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Attacking Monday Mornings with Sohan Phadke Part I - The Window Slide

by Satanick Mukhuty - 21/07/2019

Fide Master Sohan Phadke is well-known in the Indian Chess circle for his aggressive style of play. Over the course of more than two decades, he has invented unique attacking principles and techniques of his own. In the series "Attacking Monday Mornings with Sohan Phadke" he brings to you some of these "secret" recipes. This is a weekly series of five videos that will be published on every Monday at 8 a.m. from 15th July onwards. Sohan would like you to appreciate the art of attack better and become a stronger player through these videos. Here are the positions for you to solve.

In this video IM Sagar Shah introduces the series by showing a crazy attacking game by Sohan from 2006:

The Window Slide principle

In the first part of the series Sohan explains to you his very first attacking concept. He calls it the "The Window Slide". Below there are five puzzles along with solutions illustrating the idea in various scenarios and at the end of it you will find the video where Sohan explains it all. But before you look into the explanations try your hand at each of them on your own.

Puzzle 1

V.Mikenas - L.Polugaevsky, 1966

It is Black to play... Can you find a nice way to infiltrate the white king?

Puzzle 2

Joel Lautier - Alexander Onischuk, 2002

White has just played the perfectly normal looking 31.Nc4-e5 but what has he missed? It is Black to play and take a dangerous initiative.

Puzzle 3

Mikhail Ulibin - Evgeny Bareev, 1995

Now an endgame position. White has played 35.Kg1-g2, how can Black punish this?

Puzzle 4

A nice exercise in Zwischenzug... It is White to play and ??

Puzzle 5

P.Hardicsay - A.Adorjan, 1986

The white king is still in the middle but it doesn't seem to be a big deal... or not? It is Black to play and execute a decisive blow.

Now it is time to present Sohan Phadke nicely elaborating on the above positions and also his "Window Slide" principle in relation to them. Check it out!

Make sure you do not miss Sohan's part II of the Attacking Monday Mornings which will be released on 22nd of July. If you enjoyed the above positions and Sohan's explanations, you can write to him at or visit his website