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Aansh Nandan Nerurkar and Pratitee Bordoloi are 36th National Under-11 Open and Girls 2023 Champions

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/10/2023

Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) scored an unbeaten 10/11 to win 36th National Under-11 Open 2023. Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) had a 9.5/11 score to win the Girls event. While Aansh finished a full point ahead, Pratitee became champion by staying a half point of the competition. Siddhanth Poonja (KAR) and Aadik Theophane Lenin (KER) scored 9/11 to finish second and third respectively according to tie-breaks. Siddhi Rao (KAR) scored sole 9/11 to secure place in Girls. Pavithra R V (TN) was placed third 8.5/11. The total prize fund combining Open and Girls section was ₹800000. The top three prizes in both Open and Girls sections were ₹70000, ₹60000 and ₹50000 along with a trophy each respectively. Photos: Aditya Sur Roy

Aansh and Pratitee become clear champions

The sole leader of the Open section - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) defeated Aarav A (TN) to become the champion. Among the Girls, Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) got the better of top seed, Aamuktha Guntaka (AP) to become the champion. 

Champion in Open - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) 10/11
I like Daniil Dubov's creative playing style - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar | Video: ChessBase India

Champion in Girls - Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) 9.5/11
"Rating does not matter, only strength matters"- Pratitee Bordoloi | Video: ChessBase India

36th National Under-11 Open and Girls 2023 champions - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) 10/11 and Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) 9.5/11

Open: Runner-up - Siddhanth Poonja (KAR) 9/11
I like the way Carlsen grinds endgames - Siddhanth Poonja | Video: ChessBase India

Girls: Runner-up - Siddhi Rao (KAR) 9/11
"I follow Gukesh" - Siddhi Rao | Video: ChessBase India

Open: Second Runner-up - Aadik Theophane Lenin (KAR) 9/11
13th seeded Aadik Theophane Lenin scored 9/11 to finish third | Video: ChessBase India

Girls: Second Runner-up - Pavithra R V (WB) 8.5/11
I want to face Praggnanandhaa and defeat him - Pavithra R V | Video: ChessBase India

Top three Girls and Open (L to R): 3rd Pavithra R V (TN) 8.5/11, 2nd Siddhi Rao (KAR) 9/11, 1st Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) 9.5/11, 1st Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) 10/11, 2nd Siddhanth Poonja (KAR) 9.5/11 and 3rd Aadik Theophane Lenin (KER) 9/11

Champions in Open and Girls - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) and Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR)

Aansh Nandan Nerurkar scored an unbeaten 10/11, finished a half point ahead of the field and gained 25.6 Elo rating points

Pratitee Bordoloi scored 9.5/11, finished a half point ahead of the competition and gained 131.2 Elo rating points

Photo Gallery

36th National Under-11 Open champion - Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH) with his father

36th National Under-11 Girls champion - Pratitee Bordoloi (KAR) with her family

Open: 4th Syed Abdul Khader (KAR) 9/11

5th Mayukh Majumder (WB) 9/11

6th Sanjay Narayanan P S (TN) 8.5/11

7th Aarav A (TN) 8.5/11

8th Mehul Sondhi (DEL) 8.5/11

9th Ayaan Garg (CHAN) 8.5/11

10th Vidit Sethi (UP) 8.5/11

Girls: 4th Saranya Devi Narahari (TEL) 8.5/11

5th Mysha Perwez (MAH) 8.5/11

6th Tripurambika V (AP) 8/11

7th Hanya Shah (GUJ) 8/11

8th Sravyasree Bheemarasetty (AP) 8/11

9th Arpita Patankar (GUJ) 8/11

10th Aamuktha Guntaka (AP) 8/11

Players in action

The tournament hall at Rajiv Gandhi A/C Indoor Stadium in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

For more photos, please click here.

Video Gallery

9-year-old Rishaan shows how to calmly checkmate a lone king | Video: ChessBase India
Final moments: Aarohan vs Advik, Round 8 | Video: ChessBase India
6-Year-Old Kavya shows an entire game from memory | Video: ChessBase India
3.5-year-old travelled about 2500 km to play 36th National Under-11 Girls 2023 | Video: ChessBase India
An overview of 36th National Under-11 Open and Girls Chess Championships 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

A total of 381in the Open and 193 players in the Girls tournament took part. The tournaments were organized by All Visakha Chess Association jointly with Ken Foundation Society, Sri Chess Academy, Aditya Chess Academy in association with Andhra Chess Association at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh from 1st to 7th October 2023. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament had a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1

Replay all available Open games

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Open Round 11 results

111Aarav, A1637Tamil Nadu0 - 19Aansh, Nandan Nerurkar1865Maharashtra3
28Sanjay, Narayanan P S1659Tamil Nadu0 - 18Siddhanth, Poonja1781Karnataka5
314Jagreet, Misra1597Delhi80 - 18AIMSyed, Abdul Khader1849Karnataka4
47Pranav, Sai Ram R S1660Tamil Nadu80 - 18Mayukh, Majumder1571West Bengal15
516Aarav, Saish Amonkar1569Karnataka80 - 18AIMAadik, Theophane Lenin1604Kerala13
672Vidit, Sethi1380Uttar Pradesh1 - 0Apaar, Saxena2067Karnataka1
76Adhiraj, Mitra1731Jharkhand½ - ½Sri, Akhil Prasad1553Andhra Pradesh21
89Ayaan, Garg1645Chandigarh1 - 0Shaashvat, Gupta1487Maharashtra35
947Mehul, Sondhi1448Delhi1 - 0Andalamala, Hemal Varshan1568Andhra Pradesh17
1023Samuel, Stephen Noble S1550Andhra Pradesh½ - ½Tanish, Ragavan S1454Tamil Nadu43


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Aansh, Nandan NerurkarIND1865Maharashtra1076,58171,75
25Siddhanth, PoonjaIND1781Karnataka978,58467,25
313AIMAadik, Theophane LeninIND1604Kerala971,57761,50
44AIMSyed, Abdul KhaderIND1849Karnataka969,574,561,50
515Mayukh, MajumderIND1571West Bengal96670,557,75
68Sanjay, Narayanan P SIND1659Tamil Nadu8,579,58664,50
711Aarav, AIND1637Tamil Nadu8,5778058,25
847Mehul, SondhiIND1448Delhi8,575,580,558,75
99Ayaan, GargIND1645Chandigarh8,574,579,556,25
1072Vidit, SethiIND1380Uttar Pradesh8,567,57353,75
1116Aarav, Saish AmonkarIND1569Karnataka876,58255,50
1221Sri, Akhil PrasadIND1553Andhra Pradesh872,577,553,75
137Pranav, Sai Ram R SIND1660Tamil Nadu87277,552,25
1430Malvin, JoshuaIND1515Puducherry870,57654,25
1523Samuel, Stephen Noble SIND1550Andhra Pradesh869,57552,75
1669Narendra, AgarwalIND1388West Bengal869,57451,50
1714Jagreet, MisraIND1597Delhi869,57450,00
1842Ramanuj, MishraIND1455Uttar Pradesh86974,551,25
1970Nidhish, ShyamalIND1388Telangana868,573,551,25
206Adhiraj, MitraIND1731Jharkhand86873,550,25


Girls Round 11 results

112Pratitee, Bordoloi1354Karnataka1 - 08Aamuktha, Guntaka1615Andhra Pradesh1
27Siddhi, Rao1413Karnataka81 - 08Hanya, Shah1431Gujarat5
313AFMTripurambika, V1342Andhra Pradesh80 - 1AFMMysha, Perwez1386Maharashtra9
439Navieka, Jaiswal1183Jharkhand½ - ½8Pavithra, R V1238Tamil Nadu27
510Saranya, Devi Narahari1370Telangana1 - 0Pooja, Shree R1202Tamil Nadu34
625Arpita, Patankar1247Gujarat½ - ½7Sri, Darshini T1336Telangana15
718Shreya, Rajesh1319Karnataka70 - 17Sharvaanica, A S1466Tamil Nadu3
84Sravyasree, Bheemarasetty1433Andhra Pradesh71 - 07Ameya, A R1303Kerala21
911Bhavanya, Panchumarthi1364Andhra Pradesh70 - 17Aahna, Gulati1241Haryana26
1014Maitreyi, Mondal1337West Bengal71 - 07Narayanan, Rishitha1131Andhra Pradesh50


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
112Pratitee, BordoloiIND1354Karnataka9,575,580,567,50
27Siddhi, RaoIND1413Karnataka974,58065,00
327Pavithra, R VIND1238Tamil Nadu8,5778160,50
410Saranya, Devi NarahariIND1370Telangana8,57376,556,75
59AFMMysha, PerwezIND1386Maharashtra8,572,57757,00
613AFMTripurambika, VIND1342Andhra Pradesh877,579,553,25
75Hanya, ShahIND1431Gujarat875,580,554,00
84Sravyasree, BheemarasettyIND1433Andhra Pradesh874,579,555,75
925Arpita, PatankarIND1247Gujarat874,577,553,75
101Aamuktha, GuntakaIND1615Andhra Pradesh8747753,75
1114Maitreyi, MondalIND1337West Bengal873,578,555,75
1219Aadya, RanganathIND1318Karnataka8727747,00
1326Aahna, GulatiIND1241Haryana8717653,00
143Sharvaanica, A SIND1466Tamil Nadu869,57449,50
1539Navieka, JaiswalIND1183Jharkhand8667047,00
1624Aadya, GowdaIND1274Karnataka7,570,57648,25
1734Pooja, Shree RIND1202Tamil Nadu7,5687242,50
1815Sri, Darshini TIND1336Telangana7,566,57144,50
1935Bruhathi, KondisettiIND1196Telangana7,566,570,544,00
2033Dishita, DeyIND1205Jharkhand7,5667043,75


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