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Marius triumphs in Targu Mures Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 24/10/2019

GM Marius Manolache of Romania scored 6.0/7 along with GM Jianu Vlad-Cristian and IM Anton Teodor. All three of them remained unbeaten. However due to a better tie-break score, Marius clinched the championship, Jianu and Anton had to settle for second and third position respectively. Champion Marius received 3300 Romanian Lei, a shining new trophy and a certificate. Total 109 players participated from Romania and Moldova including 3 GMs and 6 IMs. The four-day seven-round tournament was organized by CS Juvenes. Photo: CS Juvenes

Marius Manolache wins it big at Targu Mures

Second seeded GM Marius Manolache (2548) of Romania scored an unbeaten 6.0/7 to win Targo Mures Open International as he had a better tie-break score than the runner-up GM Jianu Vlad-Cristian (2529) and IM Anton Teodor (2445)

The top seven finishers | Photo: CS Juvenes

Marius remained unbeaten in his championship run and gained 8 Elo rating points

Marius' best win of the tournament was against Mihnea-Ionut Ognean where he had to play a long Rook-Bishop ending. Despite being ahead by two pawns, it was by no means an easy win as they were doubled.

Champion Marius in action in the final round | Photo: CS Juvenes

The tournament hall | Photo: CS Juvenes

The trophies for top three finishers | Photo: CS Juvenes

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The tournament witnessed the total participation of 109 players from Romania and Moldova, including 3 GMs and 6 IMs. It was organized by CS Juvenes in association with Targu Mures City Hall.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12GMManolache MariusROU25480Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa6,05264835,5
23GMJianu Vlad-CristianROU25290Csc Ghiroda Si Giarmata Vii6,05261635,0
34IMAnton TeodorROU24450Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa6,05251432,5
48FMBanzea Alexandru-BogdanU20ROU23890Clubul Central De Sah Bucurest5,55239332,0
511FMOgnean Mihnea-IonutU16ROU22850Css Targu Mures5,55239034,0
61GMIstratescu AndreiROU25640Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi5,54254135,5
75IMFilip Lucian-IoanROU24180Cs Sah Club Oltenia Craiova5,54243234,0
86IMSoltanici RuslanMDA24160MOLDOVA5,05230432,5
99IMPetre Nad-TitusROU23060Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa5,05228032,5
1012FMDaianu Cristian-ClementROU22060Cs Otopeni5,05217230,0
1113FMTitu Maiorescu-DorinS50ROU21470Acs Sah Chindia Targoviste5,05213329,5
1210IMManea AlexandruROU23050Cs Universitar Ploiesti5,04235733,0
137IMVasiesiu DanS50ROU23920Cs Sah Club Galati5,04224731,5
1415FMRusan Paul-CristianROU21050Asociatia Sah Club Bistrita5,04213530,5
1514CMStegariu AlexandruROU21460Cs Politehnica Iasi4,54216330,5

Complete standings

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