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Madhavendra and Pratitee become the National Under-9 Champions 2022

by Himank Ghosh - 09/01/2023

An exciting final round of the MPL 35th National Under-9 Championships 2022 decided the winners. The U-9 National Champions of 2022 are Pratitee Bordoloi and Madhavendra Pratap Sharma! While this was Pratitee's first big success, Madhavendra actually continued his golden run - first winning 3 Gold medals in the Asian Youth Chess Championships 2022, and now becoming the National Under-9 Champion. A grandiose Prize Distribution ceremony took place to conclude the event and hand the participants their prizes. The total prize fund of the tournament was Rs. 5,00,000! Both the champions received Rs. 50,000 each, along with a huge trophy, medal and certificates. All of the participants received participation certificates and medals! Thumbnail: Himank Ghosh

Two new champions in the National Under-9

In tournaments like the National Under-9 Championships, it is very rare to see a player crowned champion for two years in a row. This year was no exception - Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP ) and Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka) won the National Under-9 Open and Girls Chess Championships respectively. While Pratitee's victory was more or less secured after her penultimate round win, Madhavendra won the final round game in a must-win situation to clinch the cup.

MPL 35th National Under-9 Girls Championships 2022 Champion - Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka)

MPL 35th National Under-9 Open Championships 2022 Champion - Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP)

The top 3 position holders of the Girls and Open section.

Both of the winners grabbed a cheque of Rs.50,000, a beautiful winners trophy and medal. All the participants of the tournament received participation certificates and medals! The total prize fund of the tournament was INR 5,00,000.

The homeboy lifts the Cup

It was a very tight race to the top till the very end in the Open section. Going into the final round, Aarav Sarbalia 91458, Karnataka) had a half-point lead over his closest competitor, Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP). Madhavendra found himself in a must-win situation in the final round, and he delivered under pressure!

MPL National U9 Round 11 Open: Rahul Ramakrishnan (1386, Puducherry) - Madhavendra Pratap Sharma (1585, MP) : 1-0

Board no.2: Rahul Ramakrishnan (left) vs Madhvendra Pratap Sharma (right)

Keeping true to his aggressive nature of play, Madhavendra chose an uncompromising opening - the Dutch defense, and started a huge attack on the Queenside with the Black pieces. Even though White was objectively fine after getting the Bishop pair for a Rook, it was very difficult practically.

Position after 26. Bxd1?

It is very important that the light-squared Bishop stay on c2, and this is what Rahul missed. A much better move would've been Qxd1, because now after ...Ra1+ White has Bb1! Believe it or not, but White can actually come out of this with a better position after Bb1 Rfa8 h5! Qg2 Qf1!

  After White forces the trade of Queens, it is Black who faces an uphill task of defending this position!

However, 26.Bxd1 just allows 26...Ra1+ 27. Kb2 Rfa8 28. Rg1 Qe6! and now the Black queen joins in as well for a decisive attack towards the White King. There were faster ways to win, but Madhavendra chose the easier route of just being up an exchange and won the game comfortably.

Balanandan Ayyappan (1267, Kerala) - Aarav Sarbalia (1458, Karnataka) : 0.5-0.5

Board no.1: Balanandan Ayyappan (left) vs Aarav Sarbalia (right)

This was the Board one battle, and Aarav had to win if he wanted to clinch the trophy without any complications. A draw could've sufficed if Madhavendra drew, but since Madhavendra won, a draw couldn't cut it as the local star had a better tiebreak score. The game itself was quite even - if someone had a better chance of winning, it was Balanandan but Aarav always had enough drawing resources. 

This draw sealed Madhavendra's victory, as he had the better tiebreaks score! Aarav came in second, both of them scored 10 points each. This draw helped Balanandan as well, he finished 3rd with 8.5 points.

Madhavendra's unbeaten run in the event - 9 wins and 2 draws! The Madhya Pradesh boy increased his rating by a whopping 40 points.
MP ke Madhvendra Pratap Sharma bane National Under 9 Champion 🏆 | Video: Hindi ChessBase India

2nd Position: Aarav Sarbalia (1458, Karnataka), 10/11

3rd Position: Balanandan Ayyappan (1267, Kerala), 8.5/11
" I think I can do better!" Balanandan Ayyappan, 2nd Runner-up at the National U9 Championships

4th Position: Aaryan Amol Waghmere (1350, Maharashtra), 8.5/11

5th Position: Paarshva Parmar (1231, Rajasthan), 8.5/11

The Karnataka effect in girls

All of the top 3 finishers in the girls section were from Karnataka! Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka) already had a full-point lead going into the final round, and a draw in the final round sealed her tournament victory with an unbeaten run.

Round 11 Girls: Aahna Gulati (1156, Haryana) - Pratitee Bordoloi (1201, Karnataka): 0.5-0.5

Board no.1 - Pratitee Bordoloi (right) vs Aahna Gulati (left)

Pratitee was actually up a pawn in the final position, and had a significantly better position with the Black pieces. But a draw sufficed, so she took the draw offer and became the National Under-9 Girls Champion 2022 with an amazing 9.5/11.

Gold medalist in Maths Olympiad and National U9 Girls Champion 2022 - Pratitee Bordoloi | Video: ChessBase India

Pratitee's 5-game winning streak from Round 6-10 sealed the deal!

Aadya Gowda (1099, Karnataka) - Dishita Dey (1038, Jharkhand): 1-0

Board no. 5 - Aadya Gowda (left) vs Dishita Dey (right)

Aadya had a much better position out of the opening, but some minor pieces were traded and it was back to equality. However, Dishita blundered in the resulting Queen and Rook endgame:

Position after 36...Qf7

It was very important to keep the Queen's on the board with ...Rf7, as this keeps chances of drawing with perpetual check alive for Black. However, the Rook is completely lost for Black after 37.Qxf7+ Rxf7 38. Rd3, because there are just too many weak pawns, and White has a Queenside majority. Aadya went on to win the game, displaying good technique and bagging the 2nd place with 8.5/11.

2nd position: Aadya Gowda (1099, Karnataka), 8.5/11
"It's actually my first Nationals!" Aadya Gowda is the National Under-9 Championships 2022 Runner-up

Aadya Ranganath (1327, Karnataka) vs Pooja Shree R (1091, Tamil Nadu): 1-0

Board no. 2 - Aadya Ranganath (left) vs Pooja Shree R (right)

Aadya Ranganath pulled off the biggest swindle of the day against Pooja Shree R. She had a completely lost position with the White pieces, but suddenly it started becoming a bit complicated and finally her opponent made a critical error.

Position after 36...Qd7??

This was the critical error which turned the game from losing to winning for White. Black can simply play ...Qb3! forking the Rook and Bishop, and it's game over after Rd2 Qxg3 d7 Qe1+. But after 36...Qd7? White is the one who's winning with 37. e5!. The passed pawns ran down the middle of the board and Aadya converted the game to a win flawlessly, thus bagging the 3rd place.

3rd position - Aadya Ranganath (1327, Karnataka), 8.5/11
" I could've become Champion!" Aadya Ranganath, 3rd in the National Under- 9 Girls Championships

4th position: Aahna Gulati (1156, Haryana), 8.5/11

5th position: Bruhathi Kondisetti (1121, Telangana), 8/11

Photo Gallery

The full Volunteer team of the National Under-9 Championships 2022 were given certificates at the end of the prize distribution ceremony!
The Vice President of the Asian Chess Federation, Bharat Singh Chauhan and President of the All India Chess Federation, Sanjay Kapoor were the chief guests for the final day!

The IT Team of IPS Academy Indore, who produced the livestreams of each round.

IA Soundarya Murthy, the man in charge of  live transmission through the DGT boards!

A bunch of colorful ballons were launched into the sky to commence the prize distribution ceremony!

AICF President Sanjay Kapoor takes a photo with two beautiful kids!

Asian Chess Federation Vice president Bharat Singh Chauhan visiting the top boards before the start of the final round.

For more photos of Round 11, click here.

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Open section Round 11 games

Girls section Round 11 games

Final Standings (Girls)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
18Pratitee Bordoloiw1201Karnataka9,5717563,2508
220Aadya Gowdaw1099Karnataka8,573,578,557,5007
33Aadya Ranganathw1327Karnataka8,568,57252,2508
412Aahna Gulatiw1156Haryana8,56568,550,2508
516Bruhathi Kondisettiw1121Telangana8707551,5006
610Bhumika Suresh Waghlew1182Maharashtra86872,551,7507
72Vedika Vijaykumar Palw1362Maharashtra867,56947,5007
858Deepthaashri Ravi Ganeshw0Tamil Nadu7,573,578,549,2507
915Shashini Puviw1130Karnataka7,573,578,548,5006
1023Pooja Shree Rw1091Tamil Nadu7,5697447,7507
1122Arpita Amey Patankarw1093Gujarat7,567,570,546,5007
129Aarohi Mathurw1190Telangana7,5677144,5007
1376Leah R Josephw0Karnataka7,565,570,546,7507
147Bhavanya Panchumarthiw1227Andhra Pradesh7,562,567,544,5006
154Shreya Rajeshw1302Karnataka7,560,564,540,5007
1635Indusheetala Natarajanw1032Karnataka7677241,7506
1718Yati Agarwalw1114Gujarat766,57038,5007
1834Dishita Deyw1038Jharkhand76467,538,5007
1938Anvi Vinit Hirdew1013Maharashtra762,567,542,0007
2096Srishti Rupa Royw0Assam7545835,5007

Full standings

Standings after Round 11 (Open)

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1585Madhya Pradesh1078,58374,0009
22Aarav Sarbalia1458Karnataka10758172,0009
332ACMBalanandan Ayyappan1267Kerala8,5768057,0007
411Aaryan Amol Waghmare1350Maharashtra8,5737857,0008
540Paarshva Parmar1231Rajasthan8,570,571,551,7508
613Aarav A1341Tamil Nadu876,58256,7506
717Cyrus Eldho1322Kerala873,57954,5007
816Aarit Kapil1327Delhi8727852,7507
99R Nijesh1365Tamil Nadu871,576,552,7506
106Rahul Ramakrishnan1386Puducherry869,57449,7507
11192Saras Summer Powar0Goa865,57151,2506
1250Dharsh M1207Tamil Nadu865,569,548,0007
1314Herin Renishkumar Patel1337Gujarat864,569,549,5007
1444AFMMithun Pranav Praveen Kumar1217Tamil Nadu86467,544,2507
1542Vairaj Sogerwal1224Haryana863,566,545,2506
1694Anish Ramkumar1093Tamil Nadu863,56646,2507
175Saideep Suman1407Karnataka7,5727646,2507
187Arjun Vasireddy1375Andhra Pradesh7,570,57546,0007
1975Mehekdwip Gope1131Tripura7,56771,546,0005
203Hemal Varshan Andalamala1422Andhra Pradesh7,566,57146,2506

Full standings

The MPL 35th National U9 Championship 2022 is taking place in Indore Public School. The total prize fund of this mega event is Rs. 5 lakhs. The event is being organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Chess Ad Hoc Committee. This is an 11-round classical event which will run from 25th December 2022 - 2nd January 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes +30 seconds increment for each move. The total Prize fund of the tournament is INR 5,00,000.

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