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Endgame Magic with Padmini Rout and Karsten Mueller

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/11/2019

Dr. Karsten Mueller is an endgame legend. His knowledge in endgame play is impeccable. Twice or thrice in a month he has the Endgame Magic show with one of the well-known guests who visit the ChessBase office in Hamburg. On 6th November at 6.30 p.m. IST, Karsten's guest was four-time National Women's, Asian Continental Women's and only Indian woman to have ever won an individual Gold medal at Chess Olympiad IM Padmini Rout. After a successful tournament at the 23rd OIBM Tegernsee 2019, Padmini was at the ChessBase studio in Hamburg. Find out how you can watch the entire episode in this article along with a few positions from the show which was discussed. Photo: Endgame Magic #139

Endgame Magic #139 with IM Padmini Rout

To find out the reason behind Karsten's expression and Padmini's laugh, you have to watch the entire episode here

Endgame legend Dr. Karsten Mueller invites strong players to discuss endgame, this past week IM Padmini Rout was his guest. They discussed several endgame positions, here are a couple of them

Souleidis - Engel

White to play and win

Padmini - Davletbayeva, Tromsø 2014

White to play and win

To find out the correct answer to above positions, watch the entire episode here.


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