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Ilamparthi wins Solving competition, Saravana second at Prague International Chess Festival 2024

by Shahid Ahmed - 04/03/2024

Prague International Chess Festival 2024 is truly a chess festival in every way one can fathom. There are not only tournaments in Masters, Challengers, Futures, Open, Rapid and Blitz conventional events but also Basque, Fischer Random, Pair Blitz, Bughouse and Solving competition. There is something for every type of chess enthusiast. On Wednesday 28th February 2024, F Solving competition took place. IM Ilamparthi A R won the event scoring 35 points. IM P Saravana Krishnan, IM Milan Petras (CZE) and Michael Schwartz (RSA) scored 33 points each to share second place. The special element about this event was all positions were curated by the legendary Grandmaster in Chess Composition - Yochanan Afek (ISR). Photos: Petr Vrabec/Prague International Chess Festival

Participating in an event where the positions are curated by the legend, Grandmaster in Chess Composition -Yochanan Afek, is itself something a chess player will find gratifying. Winning the event or getting a prize is a cherry on top of it. The prize winners received their respective prize along with a book written by Yochanan Afek himself.

1st IM Ilamparthi A R 35 points

2nd IM P Saravana Krishnan 33 points

Currently, IM P Saravana Krishnan is leading the Grand Prix Don Giovanni 2024 with a score of 775. He also finished third in G Basque event. It will be mentioned in a separate report.

Grandmaster in Chess Composition - Yochanan Afek (ISR) explaining the rules to all participants

The Grandmaster in Chess Composition, Yochanan Afek (ISR) shared all positions which were part of the solving competition. Try to solve them:

Position #1

Mate in two moves

Position #2

Mate in two moves

Position #3

Mate in two moves

Position #4

Mate in three moves

Position #5

Mate in three moves

Position no.5 is a twin problem. Second solution should be found after turning the board 180 degrees.

Position #6

White to play and win

Position #7

White to play and win

If you wish to evaluate your performance with a clock, here are the information you need to know. Total time to solve - 90 minutes. Each full solution gets you 5 points.

Final standings

No. NameFideIDFEDRtgGr
IMIlamparthi, A R45015775IND241435 points
IMSaravana, Krishnan P.5018382IND224633 points
CMPetras, Milan306665CZE194133 points
Schwartz, Michael14351048RSA135033 points
Dolas, Aarush66608538IND140025 points
Kabat, Josef320986CZE174225 points
CMVincenti, Leonardo28550820ITA208519 points
Ellender, Asher14371510RSA109717,5 points
Poliakov, Mykhailo23775416CZE155816,5 points
Hornikova, DagmarCZE06 points



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