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Nana Dzagnidze wins FIDE Lausanne GP 2020

by Shahid Ahmed - 14/03/2020

FIDE Lausanne GP final round was a short one as all games ended in draws in less than 33 moves. Nana Dzagnidze drew with Aleksandra Goryachkina in the final round to win the Lausanne GP 2020. Both players finished at 7.0/11. However, Dzagnidze won the championship due to a better tie-break score. Their GP points were split because of the same score finish. Last minute replacement, GP debutante IM Zhansaya Abdumalik scored an impressive 6.5/11 to finish at third place. Goryachkina currently leads the GP 2019-20 points table, Humpy is trailing behind her at the second position. Since Goryachkina has played all three events, Humpy still has one event to go, she can catch up and finish at the top of the table. Photo: FIDE

Dzagnidze and Goryachkina finish shared first

FIDE Lausanne GP finished exactly with the way it started, all six games ended up in a draw. The highest number of moves played in the final round was 33. Nana Dzagnidze and Aleksandra Goryachkina drew their final round game, resulting in both of them finishing at 7.0/11. Due to better tie-break score, Dzagnidze clinched the championship and Goryachkina settled for the second place. GP debutante IM Zhansaya Abdumalik finished third by making a draw in the final round against Marie Sebag. After Lausanne GP, Goryachkina currently leads the GP Points Table, followed by Humpy at the second place and Kosteniuk at third. However, both Goryachkina and Kosteniuk have played all three events in this season, so they won't be able to gain any further GP points. Humpy can still finish at the top. With a triumph at Lausanne GP, the champion Nana Dzagnidze climbs to the fourth position.

Nana Dzagnidze on her Lausanne GP win, "I didn't expect it... Today I just wanted to play solid... I don't have a good memory about her, especially from the Candidates tournament when I lost against her... After my game against Harika I didn't expect it at all."

Top three finishers (L to R) - Champion Nana Dzagnidze, Runner-up Aleksandra Goryachkina and Second Runner-up Zhansaya Abdumalik | Photo: FIDE

"I have a huge experience of playing chess and everything. I think dedication is most important. Dedicate your life to chess, for me it's like that. Not only me, my family's life is also like this because of me. Mentally you must be very strong to play chess so long at high level. Practice and play chess as often as possible. Nothing like very special but it is my advice." - Dzagnidze's advice to little girls who are dreaming to be champion.

Dzagnidze-Goryachkina in the final round | Photo: FIDE

Alina Kashlinskaya made a comfortable draw with Anna Muzychuk in the final round.

Both Kashlinskaya and Anna Muzychuk finished at shared fourth position with 6.0/11 | Photo: FIDE

Alina Kashlinskaya's husband Radek Wojtaszek was present at the studio and he analyzed her game at a certain position | Photo: FIDE

The most exciting game of the round was between former Women's World Champion Mariya Muzychuk and Harika Dronavalli. Mariya sacrificed an entire rook to launch an attack on Harika's king at the center, but in the end a perpetual check draw was the only way to end for both players to avoid a loss.

Both Mariya and Harika finished at shared sixth with 5.5/11 | Photo: FIDE

Although Pia Cramling had the advantage against former Women's World Champion Antoaneta Stefanova, the advantage evaporated and Stefanova threatened to stir up trouble. A draw was agreed after 31 moves.

Abdumalik made the shortest draw of the round as she drew with Marie Sebag in just 18 moves.

A delighted Zhansaya Abdumalik | Photo: FIDE

Reigning Women's World Champion Ju Wenjun had a quiet draw with former Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk in 31 moves.

After a triumphant Monaco GP, Kosteniuk had a forgettable event at Lausanne | Photo: FIDE

Photo Gallery

FIDE Lausanne GP Champion - Nana Dzagnidze | Photo: FIDE

Champion Nana Dzagnidze and Runner-up Aleksandra Goryachkina | Photo: FIDE

Future World Champions? | Photo: FIDE

The former World Champions - Antoaneta Stefanova and Anna Muzychuk | Photo: FIDE

The Lausane GP Champion's Trophy | Photo: FIDE

Lausanne GP 2020 players | Photo: FIDE

Live Commentary and Broadcast

GM Mikhail Gurevich and WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili are the official commentators | Video: FIDE

Replay all games

Grand Prix Standings

GP Standings of all FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2019-20 participants | Source: Official site

Round 11 results

162535GMMuzychuk Anna½ - ½IMKashlinskaya Alina248512
272551GMMuzychuk Mariya½ - ½GMHarika Dronavalli25175
382475GMCramling Pia½ - ½GMStefanova Antoaneta24534
492443GMSebag Marie½ - ½IMAbdumalik Zhansaya24613
5102583GMJu Wenjun½ - ½GMKosteniuk Alexandra24822
6112509GMDzagnidze Nana½ - ½GMGoryachkina Aleksandra25791


Final standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
111GMDzagnidze NanaGEO25097,00,5437,25
21GMGoryachkina AleksandraRUS25797,00,5336,50
33IMAbdumalik ZhansayaKAZ24616,50,0333,25
412IMKashlinskaya AlinaRUS24856,00,5231,75
56GMMuzychuk AnnaUKR25356,00,5230,50
64GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL24535,52,0229,00
75GMHarika DronavalliIND25175,50,5231,25
87GMMuzychuk MariyaUKR25515,50,5129,50
910GMJu WenjunCHN25834,50,5124,00
108GMCramling PiaSWE24754,50,5025,50
112GMKosteniuk AlexandraRUS24824,00,5220,50
129GMSebag MarieFRA24434,00,5021,50


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