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36th National Under-9 Open and Girls Round 6-7: Advik Amit Agrawal goes 7/7

by Himank Ghosh - 06/11/2023

After 7 rounds of play at the National Under-9 Championships, Advik Amit Agrawal (1378, MAH) is dominating the Open section with a perfect score of 7/7 points. The reigning National Under-7 Champion Sarbartho Mani (1418, WB) is his closest competitor with 6.5/7 points. In the Girls section, 4 players share the lead with 6/7 points. Samhita Pungavanam's unbeaten 6/6 streak was broken by Divi Bijesh in the 7th round. The 8th round starts today 9:30 AM IST. Photos: Himank Ghosh

Advik Amit Agrawal has a perfect score

Advik Amit Agrawal (1368, MAH) is playing some amazing chess in the National Under-9 Championships. After 7 rounds of play, he is leading the rankings with a perfect 7/7 points!

Advik gives a nice big smile before the start of the 7th round!

In the 7th round, Advik took down Vairaj Sogerwal (1395, HAR) with the White pieces, creating a very strong attack on the Black kingside. His energetic play has rewarded him greatly so far!

Advik gives an intense stare to his opponent Vairaj deep in thought during the opening

Advik - Vairaj, Round 7 Open

Both the players were trying to attack on opposite sides of the board - Vairaj on the Queenside, and Advik on the Kingside. In such situations, both players need to play energetically - and here is where Advik succeeded. A couple of slow moves from his opponent (19...Nd8, 21...Kh8) and Advik started a huge attack with 21.f4 and 22.f5, breaking open the Kingside and winning decisive material to clinch the game.

The reigning National Under-7 Champion Sarbartho Mani (1418, WB) won a nice game with the Black pieces against Nirvaan Nirav Shah (1290, MAH) in just 28 moves. He is trailing behind Advik right now with a score of 6.5/7 points!

The battle between Sarbartho and Nirvaan in board 2 of the 6th round.

Nirvaan - Sarbartho, Round 6 Open

Position after 17. Rac1

17. Rac1 just loses a pawn, and Sarbartho found it immideatly - 17...Nxd4! 18. Qxd7 Nxf3+ 20. gxf3 Rxd7 and White went on to win the game comfortably being a healthy pawn up.

Samhita Pungavanam (1345,TEL) scored a beautiful win with the Black pieces against Pooja Shree R (1249, MAH). White made the mistake of opening her Kingside pawn structure too much, and had to pay the price dearly!

Samhita played a brilliant attacking game in the 6th round

Pooja - Samhita, Round 6 Girls

Position after 15.g4

This is just a overextension of the position. Samhita found the nice tactical shot 15...Nxg4! 16. hxg4 Bxg4 17. Be2 Bxf3 18. Bxf3 g4! 19. Bg2 Bxf2+ winning decisive material. What a fantastic attack!

In the 7th round, it was Divi Bijesh (1170, KER) who broke Samhita's unbeaten streak. Samhita had a worse position out of the opening, and could never really recover. Divi won quite comfortably with the Black pieces in just 35 moves.

Thanks to this win, Divi is now one of the co-leaders with 6/7 points!

Photo Gallery

Maharashtra's Chirag Lahoti celebrated his birthday in the playing hall!

The Chief guest of Round 7 being felicitated with a memento!

Deepanjali Srivastava (UP) is the only female player in the Open section!

All the players of Jharkhand taking part in this National Under-9 Championships!

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Replay Open Round 6-7 games

Replay Girls Round 6-7 games

Open Round 7 results

113Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra61 - 0Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana12PGN
29Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal1 - 0Krithik Muthukumar1337Tamil Nadu16PGN
329Oishik Mondal1281West Bengal50 - 15Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry2PGN
43Narendra Agarwal1505West Bengal50 - 15Jai Prakash Vanum1287Andhra Pradesh26PGN
545Sarvesh E1222Tamil Nadu51 - 05Aarit Kapil1469Delhi4PGN
67Samaksh Ashok1425Karnataka51 - 05AFMVenkata Naga Karthik Malladi1317Karnataka22
719ACMSri Shiva Tejo Karthikeya K1333Telangana50 - 15AFMAr Saisharvesh1207Tamil Nadu50
81AFMSafin Safarullakhan1716Kerala1 - 0Viaan Samir Makhani1286Gujarat28
927Rishen Jilowa1287Rajasthan1 - 0Avyaay Garg1418Maharashtra8
1031Saksham Upadhyay1266Maharashtra½ - ½Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan10


Standings after Round 7

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113Advik Amit AgrawalIND1368Maharashtra728,53131,00
29Mani SarbarthoIND1418West Bengal6,528,529,527,50
32Rahul RamakrishnanIND1531Puducherry628,532,527,25
47Samaksh AshokIND1425Karnataka628,53025,00
545Sarvesh EIND1222Tamil Nadu62729,525,50
626Jai Prakash VanumIND1287Andhra Pradesh626,528,523,75
750AFMAr SaisharveshIND1207Tamil Nadu6252723,25
812Vairaj SogerwalIND1395Haryana5,532,535,525,75
923Nirvaan Nirav ShahIND1290Maharashtra5,529,53223,00
1037Joshua Mark TellesIND1235Goa5,5293122,75
1116Krithik MuthukumarIND1337Tamil Nadu5,528,531,522,00
1224Sathvik GulakaramIND1290Telangana5,526,52821,25
131AFMSafin SafarullakhanIND1716Kerala5,525,52922,50
1427Rishen JilowaIND1287Rajasthan5,525,52821,25
1530Kiyan Kevalkumar PatelIND1275Gujarat5,52325,519,50
1622AFMVenkata Naga Karthik MalladiIND1317Karnataka531,534,521,50
1719ACMSri Shiva Tejo Karthikeya KIND1333Telangana529,53322,00
184Aarit KapilIND1469Delhi529,53321,00
1954Dhruv GuptaIND1191Delhi529,53119,00
203Narendra AgarwalIND1505West Bengal52932,521,50


Round 8 pairings

19Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal7Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra13
22Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry66Sarvesh E1222Tamil Nadu45
350AFMAr Saisharvesh1207Tamil Nadu66Samaksh Ashok1425Karnataka7
426Jai Prakash Vanum1287Andhra Pradesh6AFMSafin Safarullakhan1716Kerala1
512Vairaj Sogerwal1395HaryanaNirvaan Nirav Shah1290Maharashtra23
616Krithik Muthukumar1337Tamil NaduRishen Jilowa1287Rajasthan27
724Sathvik Gulakaram1290TelanganaJoshua Mark Telles1235Goa37
830Kiyan Kevalkumar Patel1275Gujarat5Narendra Agarwal1505West Bengal3
94Aarit Kapil1469Delhi55Aaryavrat Rasiket Naik Desai1140Goa73
1036Arav Dhoot1242Maharashtra55Vyom Malhotra1466Haryana5


Girls Round 7 results

12Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana60 - 15Divi Bijesh1170Kerala14PGN
28Janaki S D1236Kerala51 - 05Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu7PGN
312Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh51 - 05Aaradhya Das1198Tripura11PGN
422Deepthaashri Ravi Ganesh1114Tamil Nadu0 - 1Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu1PGN
54AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra½ - ½Narayanan Rishitha1157Andhra Pradesh17PGN
618Tvesha Ashish Jain1154Maharashtra0 - 1Dishita Dey1263Jharkhand5
79Aanya Gupta1234Delhi0 - 1Dhanyashree R1037Tamil Nadu36
826Aryahi Bhattacharya1062West Bengal0 - 1Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan10
916Manya Abhishek Drolia1161Gujarat1 - 0Leah R Joseph1146Karnataka19
1033Ankita Raj1044Bihar40 - 14Aaradhya Upadhyay1271Rajasthan3


Standings after Round 7

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Samhita PungavanamwIND1345Telangana631,53529,00
214Divi BijeshwIND1170Kerala629,531,526,00
312Bhavanya PanchumarthiwIND1192Andhra Pradesh6293126,00
48Janaki S DwIND1236Kerala628,53125,25
51Sharvaanica A SwIND1430Tamil Nadu5,5303425,00
65Dishita DeywIND1263Jharkhand5,5293324,25
710Kiyana PariharwIND1233Rajasthan5,526,528,520,25
816Manya Abhishek DroliawIND1161Gujarat5,525,52820,25
936Dhanyashree RwIND1037Tamil Nadu5,5252820,00
107Pooja Shree RwIND1249Tamil Nadu5323523,00
1111Aaradhya DaswIND1198Tripura5303321,00
1217Narayanan RishithawIND1157Andhra Pradesh529,533,523,75
133Aaradhya UpadhyaywIND1271Rajasthan527,531,521,00
144AFMWaghle BhumikawIND1270Maharashtra52728,518,00
1583Lakshita Sanjeev ChaudharywIND0Uttarakhand525,528,519,50
1639Akshaya NarahariwIND1032Telangana525,528,518,00
1725Suzein AhmedwIND1063Assam5252718,00
1834Fecilika Fiance SwIND1043Tamil Nadu5252716,50
1923Rashi WarudkarwIND1081Chhattisgarh5252617,00
2075Hanishka MishrawIND0Karnataka524,525,516,50


Round 8 pairings

18Janaki S D1236Kerala66Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana2
214Divi Bijesh1170Kerala66Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh12
31Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil NaduManya Abhishek Drolia1161Gujarat16
45Dishita Dey1263JharkhandDhanyashree R1037Tamil Nadu36
510Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan5Aaradhya Upadhyay1271Rajasthan3
625Suzein Ahmed1063Assam55AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra4
77Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu55Hanishka Mishra0Karnataka75
811Aaradhya Das1198Tripura55Lakshita Sanjeev Chaudhary0Uttarakhand83
917Narayanan Rishitha1157Andhra Pradesh55Fecilika Fiance S1043Tamil Nadu34
1039Akshaya Narahari1032Telangana55Rashi Warudkar1081Chhattisgarh23
119Aanya Gupta1234DelhiAryahi Bhattacharya1062West Bengal26
1229Vanshika Rawat1056DelhiTvesha Ashish Jain1154Maharashtra18
1319Leah R Joseph1146KarnatakaRizelle Alida Dsouza1045Karnataka32
1463Avani Sawaikar0GoaVarenya Lakshmi Vaka1129Gujarat21
1573Gaurangee Sharma0RajasthanDeepthaashri Ravi Ganesh1114Tamil Nadu22


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