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Innovators Chess Academy earn huge victories in ACL 1st Super League 2018

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/07/2018

The inception behind Academy Chess League was to bring all kids together and battle against the top academies to improve. Trainers get the practice games ready to analyze and help out the game. Bengaluru has the maximum number of teams participating in this 1st Super League 2018. So it's bound to be that Bengaluru teams will eventually face each other. Innovators Chess Academy is one such academy that has proved to win by huge margins against other academies in round 1. This report contains results of round 1 in unrated category and a few interesting position arising out of the game. Photo: Sushrutha Reddy/Innovators Chess Academy

Innovators and Kunte's Chess Academy dominate Day 4

Black played a very simple move but with a long term plan. Can you take a guess what did Castephen (Stephen CA) of ICA as Black played here against Rockboss (Arnav Khandelwal) of TCAF?

When we asked Sushrutha Reddy, coach of Innovators Chess Academy about his team's performance, he said "The margin of 4-0 was expected as I knew all the other kids from the other Academy. Thus, I had told the Team to go for 4-0 and in the end, it turned out to be a comfortable victory."

You never know who is going to watch your game. GM Laxman RR visited the ACL.

Team Kunte's Chess Academy had an easy day, they all won their game. Nikhil Chitale (top left), Arnav Koparde (top right), Yashwardhan Agarwal (bottom right) and Ved Mulay (bottom left) | Photo: Rohit Tembe/Kunte's Chess Academy

Tattva Chess Academy - Achievers and Kunte's Chess Academy win their matches emphatically on Day 5

KCA did not have things going their way. Aaditya Prabhu, Aarush Dolas, Anay Uplenchwar and Ishan Warudkar | Photo: Rohit Tembe/Kunte's Chess Academy

Aarushd (Aarush Dolas) of KCA missed a great opportunity against Nimai (Nimai Ponna) of ICA and played 11...c4. Find the better continuation

After the game, Sushrutha said, "I didn't anticipate the wide margin of 3.5-0.5. I had thought it would be a close game. It definitely augurs well with regards to the confidence levels of the kids and primarily, these formats actually bring kids together."

Clash of the behemoths: Matrix Chess Academy drew with Chess Gurukul Senior on Day 6

What happens when two strong teams collide? It's difficult to get a decisive team result. Matrix Chess Academy drew with Chess Gurukul Senior 2-2

Despite Aarush Uday Khanaa being unable to play due to technical problem on his end and Arunika being unable to continue due to her connection error, Kabir Singh Ahuja and Navya Tayal's correct endgame play in each of their respective King-pawn endgame, allowed MCA to draw with CGS.

Team Matrix Chess Academy (1000-1400): Arunika Ghosh (Top left), Navya Tayal (Top right) and Kabir writing his scoresheet while playing | Photo: Prasenjit Dutta/Matrix Chess Academy

Two Bengaluru teams faced each other and Akshayakalpa triumphed over ICA Pups by a narrow margin 2.5-1.5

Because having one mouse is just never enough. Amogh Reddy of ICA Pups | Photo: Sushrutha Reddy/Innovators Chess Academy

We learn together and we fight together, even if we are each other's opponents. Raghav Jaggi, Avantika Banujit, Chinmaya Vyas (ICA Pups) and Advait Ratnakar Vibhute (Akshayakalpa) | Photo: Sushrutha Reddy/Innovators Chess Academy

About ACL, Sushrutha who is the coach and manager of ICA, ICA Pups and Akshayakalpa says, "Kudos to you guys for having brought together all the Teams and having taken the pain to organize this."


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