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Shahil Dey scores his second IM-norm in consecutive tournaments

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/02/2021

Shahil Dey scored his maiden IM-norm in GM Round Robin "Orbis-1 2021" Paracin on 11th February 2021. He started playing IM Mix Swiss "Orbis-2 2021" Paracin on the following day 12th February. The 14-year-old boy from Assam who moved to Kolkata made a blitzkrieg start with 4.0/4, however two consecutive losses caused a setback to score his maiden GM-norm. He finished 6.0/9, secured third place and in the process scored his second IM-norm in consecutive tournaments within a week. Photo: Domi Dervieux

Two IM-norms in two weeks

CM Shahil Dey scored his maiden IM-norm in GM Round Robin "Orbis-1 2021" Paracin, Serbia on 11th February 2021. On the following day, he started playing IM Mix Swiss "Orbis-2 2021". He made a fantastic 4.0/4 start but then lost the next two games and finished with 6.0/9. Thus he missed a GM-norm by a whisker but he secured his second IM-norm.

Shahil Dey scored his second IM-norm in second consecutive tournament | Photo: Domi Dervieux

Shahil performed at 2507 and gained 31 Elo rating points

In the first round, Shahil was up against FM Aron Pasti. Shahil had a good position, but a couple of inaccuracies gave his opponent the upper hand. It was Pasti who made the final mistake.

Pasti - Shahil, Round 1

Position after 26.Ng3

26.Ng3 is a huge blunder, Shahil had no trouble finding his opponent's mistake. What was the better move white should have played instead.

Shahil faced compatriot IM Moksh Amit Doshi in the second round where the latter misjudged the magnitude of Shahil's attack on the kingside.

Shahil - Moksh, Round 2

Position after 23...Bc6

23...Bc6 doesn't add anything to black's position. In fact it only delays black's defense on his kingside. Find out the correct plan for white.

Moksh scored 5.5/9, finished at fifth position and gained 10 rating points | Photo: Domi Dervieux

Shahil scored a fine victory over veteran Serbian GM Suat Atalik. The 14-year-old boy from Assam played the Rook ending correctly to walk away with a full point.

A player's good form is denoted by how confidently he plays fantastic moves. Computer may not say it's the best move in that particular position but only a human can spot and appreciate it.

Shahil - Teodora, Round 4

Position after 12...b5

Try to think like Shahil and find a beautiful move for white after 12...b5.

Position after 37...Qf2+

How should white deal with 37...Qf2+ ? After missing a quicker win, Shahil eventually managed to force his opponent to resign in an interesting Queen-Rook endgame.

CM Dev Shah scored 5.0/9, secured 7th place and gained 23 rating points | Photo: Domi Dervieux

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Final Standings

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
GMSanal VahapTUR25637,542,50,06107,5
GMAtalik SuatSRB25046,543,50,06104,5
CMShahil DeyIND23766,043,50,052031,2
GMKosic DraganMNE24435,545,00,03101,1
IMMoksh Amit DoshiIND23325,540,50,04209,8
FMVetokhin SavvaRUS23095,534,50,05208,2
CMDev ShahIND22545,041,50,042022,6
IMBrankovic DejanSRB23155,040,00,04101,4
Ivanovic MarkoSRB22515,040,00,042023,4
WIMInjac TeodoraSRB23144,544,50,04204,8

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