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Ujjwal and Yashasvi win ARCA State under-15 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/05/2019

Ujjwal Deep and Yashasvi Gupta of Jaipur are the champions in ARCA State under-15 Championship 2019. Ujjwal scored 7.0/8 to win the tournament. Raj Kumawat and Arun Kataria also finished at 7.0/8, however due to a better tie-break score, Ujjwal was declared Champion. Among the girls, Yashasvi Gupta, Elakshi Srivastava, Dakshita Kumawat and Tanish Bhagchandani finished at 6.0/8. Yashasvi was adjudged the winner due to her better tie-break score. Total Prize fund ₹101111 was up for grabs. The tournament was organized by Chess in Lakecity from 17th-19th May 2019. Photo: Vikas Sahu

Jaipur kids Ujjwal and Yashasvi prevail

All 40 Prize winners in one frame | Photo: Vikas Sahu

Guests present at the Prize Distribution Ceremony: Mukesh Mandloi, Verma, Branch Manager LIC, Rajeev Bhardwaj, President CIL, Advocate Manish Mogra, Kamlesh Choudhary, Dr. Om Sahu and IA Rajendra Teli, Chief Arbiter of the tournament.

Despite losing the penultimate round, Ujjwal finished strong and won the tournament. He also increased his rating by 28 ELO points. Ujjwal won ₹11111 and a trophy

Although Yashasvi started with a draw and lost a bit of rating points, she scored 6.0/8 and won the tournament. Yashasvi won ₹5000 and a trophy

Inaugural move is made by Mukesh Mandloi, Secretary of DCA Kota with IA Vikas Sahu, Secretary of Chess in Lakecity | Photo: Vikas Sahu

The tournament hall | Photo: Vikas Sahu

A little kid is trying to thwart opponent's threats on the board | Photo: Vikas Sahu

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Ujjwal DeepU15IND1599JAIPUR7,00,043,034,0
24Raj KumawatU15IND1515CHESS IN LAKECITY7,00,042,532,0
32Arun KatariaU13IND1650CHESS IN LAKECITY7,00,041,032,0
49Yajat VyasU15IND1266CHESS IN LAKECITY6,50,545,034,0
51Arora HoniU13IND1663JAIPUR6,50,542,533,5
639Raj KapoorU11IND1036JAIPUR6,00,044,032,5
77Garg ShivamU13IND1404JAIPUR6,00,043,031,5
85Vrashank ChouhanU13IND1481CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,040,532,0
915Aniruddh KhandelwalU11IND1191JAIPUR6,00,040,029,5
108Aayush BhojakU11IND1270CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,039,030,0
116Yashasvi GuptaF13wIND1408JAIPUR6,00,039,029,5
1268Elakshi SrivastavaF11wIND0JAIPUR6,00,039,029,5
1318Himanshu TrivediU13IND1150CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,037,527,5
1417Dakshita KumawatF11wIND1184CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,037,027,5
1524Tanisha BhagchandaniF11wIND1121JODHPUR6,00,036,026,5
1680Khushi MishraF15wIND0CHESS IN LAKECITY5,50,040,530,5
1716Ashmil SaxenaU13IND1184JAIPUR5,50,039,530,0
1821Pranay ChordiaU13IND1132CHESS IN LAKECITY5,50,039,529,0
1920Aashi UpadhyayF11wIND1135JAIPUR5,50,036,527,5
2030Yatee KothariF09wIND1089JAIPUR5,50,036,027,5

Complete Standings

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