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Attacking Monday Mornings with Sohan Phadke Part V - X-Ray Laser Beam

by Satanick Mukhuty - 19/08/2019

We have reached the final edition of the Attacking Monday Mornings series with FM Sohan Phadke. In the past few weeks Sohan has expounded on several of his self-improvised attacking ideas and principles, to top it all off we have an exciting new theme for this final part which is known as the X-ray Laser Beam! An X-ray is understood to be a beam that is able to pass through many different obstacles unhindered. This is sort of used as an analogy for a chess attacking theme where a linear piece is able to transfer its influence to a particular target passing through many different pieces standing in between. Below there are four positions for you to solve based on this idea and at the end of it there is the solution video where Sohan explains the nuances of the concept in details.  

The X-ray Laser Beam

The influence of a piece in chess is not limited to just the squares it can directly move to. Sometimes a piece can simply X-ray through many different obstacles in the way to its target square. However, spotting these unusual X-ray Beams requires considerable imagination. So would you not be interested to test yourself? Here are four positions for you to put your heads around.

Position 1

White to play

Position 2

Black to play

Position 3

Black to play

Position 4

Black to play

Now, here is the video where Sohan explains to you all the intricacies of the above positions along with his theme of X-ray Laser Beam. Do check it out!

If you enjoyed the above positions and Sohan's explanations, you can write to him at or visit his website