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Shahil Dey on track to become North East India's first IM, scores his maiden IM norm

by Sagar Shah - 13/02/2021

Chess in North East India has been popular, but unfortunately until now we haven't seen a single titled player from the region. This drought quickly seems to be coming to an end as former under-7 and under-9 national champion Shahil Dey has now grown into a very strong player. The youngster from Assam scored his first IM norm at the Orbis GM Round Robin tournament held in Serbia from the 5th to the 11th of February 2021. In this article we acquaint you with Shahil's performance and also bring to you one of his games from the event - his win over the top seed GM Hans Niemann Moke. 

Shahil Dey is one of North East India's brightest chess talents. It's great to see boy in action once again after a long period of lockdown. He played at the Orbis-1 GM Round Robin tournament in Paracin, Serbia from 5th to 11th of February. He beat several strong players including GM Hans Niemann (2525) and with a score of 5.5/9 achieved his 1st IM norm!

Shahil Dey, the 14-year-old youngster from Assam, India

With a performance rating of 2473, Shahil now has a Live Elo of 2400! The boy needs 2 more IM norms to become India's latest IM and north east India's first titled player. Shahil originally from Assam, now lives in Kolkata in order to receive better training facilities. He is coached by IM Roktim Bandyopadhyay. GM Jacob Aagaard, the founder of Killer Chess Training writes, "Shahil also won the 2020 student of the year award at, having attended close to all live lessons (500+) and been first to finish the weekly homework most weeks."

Shahil with the tournament director Sasa Jevtic after winning the IM norm

The tournament scorecard for the youngster

Final rankings:

No. NameRtgFED12345678910Pts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMNiemann Hans Moke2525USA*011½0½1116,020,03,022,75
CMShahil Dey2376IND1*½101½½015,530,03,021,50
WIMInjac Teodora2314SRB0½*1½½½½003,580,02,515,25
CMMijatovic Dusan2295SRB000*000½½12,091,01,06,75
IMRatkovic Milovan2433SRB½1½1*1½1½½6,510,04,527,75
FMDudin Gleb2380RUS10½10*½0115,041,52,519,25
GMKosic Dragan2443MNE½½½1½½*½½½5,051,03,021,00
GMAtalik Suat2504SRB0½½½01½*½14,570,02,517,50
IMMoksh Amit Doshi2332IND011½½0½½*15,060,52,520,00
FMVetokhin Savva2309RUS0010½0½00*2,0100,01,09,25

In May 2020, Shahil won the Pursue your Chess Scholarship of Rs.50,000 instituted by the ChessBase India foundation from the amount donated by Ashwin Subramanian.

Speaking to ChessBase India Shahil says, "I played the tournament without any tension and it definitely helped me. I would like to thank Ashwin sir and ChessBase India Foundation for the scholarship and for motivating me towards my goal."


The youngster is 14 years old and is a big talent. He has enrolled himself in the second IM norm tournament Orbis-2 that begins in Paracin, Serbia from today. Wishing him the best for the event

Annotated victory over GM Hans Niemann

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