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MPL 35th National U-9 Round 5-6:Sharvaanica and Arpita become co-leaders

by Himank Ghosh - 29/12/2022

7-year-old Sharvaanica AS (Tamil Nadu, 1050) continues her domination in the MPL 35th National Under-9 Girls Championships. After 6 rounds, she is jointly leading the event with Arpita Amey Patnakar (Gujrat, 1093), both of them scoring 5.5/6 so far. In the open section, draws in the top board ensured that no clear leader is decided yet. For now, Madhavendra Pratap Sharma, Aarav Sarbalia, Aarav A, and Niroshan Thanikachalam are leaders, each of them scoring 5.5/6. Round 7 starts on 29th December, 9:30 AM IST. Thumbnail: Himank Ghosh

The search for sole leader

In the girl's section, Sharvaanica A S (1050, TN) had a good chance to capture the sole lead by winning both her games. She had a completely winning position against Bruhathi Kondisetti (1121, Telangana), but botched it in the end.

MPL National U9 Round 5 Girls: Bruhathi Kondisetti - Sharvaanica A S : 0.5-0.5

Board no.1: Sharvaanica AS (left) vs Bruhathi Kondisetti (right)

The decisive blunder which steered the game from completely winning to equal was this one:

Position after 45...a1=Q

Surprisingly enough, a1=Q is not the best move in the position! The best course of action would've been to simply play ...Nxe6 Rd1 Rb1, and Black is totally winning. However, 45....a1=Q allowed 46. e7! and there's no way to stop that pawn, even with an extra queen. Such a nice trick found by Bruhathi! Sharvaanica played on for a while after the queens were traded, but to no avail - a draw happened a few moves later.

Round 6: Arpita Amey Patnakar - Alankrita Sharma: 1-0

Board no.2 - Alankrita Sharma (left) vs Arpita Amey Patnakar (right)

The top seed of the girls' section, Alankrita Sharma (J&K, 1419) had to endure a crushing defeat against Arpita Amey Patnakar (1093, Gujrat), after Alankrita made an tactical error in the opening, completely missing some intermediate checks by her opponent. After the dust was settled, it was Arpita who was 2 pawns up and she went on to win quite comfortably.

Round 6 Girls: Bhumika Suresh Waghle - Sharvaanica A S : 0-1

Board no.4 - Sharvaanica A S (Right) vs Bhumika Suresh Waghle (left)

Playing the Caro-Kann, Sharvaanica AS (1050, TN) launched a devastating attack against Bhumika Suresh Waghle (1182, Maharashtra)'s King, giving no chances to her opponent, forcing the win of an exchange, and then converted it into a 2 pawns up Rook ending, winning it comfortably.

7-year-old Sharvaanica at the top!

Round 5 Open: Aarav A - Avirat Chauhan: 1-0

Board no.3: Avirat Chauhan (left) vs Aarav A (right)

This was one of the cleanest wins of the round. Aarav Anand (1341, TN) took complete control with the white pieces straight from the opening against Avirat Chauhan (1421, MAH). At some point, both of the Kings were wide open, but Aarav ensured that his material advantage stays and the King is not under any real danger. The game ended with checkmate, and Aarav is one of the leaders of the Open section right now.

Round 6 Open: Parithinarayan SI - R Nijesh: 0-1

Board no.4 - Parithinarayan S I (left) vs R Nijesh (right)

Parithinarayan SI (1200, TN) had a completely winning position against R Nijesh (1365, TN) - he had busted open the Black Kingside, and all his pieces were pointing towards the Black King. But as it is said in chess - it's never over till it's over! Parithinarayan missed a key defensive resource for Black:

Rh5 is the key blunder due to ...Qc1+ followed by ...Qf4, and now Black pieces are fully activated and there is no attack anymore, Black is just a piece up! Parithinarayan resigned in a few more moves.

Photo Gallery

IA Sunil Soni introduces the chief guest for Round 6 to the players.

Discussions about the tournament - in frame (from left): Dr. Sunil Somani, IM Akshat Khamparia, IA Sunil Soni

The full team of Arbiters having an informal meeting after the round has ended.

Dr. Sunil Somani and IM Akshat Khamparia hold "Chesspa in chess adventure park in their hands - we have set up a stall for this amazing book just outside the tournament hall!
MPL 35th NATIONAL UNDER-9 OPEN & GIRLS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS – 2022 Day - 5 Round 5 Full livestream

MPL 35th National Under - 9 Open & Girls Chess Championship - 2022 - Round 6 - Day 5 Full livestream

Girls section Round 5-6 games

Open section Round 5-6 games

Standings after Round 6 (Open)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
124Niroshan Thanikachalam1283Tamil Nadu5,5212421,7505
22Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka5,52123,520,7505
31Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh5,520,52320,2505
413Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu5,5192219,5005
55Saideep Suman1407Karnataka5212419,5005
611Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra520,522,517,0005
78Aditya Shripad Joshi1368Maharashtra52022,518,5004
832ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala52022,517,0005
912ACMVishruth B1346Tamil Nadu5192217,5005
109R Nijesh1365Tamil Nadu518,521,518,0004
1144AFMMithun Pranav Praveen Kumar1217Tamil Nadu518,52116,0005
1217Cyrus Eldho1322Kerala51719,516,5005
1335Kushagra Paliwal1253Maharashtra5171914,7504
1433Vihaan Anupam Agrawal1264Maharashtra5161814,0005
15110Brijesh Poola1059Tamil Nadu4,5222619,2504
1620Sayan Barua1293West Bengal4,5212316,5003
177Arjun Vasireddy1375Andhra Pradesh4,520,523,516,0004
18106ACMSwayam Chhabra1069Uttar Pradesh4,520,52316,2504
196Rahul Ramakrishnan1386Puducherry4,520,522,515,2504
2090Shaurya Nikunj Bagdia1099Maharashtra4,52023,517,7504

Full standings

Standings after Round 6 (Girls)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
130Sharvaanica A Sw1050Tamil Nadu5,521,523,521,0005
222Arpita Amey Patankarw1093Gujarat5,517,518,517,2505
316Bruhathi Kondisettiw1121Telangana520,521,516,2504
462Divi Bijeshw0Kerala52023,519,2504
558Deepthaashri Ravi Ganeshw0Tamil Nadu5202319,0005
68Pratitee Bordoloiw1201Karnataka519,522,518,2504
715Shashini Puviw1130Karnataka519,522,518,0004
83Aadya Ranganathw1327Karnataka5171913,5005
910Bhumika Suresh Waghlew1182Maharashtra4,522,52517,0004
109Aarohi Mathurw1190Telangana4,520,522,515,0004
1121Samhita Pungavanamw1095Telangana4,5202215,0004
1223Pooja Shree Rw1091Tamil Nadu4,5202214,7504
1320Aadya Gowdaw1099Karnataka423,525,515,5003
142Vedika Vijaykumar Palw1362Maharashtra42121,512,5003
1527Aarna Jainw1059Karnataka419,521,512,5004
1617AFMDiya Digamber Sawalw1115Goa419,52110,5004
1711Janaki Sdw1158Kerala4192214,2503
1883Pitani Satya Srividyaw0Andhra Pradesh41921,513,5004
1934Dishita Deyw1038Jharkhand4192111,5004
2028Dheekshika Gw1058Tamil Nadu41920,511,5004

Full standings

Round 7 pairings (Girls)

130Sharvaanica A S1050Tamil NaduArpita Amey Patankar1093Gujarat22
216Bruhathi Kondisetti1121Telangana55Aadya Ranganath1327Karnataka3
358Deepthaashri Ravi Ganesh0Tamil Nadu55Pratitee Bordoloi1201Karnataka8
415Shashini Puvi1130Karnataka55Divi Bijesh0Kerala62
59Aarohi Mathur1190TelanganaBhumika Suresh Waghle1182Maharashtra10
621Samhita Pungavanam1095TelanganaPooja Shree R1091Tamil Nadu23
71Alankrita Sharma1419Jammu And Kashmir44Skyla Rodrigues1074Goa25
827Aarna Jain1059Karnataka44Vedika Vijaykumar Pal1362Maharashtra2
97Bhavanya Panchumarthi1227Andhra Pradesh44Dheekshika G1058Tamil Nadu28
1011Janaki Sd1158Kerala44Dishita Dey1038Jharkhand34
1133Asmita Biswas1038West Bengal44Aahna Gulati1156Haryana12
1276Leah R Joseph0Karnataka44Rishitha Narayanan1136Andhra Pradesh14
1317AFMDiya Digamber Sawal1115Goa44Anvi Vinit Hirde1013Maharashtra38
1490Sanvi Dattatray Gore0Maharashtra44Yati Agarwal1114Gujarat18
1520Aadya Gowda1099Karnataka44Divya Darshini Moida0Andhra Pradesh63

Complete pairings

Round 7 pairing (Open)

11Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya PradeshAarav A1341Tamil Nadu13
224Niroshan Thanikachalam1283Tamil NaduAarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka2
35Saideep Suman1407Karnataka55Cyrus Eldho1322Kerala17
433Vihaan Anupam Agrawal1264Maharashtra55Aditya Shripad Joshi1368Maharashtra8
59R Nijesh1365Tamil Nadu55ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala32
611Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra55AFMMithun Pranav Praveen Kumar1217Tamil Nadu44
735Kushagra Paliwal1253Maharashtra55ACMVishruth B1346Tamil Nadu12
827Sahrudh M P1271Andhra PradeshRahul Ramakrishnan1386Puducherry6
97Arjun Vasireddy1375Andhra PradeshParithinarayan S I1200Tamil Nadu52
10106ACMSwayam Chhabra1069Uttar PradeshAarit Kapil1327Delhi16
1190Shaurya Nikunj Bagdia1099MaharashtraSayan Barua1293West Bengal20
12110Brijesh Poola1059Tamil NaduAadhya Vijayakumar1290Tamil Nadu22
133Hemal Varshan Andalamala1422Andhra Pradesh4Anish Ramkumar1093Tamil Nadu94
1445Atharv Venkatesh1217Karnataka44Avirat Chauhan1421Maharashtra4
1547Kavyansh Jain1212Rajasthan44G Darshan1316Tamil Nadu18

Complete pairings

The MPL 35th National U9 Championship 2022 is taking place in Indore Public School. The total prize fund of this mega event is Rs. 5 lakhs. The event is being organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Chess Ad Hoc Committee. This is an 11-round classical event which will run from 25th December 2022 - 2nd January 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes +30 seconds increment. Rounds 7 will be held on 28th December from 9:30 AM.

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