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36th National Under 9 Open and Girls Round 8-9: Advik and Samhita take sole lead

by Himank Ghosh - 07/11/2023

Going into the penultimate 10th round of the National Under-9 Championships, the leader situation is clarified both in the Open and Girls section. In the open section, Advik Amit Agrawal (1378, MAH) was held to his first draw of the tournament by Rahul Ramakrishnan (1531, PUD). Nevertheless, he has a full-point lead over the field with 8.5/9 points. In the Girls category, Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) took back the sole lead with a powerful win over Dishita Dey (1263, JHA). She now has 8/9 points, half a point ahead of her closest competitor Divi Bijesh (1170, KER). Round 10 starts today from 10 AM IST. Photos: Himank Ghosh

Rahul Ramakrishnan stops Amit Advik's unbeaten run

Advik Amit Agrawal (1368, MAH) had scored 8/8 wins till the 8th round, but was held to a draw against Rahul Ramakrishnan (1531, PUD) in the 9th round of the National Under-9 Championships.

Rahul looking confident before his 9th round game is about to start

Advik actually managed to get a great position with the White pieces, and Rahul was under serious trouble - most of his pieces were very passive. But this game once again showed that handling closed positions is very tough. Often, the computer will give an advantage to the side having a space advantage, but in reality it's not so easy!

Rahul takes some time to think while planning his response to 1.e4

Advik - Rahul, Round 9 Open

Position after 36...Rf8

It's very clear that White has a sizeable advantage here - but there is only one correct pawn breakthrough, that is - f5! gxf5 g6! Rg8 g7, and White has a completely winning position. Advik mistimed it a little bit - he played 37. Ng4 Kd8 38. f5, but now it doesn't work anymore - the Knight is not on the e3 square attacking d5. Rahul managed to hold a draw after this pretty comfortably.

Ar Saisarvesh (1207, TN) defeated his higher-rated opponent Samaksh Ashok (1425, KAR) with the White pieces, getting a huge attack on the Kingside. White's attack was actually not completely sound - but it's always harder to defend than attack. Saisarvesh managed to create a strong attack on the Black Kingside, winning a full piece and converting the endgame with ease.

Saisarvesh writing down the moves on the scoresheet as Samaksh ponders over the position

Jai Prakash Vanum (1287, AP) scored the biggest win of the day - he took down the top seed, Safin Safarullakhan (1716, KER) with the White pieces in the 8th round. He has 7.5/9 points now!

A huge win for Jai Prakash Vanum - he is playing on the top board in round 10!

Jai Prakash - Safin, Round 8 Open

Position after 21...Raf8

21...Raf8 looks like a natural move, but it is just a tactical blunder. Jai Prakash immideatly found 22.Ng5! which wins an exchange by force, as Ne6 cannot be stopped next. In the game, Safin gave up an exchange with 22...h6 23. Nxf7 Rxf7, and White went on to win the game comfortably.

Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) played a virtually perfect game to defeat Dishita Dey (1263, JHA) with the White pieces in the 9th round. Thanks to this win, Samhita is now the sole leader of the tournament - going into the penultimate round with 8/9 points.

Samhita made quick work of her opponent Dishita, defeating her in just 27 moves.

Photo Gallery

The full playing hall while the 8th round of National Under-9 Championships is in progress.

The Chief guest of Round 9 makes the inaugural move in the girls top board!

All the players are excited to check out the games on the top boards!
The organizing team poses for a group photo with the chief guests of the round

For more Round 8 and Round 9 photos, please click at the respective links.

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Replay Open Round 8-9 games

Replay Girls Round 8-9 games

Open Round 9 results

113Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra8½ - ½7Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry2PGN
250AFMAr Saisharvesh1207Tamil Nadu7½ - ½7Jai Prakash Vanum1287Andhra Pradesh26PGN
337Joshua Mark Telles1235Goa½ - ½Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal9PGN
416Krithik Muthukumar1337Tamil Nadu0 - 1Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana12PGN
525Advik Praveen1289Kerala60 - 16Aarit Kapil1469Delhi4PGN
65Vyom Malhotra1466Haryana61 - 06AFMVenkata Naga Karthik Malladi1317Karnataka22
77Samaksh Ashok1425Karnataka6½ - ½6Oishik Mondal1281West Bengal29
835Arav Vinod1244Kerala60 - 16Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan10
911Abhinav Anand1395Karnataka61 - 06Kiyan Kevalkumar Patel1275Gujarat30
1015ACMPraneeshwar Madhavan1345Tamil Nadu61 - 06Vihaan Ravi Rao1165Maharashtra64


Standings after Round 9

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113Advik Amit AgrawalIND1368Maharashtra8,550,55450,25
212Vairaj SogerwalIND1395Haryana7,553,55846,00
32Rahul RamakrishnanIND1531Puducherry7,550,555,545,00
450AFMAr SaisharveshIND1207Tamil Nadu7,548,551,542,00
526Jai Prakash VanumIND1287Andhra Pradesh7,54750,541,50
637Joshua Mark TellesIND1235Goa749,551,537,75
79Mani SarbarthoIND1418West Bengal749,551,537,00
84Aarit KapilIND1469Delhi74851,537,00
945Sarvesh EIND1222Tamil Nadu747,55138,50
1011Abhinav AnandIND1395Karnataka7474936,50
1110Rishaan JainIND1412Rajasthan74548,537,25
1215ACMPraneeshwar MadhavanIND1345Tamil Nadu741,545,535,50
135Vyom MalhotraIND1466Haryana7404433,00
1416Krithik MuthukumarIND1337Tamil Nadu6,549,553,535,50
1584Rhishav MondalIND1123West Bengal6,548,55336,75
1623Nirvaan Nirav ShahIND1290Maharashtra6,548,55234,25
177Samaksh AshokIND1425Karnataka6,547,549,533,00
183Narendra AgarwalIND1505West Bengal6,546,551,535,00
1929Oishik MondalIND1281West Bengal6,5464934,25


Round 10 pairings

126Jai Prakash Vanum1287Andhra PradeshAdvik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra13
22Rahul Ramakrishnan1531PuducherryAFMAr Saisharvesh1207Tamil Nadu50
312Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana7Vyom Malhotra1466Haryana5
44Aarit Kapil1469Delhi77Abhinav Anand1395Karnataka11
59Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal77ACMPraneeshwar Madhavan1345Tamil Nadu15
610Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan77Sarvesh E1222Tamil Nadu45
718Sidhant Rana1334Haryana7Joshua Mark Telles1235Goa37
829Oishik Mondal1281West BengalAFMSafin Safarullakhan1716Kerala1
93Narendra Agarwal1505West BengalRishen Jilowa1287Rajasthan27
1028Viaan Samir Makhani1286GujaratSamaksh Ashok1425Karnataka7


Girls Round 9 results

12Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana71 - 0Dishita Dey1263Jharkhand5PGN
214Divi Bijesh1170Kerala7½ - ½Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu1PGN
33Aaradhya Upadhyay1271Rajasthan60 - 16Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu7PGN
44AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra60 - 16Aaradhya Das1198Tripura11PGN
512Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh6½ - ½6Janaki S D1236Kerala8PGN
616Manya Abhishek Drolia1161Gujarat0 - 16Narayanan Rishitha1157Andhra Pradesh17
723Rashi Warudkar1081Chhattisgarh0 - 1Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan10
818Tvesha Ashish Jain1154Maharashtra1 - 0Akshaya Narahari1032Telangana39
936Dhanyashree R1037Tamil Nadu0 - 1Leah R Joseph1146Karnataka19


Standings after Round 9

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Samhita PungavanamwIND1345Telangana85357,550,00
214Divi BijeshwIND1170Kerala7,5495242,25
31Sharvaanica A SwIND1430Tamil Nadu749,553,540,00
47Pooja Shree RwIND1249Tamil Nadu747,551,537,00
11Aaradhya DaswIND1198Tripura747,551,537,00
617Narayanan RishithawIND1157Andhra Pradesh744,548,537,25
712Bhavanya PanchumarthiwIND1192Andhra Pradesh6,5515436,25
85Dishita DeywIND1263Jharkhand6,549,55435,75
98Janaki S DwIND1236Kerala6,548,552,534,00
1010Kiyana PariharwIND1233Rajasthan6,54548,531,75
1119Leah R JosephwIND1146Karnataka6,54345,530,00
1218Tvesha Ashish JainwIND1154Maharashtra6,540,544,528,75
133Aaradhya UpadhyaywIND1271Rajasthan64751,532,75
1434Fecilika Fiance SwIND1043Tamil Nadu64548,527,50
154AFMWaghle BhumikawIND1270Maharashtra644,547,527,75
1673Gaurangee SharmawIND0Rajasthan643,547,530,25
1713Yadav SanskritiwIND1189Uttar Pradesh642,54730,50
1830Skyla RodrigueswIND1049Goa642,54425,00
199Aanya GuptawIND1234Delhi64246,527,00
2021Varenya Lakshmi VakawIND1129Gujarat640,544,528,75


Round 10 pairings

117Narayanan Rishitha1157Andhra Pradesh78Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana2
27Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu7Divi Bijesh1170Kerala14
31Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu77Aaradhya Das1198Tripura11
45Dishita Dey1263JharkhandBhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh12
519Leah R Joseph1146KarnatakaJanaki S D1236Kerala8
610Kiyana Parihar1233RajasthanTvesha Ashish Jain1154Maharashtra18
73Aaradhya Upadhyay1271Rajasthan66Skyla Rodrigues1049Goa30
834Fecilika Fiance S1043Tamil Nadu66AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra4
99Aanya Gupta1234Delhi66Gaurangee Sharma0Rajasthan73
1013Yadav Sanskriti1189Uttar Pradesh66Varenya Lakshmi Vaka1129Gujarat21


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