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56th Biel MTO R7: Aditya Samant destroys Daniil Yuffa

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/07/2023

GM Xiangzhi Bu (CHN) defeated GM Ngoc Truong Son Nguyen (VIE) to maintain his sole lead 6/7 at 56th Biel Chess Festival 2023 MTO. IM Aditya S Samant got the better of GM Daniil Yuffa (ESP) to be one of the two pursuers at 5.5/7. The other one is GM Yan Liu (CHN) who defeated IM Vantika Agrawal. Yuffa sacrificed an exchange against Aditya and could not gain any compensation for it. GM Pranav Anand once again had a great opportunity to win with the white pieces. This time GM Aryan Chopra was his opponent. However, he missed it and the game ended in a draw. GM Arjun Erigaisi drew against GM Jules Moussard (FRA) in the fifth round of the GMT. The defending champion, GM Liem Quang Le (VIE) emeged sole leader by winning against GM Yangyi Yu (CHN). GMT Round 6 and MTO Round 8 starts today from 2 p.m. local time, 5:30 p.m. IST. Photos: Biel Chess Festival

GMT R5: The defending champion rises to the top

IM Aditya S Samant is well on track to earn his final GM-norm and become India's latest GM

GMT Round 5: GM Liem Quang Le (VIE) defeated GM Yangyi Yu (CHN) to emerge sole leader 29.5/48

GM Arjun Erigaisi - GM Jules Moussard (FRA): 1-1

Pranav - Aryan, MTO Round 7

Position after 44...Qc8?

Black's king is more vulnerable than White's. Hence, GM Pranav Anand (2510) need not be worried about keeping the queens on the board. 45.Qd2 would have been a better continuation as it would not have been easy to thwart White's attack. 45...R1a2 does no good for Black 46.R4f5 Qf8 47.Rxh6+ Kg8 48.Qf4 Rxc2 49.Rg5+ Ng6 50.hxg6 is one of the many ways White could have won by declining the queen exchange. 45.Qxc8 Rxc8 reduced White's chances drastically. Still he had a decisive advantage, albeit not as much as before. However, GM Aryan Chopra (2626) eventually managed to salvage a half point.

GM Pranav Anand missed another winning opportunity with the white pieces

Aditya Samant - Yuffa

Position after 14.e5

GM Daniil Yuffa (ESP, 2603) decided to sacrifice an exchange 14...bxc3 15.Bxa8 Qxa8 16.exf6 cxb2+ 17.Bxb2 gxf6 18.Qe3 Black never got enough compensation for the exchange. IM Aditya S Samant (2510) played masterfully to convert his advantage into a win.

Replay 56th Biel International Chess Festival 2023 GMT Round 5 Live commentary by GM Arturs Neiksans (LAT) and Angelika Valkova (UKR) Part 1 | Video: Biel Chess Festival
Replay 56th Biel International Chess Festival 2023 GMT Round 5 Live commentary by GM Arturs Neiksans (LAT) and Angelika Valkova (UKR) Part 2 | Video: Biel Chess Festival

Replay GMT Round 5 games

Replay MTO Round 7 games

GMT Scoring

Rapid: Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point and Loss = 0

Classical: Win = 4 points, Draw = 1.5 points and Loss = 0

Blitz: Win = 1 point, Draw = 0.5 point and Loss = 0

GMT Round 5 results

132735GMYu, Yangyi0 - 1GMLe, Quang Liem27288
242689GMNavara, David½ - ½GMKeymer, Vincent26902
352694GMAmin, Bassem½ - ½GMDeac, Bogdan-Daniel26931
462710GMErigaisi, Arjun½ - ½GMMoussard, Jules26547


Standings after Round 5

The defending champion - GM Liem Quang Le (VIE) has gained sole lead 29.5/48 | Source: Official site

Round 6 pairings

182728GMLe, Quang LiemGMMoussard, Jules26547
212693GMDeac, Bogdan-DanielGMErigaisi, Arjun27106
322690GMKeymer, VincentGMAmin, Bassem26945
432735GMYu, YangyiGMNavara, David26894


MTO Round 7 results

11GMBu, Xiangzhi267651 - 0GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26452PGN
210GMPranav, Anand2510½ - ½GMAryan, Chopra26263PGN
311IMSamant, Aditya S25101 - 0GMYuffa, Daniil26034PGN
439FMDeuer, Marius2374½ - ½GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel25915PGN
59GMLiu, Yan25421 - 0WGMVantika, Agrawal242828PGN
613Peng, Xiongjian248941 - 0IMRodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn249512PGN
723IMSanchez Alvarez, Roberto Carlos24444½ - ½4GMMeshkovs, Nikita25657PGN
841FMDotzer, Lukas236940 - 14GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto25538PGN
916IMSamadov, Read24824½ - ½4Huang, Renjie244522PGN
1017IMWang, Chen24774½ - ½4FMWeishaeutel, Moritz244224PGN


Standings after Round 7

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2 
11GMBu, XiangzhiCHN2676627,5165,5
29GMLiu, YanCHN25425,527,5159
311IMSamant, Aditya SIND25105,525,5159
43GMAryan, ChopraIND2626529,5159,5
539FMDeuer, MariusGER2374527,5153
620IMChasin, NicoUSA2455527,5148
710GMPranav, AnandIND2510527162,5
85GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos DanielCUB2591525157
98GMQuesada Perez, Luis ErnestoCUB2553524,5154
1013Peng, XiongjianCHN2489524159,5


Round 8 pairings

111IMSamant, Aditya S25106GMBu, Xiangzhi26761
28GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto25535GMLiu, Yan25429
318IMSaraci, Nderim247255GMAryan, Chopra26263
45GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel259155IMRathanvel, V S246319
520IMChasin, Nico245555GMPranav, Anand251010
639FMDeuer, Marius237455Peng, Xiongjian248913
72GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son2645IMSanchez Alvarez, Roberto Carlos244423
84GMYuffa, Daniil2603IMHarikrishnan, A Ra240632
922Huang, Renjie2445GMMeshkovs, Nikita25657
1012IMRodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn2495IMShlyakhtenko, Robert240133



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