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Endgame Magic #233: Highlights from the Bundesliga - with Iniyan!

by Karsten Müller - 29/03/2023

Iniyan is yet another talented Indian player climbing up the ranks of competitive chess. This week, he visited Hamburg and joined Karsten Müller in his Endgame Magic show. It was a joyous exchange of ideas using games from the German Bundesliga. Check out this short episode of only 17 minutes 12 seconds and enrich your knowledge with the endgame expert along with his guest, India's 61st GM Iniyan. Have you already tried to solve the Iniyan Challenge? Photo: Endgame Magic #233 / ChessBase

Endgame Magic #233

GM Iniyan P with GM Dr. Karsten Müller | Photo: Endgame Magic #233/ChessBase

And for this episode...

Vallejo - Ragger, Bundesliga 2022-23

White to play and win

To find out the correct answer to above positions, watch the entire episode here.


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