, accompanied with Mr. Rajpal Chouhan, Vice President, Gurgaon Chess Association, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Director, Corfom India Ltd., Mrs. Neetu Agarwal, President AFCA and Mrs. Alka Chhikara, General Secretary AFCA.


Total 276 players participated from various states across the country in this five-days nine rounds Swiss league All India rating tournament organized by All Faridabad Chess Association from 23rd to 27th December 2019 at Eden Garden, Faridabad, Haryana. Total Prize fund ₹63000 and Corfom mattresses along with yoga mat worth ₹50000 was distributed among the prize winners.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113Mrityunjay KumarIND1532Bihar8,00,051,054,5
23Uttam Prakash SharmaIND1707Har(FDB)8,00,050,053,5
3304Shivam SaxenaIND0Del8,00,048,552,5
44Samarth MittalIND1698Har(FDB)7,50,049,553,0
548Vaibhav GautamIND1289Del7,50,049,550,0
69Cyrus ChhikaraIND1604Har(FDB)7,50,047,050,5
810Manikya NegiIND1593Up7,00,049,053,0
915Hriday PanchalIND1523Del7,00,049,052,5
1047Kanishk GoelIND1306Delhi7,00,047,051,0
1112Raj PrakharIND1546Har(FDB)7,00,046,550,0
1236AFMBir Singh RaminderIND1373Pun7,00,046,047,5
1323Aaditya RanjanIND1434Up7,00,045,548,5
1480Satya NarayanIND1195Del7,00,045,048,0
15248Mayur MittalIND0Up7,00,044,548,5
1651Riya TewariIND1274Up7,00,042,545,5
1779Rohan KumarIND1196Bihar7,00,042,044,5
198Utkarsh BhatnagarIND1622Up6,50,052,555,5
2017Arnav DhamijaIND1481Up6,50,046,550,5
2133Pratyush KumarIND1387Bihar6,50,045,049,0
22100Daksh GoyalIND1143Del6,50,044,047,5
23254Mohit KumarIND0Har6,50,044,047,5
24104Yogesh KumarIND1114Del6,50,042,043,5
25124Devaanshee AgarwalIND1066Har(FDB)6,50,041,045,0
2641ACMTanmay GargIND1352Del6,50,040,543,5
2778Shreya RanaIND1200Delhi6,50,039,042,5
2857Tanuj ChechiIND1250Har6,50,038,540,5
296Shubh KapurIND1679Delhi6,00,051,555,0
3024Atul SaxenaIND1420Up6,00,048,551,5

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