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MPL 35th National U-9 Championships Round 2-3: The rise of Sharvaanica

by Himank Ghosh - 27/12/2022

Sharvaanica A S hails from a small town in the Ariyalur District of Tamil Nadu. She is only 7 years old, yet she has made a strong 3/3 start in the 35th MPL National U-9 Championships! In the Open section, the top seed Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP) continued his domination by winning Rounds 2 and 3. As many as 15 players have a perfect score so far in the Open section, and 8 players in the girls section. With 8 more rounds to go, this is still anyone's tournament. Round 4 starts on 27th December at 3:30 PM IST. Thumbnail: Himank Ghosh 

The 100% girl stays true to her name

Sharvaanica A S (1050, TN) is fondly called the 100% girl, because any tournament she plays in, she makes a perfect score - the most recent examples being the National U-7 Championship and Asian Schools Championship. The National U-9 Championships are proving to be no exception. In the 2nd round, Sharvaanica caused a small upset by defeating her higher rated and more experienced opponent, Aadya Ranganath (1327, KAR) in Round 2.

MPL National U9 Round 2 Girls: Sharvaanica A S - Aadya Ranganathan - 1-0

Board no.3: Sharvaanica A S (left) vs Aadya Ranganath (right)

After a relatively tranquil middlegame, Aadya suddenly blundered a pawn in the Rook ending. The resulting position was by no means easy to convert for Sharvaanica, but she kept finding all the correct moves and grinded out a 75-move marathon win, the last board to finish in Round 2.

The 100% Girl Sharvaanica's Sigma Grindset!

Dheekshikha G - Alankrita Sharma: 1-0

Board no.1 - Dheekshikha G (left) vs Alankrita Sharma (right)

The top seed of the girls section, Alankrita Sharma (J&K, 1419) was handed her first loss of the event in an upset victory by Dheekshika G (1058, TN). Getting a much better position straight from the opening, Dheekshika simply ripped off all defences of the Black King, eventually winning a piece and the game.

Position after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. c3 Nf6 5. d4 exd4 6. cxd4 Bb4+ 7. Nc3 Nxe4 8. O-O Bxc3 9. d5 Ne7 10. bxc3 Nxc3??, the critical blunder - White is completely winning after 11. Qd4!

Round 3 Girls: Samhita Pungavanam - Vedika Vijaykumar Pal: 1-0

Board no.1 - Vedika Vijaykumar Pal (left) vs Samhita Pungavanam (Right)

In a very complex Sicilian Dragon game where both sides tried to attack the opponent king in opposite flanks, Samhita Pungavanam (1095, Telangana) held onto her nerves better than her opponent Vedika Vijaykumar Pal (1327, Maharashtra). She recognized that the pawn sacrifice by her opponent was unsound, and successfully traded queens to enter a completely winning Rook and Knight endgame. This victory was another major upset of the day!

The U-8 Girls Solving World Champion Samhita Pungavanam starts 3/3 in the National U-9 Championships

Round 2 Open: Aarav Sarbalia - Hridhaan Chawla: 1-0

Board no.2: Aarav Sarbalia (left) vs Hridhaan Chawla (right)

In a game with opposite-side castling, Aarav correctly realized his initiative and started pushing his h-pawn towards the Kingside, getting a huge attack on the Black King. Hridhaan was not able to retaliate on the opposite flank, hence his position quickly turned into shambles.

Instead of playing for the initiative with moves like ...Rd8, Hridhaan's ...Nd5 became the reason of his demise, as now Aarav gets a free hand in pushing h4-h5, starting the Kingside attack.

Round 3 Open: Saideep Suman - Mithun Pranav Praveen Kumar: 1-0

Board no.4 - Saideep Suman (left) vs Mithun Pranav Praveen Kumar (right)

If there's one lesson to be learnt from the game between Saideep Suman (1407, Karnataka) and Mithun Pranav Praveen Kumar (1217, Tamil Nadu), it is not to delay castling. When Mithun eventually castled on move no. 24, it was a deadly mistake as it led to a huge Kingside attack. The raging attack continued until Saideep captured Mithun's queen, and it was resigns soon afterwards.

"Madhavendra will be a good competitor!" Saideep Suman with 3/3 in the National U9 Championship 2022

Photo Gallery

The tournament organizing committee gives a warm welcome to the chief guest! For the inauguration of every round, a chief guest is invited.

The production team which keeps the livestream running!

Chief Arbiter AK Raizada takes a closer look in the ongoing board 5 game

A birds-eye view of the huge tournament hall of Indore Public School.

Open section Round 2-3 games

Girls section Round 2-3 games

Standings after Round 3 (Open)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
116Aarit Kapil1327Delhi3466,0003
110Brijesh Poola1059Tamil Nadu3466,0003
128Sri Vikhyath Jayanthi1017Telangana3466,0003
412ACMVishruth B1346Tamil Nadu345,55,5003
51Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh3455,0003
2Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka3455,0003
5Saideep Suman1407Karnataka3455,0003
11Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra3455,0003
13Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu3455,0003
32ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala3455,0003
33Vihaan Anupam Agrawal1264Maharashtra3455,0003
36Kiyan Kevalkumar Patel1244Gujarat3455,0003
88Rishaan Jain1107Rajasthan3455,0003
144Avirat Chauhan1421Maharashtra33,54,54,5003
1519Pazhany Kaushal Kohli1295Jammu Kashmir33,544,0003
1624Niroshan Thanikachalam1283Tamil Nadu2,54,56,55,2502
1720Sayan Barua1293West Bengal2,54,55,54,2502
1830Sahejveer Singh Maras1269Maharashtra2,54,553,750,52
125Aarav Jain1032Haryana2,54,553,750,52
2022Aadhya Vijayakumar1290Tamil Nadu2,545,54,5002


Full standings

Standings after Round 3 (Girls)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
18Pratitee Bordoloiw1201Karnataka3455,0003
17AFMDiya Digamber Sawalw1115Goa3455,0003
21Samhita Pungavanamw1095Telangana3455,0003
27Aarna Jainw1059Karnataka3455,0003
30Sharvaanica A Sw1050Tamil Nadu3455,0003
620Aadya Gowdaw1099Karnataka33,54,54,5003
715Shashini Puviw1130Karnataka33,53,53,5003
816Bruhathi Kondisettiw1121Telangana3333,0003
924Krisha Tamhant Jainw1080Maharashtra2,54,56,55,2502
1010Bhumika Suresh Waghlew1182Maharashtra2,545,54,250,52
62Divi Bijeshw0Kerala2,545,54,250,52
129Aarohi Mathurw1190Telangana2,5454,0002
135Aaradhya Dasw1274Tripura2,53,554,2502
1411Janaki Sdw1158Kerala2,53,54,53,2502
1523Pooja Shree Rw1091Tamil Nadu2,53,542,7502
167Bhavanya Panchumarthiw1227Andhra Pradesh2,5343,2502
1722Arpita Amey Patankarw1093Gujarat2,5332,2502
1814Rishitha Narayananw1136Andhra Pradesh2563,0002
26Ritisha Mayra Rajbongshiw1072Assam2563,0002
2028Dheekshika Gw1058Tamil Nadu255,52,5002

Full standings

Round 4 pairing (Open)

116Aarit Kapil1327Delhi33Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh1
22Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka33Pazhany Kaushal Kohli1295Jammu Kashmir19
34Avirat Chauhan1421Maharashtra33Vihaan Anupam Agrawal1264Maharashtra33
432ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala33Saideep Suman1407Karnataka5
536Kiyan Kevalkumar Patel1244Gujarat33Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra11
612ACMVishruth B1346Tamil Nadu33Brijesh Poola1059Tamil Nadu110
788Rishaan Jain1107Rajasthan33Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu13
8128Sri Vikhyath Jayanthi1017Telangana3Arjun Vasireddy1375Andhra Pradesh7
96Rahul Ramakrishnan1386PuducherryMahin Pareshkumar Makwana1216Gujarat46
108Aditya Shripad Joshi1368MaharashtraDharsh M1207Tamil Nadu50
1114Herin Renishkumar Patel1337GujaratParithinarayan S I1200Tamil Nadu52
1220Sayan Barua1293West BengalNirvaan Nirav Shah1182Maharashtra59
1322Aadhya Vijayakumar1290Tamil NaduA Alwin Micheal1082Tamil Nadu101
1424Niroshan Thanikachalam1283Tamil NaduPratik Lalit Tambi1067Maharashtra107
1598Vedant Yogesh Kale1093MaharashtraSahrudh M P1271Andhra Pradesh27

Complete pairings

Round 4 pairing (Girls)

18Pratitee Bordoloi1201Karnataka33Samhita Pungavanam1095Telangana21
220Aadya Gowda1099Karnataka33Shashini Puvi1130Karnataka15
316Bruhathi Kondisetti1121Telangana33Aarna Jain1059Karnataka27
430Sharvaanica A S1050Tamil Nadu33AFMDiya Digamber Sawal1115Goa17
522Arpita Amey Patankar1093GujaratAaradhya Das1274Tripura5
623Pooja Shree R1091Tamil NaduBhavanya Panchumarthi1227Andhra Pradesh7
724Krisha Tamhant Jain1080MaharashtraAarohi Mathur1190Telangana9
810Bhumika Suresh Waghle1182MaharashtraJanaki Sd1158Kerala11
92Vedika Vijaykumar Pal1362Maharashtra2Divi Bijesh0Kerala62
1049Alankrutaa Moharana0Chhattisgarh22Alankrita Sharma1419Jammu And Kashmir1
1150Aligi Amrutha Hemal0Tamil Nadu22Aadya Ranganath1327Karnataka3
1212Aahna Gulati1156Haryana22Deepthaashri Ravi Ganesh0Tamil Nadu58
1364Diyani Dipen Shah0Gujarat22Ishika Madke1155Chhattisgarh13
1414Rishitha Narayanan1136Andhra Pradesh22Kamala Priya Batta0Andhra Pradesh70
1576Leah R Joseph0Karnataka22R Varniga Rajesh1104Andhra Pradesh19

Complete pairings

The MPL 35th National U9 Championship 2022 is taking place in Indore Public School. The total prize fund of this mega event is Rs. 5 lakhs. The event is being organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Chess Ad Hoc Committee. This is an 11-round classical event which will run from 25th December 2022 - 2nd January 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes +30 seconds increment. Round 4 starts from 3:30 PM IST.

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