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56th Biel MTO R6: Aryan, Pranav, Aditya and Vantika in a ten-way pursuit

by Shahid Ahmed - 24/07/2023

GM Aryan Chopra drew against GM Xiangzhi Bu (CHN) in the sixth round of 56th Biel Chess Festival MTO 2023. Xiangzhi maintained his sole lead 4.5/6. GM Pranav Anand missed an opportunity to win against FM Marius Deuer (GER). It was a complex middlegame and the former could not navigate his way to keep his material advantage. IM Vantika Agrawal drew her game against IM Aditya S Samant. Untitled Jinan Jomon drew against his second GM of the event, Luis Ernesto Quesada Perez (CUB). Pranav will face Aryan in the seventh round. GMT Round 5 and MTO Round 7 starts today from 2 p.m. local time, 5:30 p.m. IST. Photos: Biel Chess Festival

Xiangzhi still in sole lead

GM Aryan Chopra maintains his pursuit 4.5/6

Pranav - Marius

Position after 25...e4?

25...Qd4 first and then e4 would have given FM Marius Deuer (GER, 2374) a substantial advantage. An immediate 25...e4 had the opposite effect 26.Nf4 Qe5 27.Re1 Rfe8 28.f6! Rc7 29.Bc4+ d5 30.Ng6 e3

Position after 30...e3

In the above critical moment, trading the queens leads to a winning endgame for White. 31.Nxe5 exd2 32.Rxd2 gxf6 33.Nc6 Rxe1+ 34.Bxe1 and White maintains his material advantage. 31.Qc2? Qe4 32.Qxe4 Nxe4 and the game ended in a draw as White has both rook and bishop under attack. It is not possible to save them both.

A missed opportunity for GM Pranav Anand

Jinan Jomon drew against GM Luis Ernesto Quesada Perez (CUB) after a 119-move long marathon battle

IM Rathanvel V S won 'Beauty Award' for his fifth round win over IM Irene Kharisma Sukandar (INA)

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MTO Round 6 results

13GMAryan, Chopra26264½ - ½GMBu, Xiangzhi26761PGN
212IMRodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn24954½ - ½4GMLiu, Yan25429PGN
310GMPranav, Anand25104½ - ½4FMDeuer, Marius237439PGN
428WGMVantika, Agrawal24284½ - ½4IMSamant, Aditya S251011PGN
55GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel25911 - 04IMWang, Chen247717PGN
62GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26451 - 0IMMuthaiah, Al244521PGN
74GMYuffa, Daniil26031 - 0IMMateria, Marco243625PGN
88GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto2553½ - ½Jinan, Jomon240931PGN
920IMChasin, Nico2455½ - ½IMSamadov, Read248216PGN
1022Huang, Renjie2445½ - ½IMRathanvel, V S246319PGN


Standings after Round 6

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2 
11GMBu, XiangzhiCHN267652098
23GMAryan, ChopraIND26264,52294,5
39GMLiu, YanCHN25424,52195,5
439FMDeuer, MariusGER23744,520,593,5
512IMRodrigue-Lemieux, ShawnCAN24954,52097
610GMPranav, AnandIND25104,51998
72GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong SonVIE26454,51994,5
84GMYuffa, DaniilESP26034,51993
911IMSamant, Aditya SIND25104,51991
1028WGMVantika, AgrawalIND24284,51894,5


Round 7 pairings

11GMBu, Xiangzhi26765GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26452
210GMPranav, Anand2510GMAryan, Chopra26263
311IMSamant, Aditya S2510GMYuffa, Daniil26034
439FMDeuer, Marius2374GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel25915
59GMLiu, Yan2542WGMVantika, Agrawal242828
613Peng, Xiongjian24894IMRodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn249512
723IMSanchez Alvarez, Roberto Carlos244444GMMeshkovs, Nikita25657
841FMDotzer, Lukas236944GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto25538
916IMSamadov, Read248244Huang, Renjie244522
1017IMWang, Chen247744FMWeishaeutel, Moritz244224



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