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56th Biel GMT R2: Arjun Erigaisi misses against David Navara

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/07/2023

GM Arjun Erigaisi had a great opportunity to win against GM David Navara (CZE) for the first time at 56th Biel Chess Festival GMT 2023. Despite finding the correct way to gain substantial advantage, the teenager could not find the intricate maneuver of his rooks, before creating an escape route for his king. This draw helped the Czech Republic no.1 to maintain his sole lead in the GMT 15.5/22. GM Aryan Chopra and IM Aditya S Samant scored comfortable victories to become the early leaders with GM Yan Liu (CHN) 3/3. IM Harikrishnan A Ra continues his great form as he drew a difficult endgame against GM Pranav Anand. Round 3 GMT and Round 4 MTO starts today from 2 p.m. local time, 5:30 p.m. IST. Photos: Biel Chess Festival

MTO R3: Aryan Chopra and Aditya Samant in a three-way lead

GM Arjun Erigaisi had a great opportunity to register his first win against GM David Navara (CZE) at this event

GMT Round 2: Arjun - Navara: 1.5-1.5

Both Classical rated games earlier between GM Arjun Erigaisi (2710) and GM David Navara (CZE, 2689) ended in draws. Arjun gained a significant upper hand by sacrificing his knight to break the center wide open.

Position after 22.e6

White sacrificed his knight 21.Nxd5! exd5 22.e6! now the best way for Black to minimize the damage is to go 22...Bxd4 23.exd7+ Kxd7 24.Qxd4 Qxd4 25.Rxd4 Kc6. The Czech Republic no.1 opted for 22...Bxe6? 23.Nxe6 fxe6 24.Qxd5 gave White a decisive advantage Kf7 25.Qd7+ Be7 26.Rd3 Rh7 27.Rf3+ Kg8 28.Rxe6 Rd8 29.Qxe7 Rxe7 30.Rxb6 Rd1+ 31.Ka2 Ree1 32.b4 a4

Position after 32...a4

White does not need to play 33.b3 immediately to prevent the checkmate. He needed to improve the position of his rooks first before creating an escape route for his king. Thus, 33.Rg6+ Kh8 34.Rf8+ Kh7 35.Rf7+ Kf8 36.b3 Ra1+ 37.Kb2 a3+ 38.Kc3 a2 now the difference maker happens 39.Rgf6 makes the checkmate threat which forces Black to retreat one of his rooks 39...Re8 40.Kb2 now a2-pawn drops. Black's last threat is eliminated and White is winning comfortably. Playing 33.b3? directly allowed Black to salvage a draw Ra1+ 34.Kb2 a3+ 35.Kc3 Re7 now White is unable to make any checkmate threats.

It is universally known that GM David Navara is an absolute gentleman both on and off the board

Liem Quang Le (VIE) scored the sole win of the round against Bassem Amin (EGY)

MTO Round 3: Harikrishnan - Pranav: 0.5-0.5

IM Harikrishnan A Ra (2406) had a complex rook and same color bishop endgame against GM Pranav Anand (2510).

Position after 51...Kf6

The idea behind 51...Kf6 is quite simple. Black wants to go Ra3 and deliver Rf3# White has many ways to defend it, however, it is not easy to figure out which is the best. 52.h3 is one of the obvious choices. White went for 52.Rc2? Ra3 53.e5+ Kg6? 54.Bg2 and the game ended in a draw in another dozen moves. According to the computer, 53...Ke7 would have maintained a decisive advantage for Black. The difference is, now Be4 is no longer a check which gives Black enough time to use the c4-passed pawn and win the game.

GM Aryan Chopra defeated Renjie Huang (CHN) to move to 3/3

IM Aditya S Samant defeated FM Teimur Toktomushev (UKR) comfortably to move to 3/3

The longest game of the day was between GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera (CUB) and IM Irene Kharisma Sukandar (INA). It went for 8 hours and 1 minute spanning 168 moves when a draw was agreed

Replay 56th Biel International Chess Festival 2023 GMT Classical Round 2 Live commentary by GM Arturs Neiksans (LAT) and Angelika Valkova (UKR) | Video: Biel Chess Festival

GMT Scoring

Rapid: Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point and Loss = 0

Classical: Win = 4 points, Draw = 1.5 points and Loss = 0

Replay GMT Round 2 games

Replay MTO Round 3 games

GMT Round 2 results

182728GMLe, Quang Liem1 - 0GMAmin, Bassem26945
262710GMErigaisi, Arjun½ - ½GMNavara, David26894
372654GMMoussard, Jules½ - ½GMYu, Yangyi27353
412693GMDeac, Bogdan-Daniel½ - ½GMKeymer, Vincent26902


Current GMT standings

GM David Navara (CZE) maintains his sole lead 15.5/22 | Source: Official site

Round 3 pairings

122690GMKeymer, VincentGMLe, Quang Liem27288
232735GMYu, YangyiGMDeac, Bogdan-Daniel26931
342689GMNavara, DavidGMMoussard, Jules26547
452694GMAmin, BassemGMErigaisi, Arjun27106


MTO Round 3 results

11GMBu, Xiangzhi26762½ - ½2IMChasin, Nico245520PGN
23GMAryan, Chopra262621 - 02Huang, Renjie244522PGN
325IMMateria, Marco24362½ - ½2GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto25538PGN
49GMLiu, Yan254221 - 02IMLicznerski, Lukasz243026PGN
532IMHarikrishnan, A Ra24062½ - ½2GMPranav, Anand251010PGN
611IMSamant, Aditya S251021 - 02FMToktomushev, Teimur220664PGN
75GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel2591½ - ½2IMSukandar, Irine Kharisma235842PGN
831Jinan, Jomon24090 - 1GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26452PGN
929WGMHuang, Qian24220 - 1GMYuffa, Daniil26034PGN
1033IMShlyakhtenko, Robert2401½ - ½GMErdos, Viktor25716PGN


Standings after Round 3

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2 
13GMAryan, ChopraIND26263410
29GMLiu, YanCHN2542349,5
311IMSamant, Aditya SIND2510339,5
432IMHarikrishnan, A RaIND24062,54,59
520IMChasin, NicoUSA24552,54,58,5
68GMQuesada Perez, Luis ErnestoCUB25532,54,58
10GMPranav, AnandIND25102,54,58
81GMBu, XiangzhiCHN26762,549
942IMSukandar, Irine KharismaINA23582,548
102GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong SonVIE26452,53,510


Round 4 pairings

19GMLiu, Yan254233GMAryan, Chopra26263
22GMNguyen, Ngoc Truong Son26453IMSamant, Aditya S251011
342IMSukandar, Irine Kharisma2358GMBu, Xiangzhi26761
44GMYuffa, Daniil2603IMMuthaiah, Al244521
58GMQuesada Perez, Luis Ernesto2553IMHarikrishnan, A Ra240632
610GMPranav, Anand2510IMMateria, Marco243625
718IMSaraci, Nderim2472FMDeuer, Marius237439
820IMChasin, Nico24552Peng, Xiongjian248913
934IMMorawietz, Dieter239622GMAlbornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel25915
106GMErdos, Viktor257122IMAjay Krishna, S239035



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