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FIDE World Cup Cadets 2024: Pratitee Bordoloi secures Silver, Bronze for Sattwik Swain

by Shahid Ahmed - 03/07/2024

The reigning National Under-11 Girls 2023, National Schools U-11 Girls 2024 and Commonwealth Under-12 Girls 2023-24 Champion, Pratitee Bordoloi won Silver in Unde-12 Girls at the inaugural FIDE World Cup for Cadets. Just days before this event, she won an individual Gold and Silver at the 26th Asian Youth Under-12 Girls Rapid and Classical. Odisha State Under-7 Open 2023, Sattwik Swain defeated Azad Khuduzade (AZE) 1.5-0.5 to secure a Bronze medal in Under-8 Open category. He remained undefeated throughout the tournament. In the group stage, he scored an unbeaten 6.5/7 in Group A. The top three prizes in each group were - Macbook Air 2022, iPhone 15 and iPad along with cup, medal and diploma each respectively. Photos: Aditya Sur Roy

Inaugural edition of World Cup for kids

The inaugural edition of FIDE World Cup for Under-8, 10 and 12 Open and Girls consisted 48 players in each age group divided equally in two Group - A and B. After seven rounds of Swiss league group stage, the winner of Group A faced winner of Group B, runner-up of each group faced each other and so on in the Final stage. The Final stage had a match of best of two games in Classical time control. In case of a tie, two Rapid games were played with a time control of 15 minutes + 2 seconds each. In case of another draw, the tie would get resolved in two Blitz games having the time control of 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment each. For more details, check out the tournament regulations at the end of the report.

Under-12 Girls Silver - Pratitee Bordoloi and Under-8 Open Bronze - Sattwik Swain

Sattwik Swain (1567) defeated Azad Khuduzade (1461) in the first game of the Final stage. He drew the second game to secure a Bronze medal in Under-8 Open.

Under-8 Open top 3 (L to R): Silver - Aiden Linyuan Li (USA), Gold - Rizat Ulan (KAZ) and Bronze - Sattwik Swain
Interview with Sattwik Swain after winning Bronze | Video: ChessBase India

Pratitee Bordoloi (1796) drew both of her Classical games against Tianhao Xue (CHN, 1754). Pratitee won the first Rapid tie-break, lost the second. Then she drew the first Blitz tie-break game and once again lost the second. Thus, Tianhao won Gold and Pratitee Silver.

Under-12 Girls top 3 (L to R): Silver - Pratitee Bordoloi, Gold - Tianhao Xue (CHN) and Bronze - WFM Devindya Oshini Gunawardhana (SRI)
Interview with Pratitee Bordoloi after winning Silver | Video: ChessBase India

Team India

For more photos, check out the album here.

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