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36th National Under-9 Open and Girls: Chirag topples top seed, Sharvaanica on 3/3

by Himank Ghosh - 03/11/2023

The 2nd and 3rd round of the National Under-9 Championships saw a lot of upsets. In the Girls section, the top seed Sharvaanica AS (1430, TN) managed to win all 3 of her games comfortably so far - now having 3/3 with 11 other players. However, the top seed of the Open section, Safin Safarullakhan (1716, KER) was taken down by Chirag Lahoti (1247, MAH) with the White pieces, undoubtedly the biggest result of the round. Chirag has 3/3 points along with 16 more players right now. The 4th round starts from 9:30 AM IST today, 4th November. Photos: Himank Ghosh

The 100% girl starts off with 3/3

The top seed of the Girls section, Sharvaanica AS (1430, TN) is fondly called as the 100% girl, as she won multiple tournaments with a perfect score. She has started with 3 wins in a row!

Sharvaanica gives a smile just before the start of the 3rd round.

The biggest result of the day in the Girls category was Akshaya Narahari (1032, TEL) defeating Bhumika Waghle (1270, MAH).

Akshaya en route to defeat Bhumika | Photo: Himank Ghosh

Akshaya - Bhumika, Round 2 Girls

An early mistake in the game cost Bhumika dearly - Akshaya gave no chances, kept growing her advantage and converted the game confidently into a win. After the game, Akshaya mentioned in the post-game interview that her coach is one of India's most prolific trainers, N. Ramaraju!

Samhita Pungavanam (1345, TEL) kept grinding in an equal endgame for a long time, and her opponent Leah R Joseph (1146, KAR) blundered spectacularly in their 3rd round matchup.

Samhita and Leah both in deep thought in the opening

Samhita - Leah, Round 3 Girls

Position after 87...Kxh3

...Kxh3 turned out to be the decisive error in the equal Queen ending, as Samhita managed to trade queens with 88.Qh1+. The resulting King and pawn ending is a win - check out the last few moves to see how Samhita won the game:

In the Open section, the biggest upset of the day was Chirag Lahoti (1247, MAH) taking down the tournament top seed, Safin Safarullakhan (1716, KER). Chirag had already got a slightly better position with the Black pieces, but the decisive blunder came a bit later:

The top board clash in the open section in round 3.

Safin - Chirag, Open Round 3

The Position after 25. Re5

Re5 is the just blundering material - after 25...Qxe4+ followed by Qxd3, Chirag went on to win the game with ease. In the post-game interview with ChessBase India, Chirag mentioned this is the highest-rated player he has beaten so far!

Photo Gallery

The minister of Tribal affairs of India, Arjun Munda was the chief guest for the opening of Round 2!

The top boards in action during Round 3!

The completely packed playing hall full of players, arbiters and officials!

The lighting for the playing hall is absolutely spectacular!

For more Round 2 and Round 3 photos, please click at the respective links.

36th National Under-9 Open and Girls 2023 Inauguration Ceremony and Round 1 highlights | Video: ChessBase India

Replay Open Round 1-3 games

Replay Girls Round 1-3 games

Open Round 3 results

11AFMSafin Safarullakhan1716Kerala20 - 12Chirag Lahoti1254Maharashtra34
235Arav Vinod1244Kerala20 - 12Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry2
33Narendra Agarwal1505West Bengal21 - 02Pratyush Kumar1235Uttar Pradesh38
437Joshua Mark Telles1235Goa21 - 02Aarit Kapil1469Delhi4
539Vyan Banchhor1235Karnataka21 - 02Avyaay Garg1418Maharashtra8
69Mani Sarbartho1418West Bengal2½ - ½2Raghav Renuk Pawade1220Maharashtra46
741Veer Rakeshkumar Patel1231Gujarat2½ - ½2Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan10
811Abhinav Anand1395Karnataka20 - 12Dhruv Gupta1191Delhi54
943Akshaya Vignesh M1227Tamil Nadu20 - 12Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana12
1013Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra21 - 02Isshaan Arun1186Karnataka56


Standings after Round 3

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Rahul RamakrishnanIND1531Puducherry3466,00
23Narendra AgarwalIND1505West Bengal345,55,50
31Saksham UpadhyayIND1266Maharashtra345,55,50
412Vairaj SogerwalIND1395Haryana3455,00
19ACMSri Shiva Tejo Karthikeya KIND1333Telangana3455,00
22AFMVenkata Naga Karthik MalladiIND1317Karnataka3455,00
54Dhruv GuptaIND1191Delhi3455,00
95Mithun RIND1103Maharashtra3455,00
934Chirag LahotiIND1254Maharashtra3444,00
39Vyan BanchhorIND1235Karnataka3444,00
1123Nirvaan Nirav ShahIND1290Maharashtra33,555,50
1249Sattwik SwainIND1208Odisha33,54,55,00
1313Advik Amit AgrawalIND1368Maharashtra33,54,54,50
1497Mohd Ismail SiddiquiIND1096Uttar Pradesh33,54,53,50
1537Joshua Mark TellesIND1235Goa3344,00


Round 4 pairings

12Rahul Ramakrishnan1531Puducherry33Saksham Upadhyay1266Maharashtra31
234Chirag Lahoti1254Maharashtra33Narendra Agarwal1505West Bengal3
312Vairaj Sogerwal1395Haryana33Joshua Mark Telles1235Goa37
439Vyan Banchhor1235Karnataka33Advik Amit Agrawal1368Maharashtra13
554Dhruv Gupta1191Delhi33ACMSri Shiva Tejo Karthikeya K1333Telangana19
622AFMVenkata Naga Karthik Malladi1317Karnataka33Sattwik Swain1208Odisha49
758ACMThavish S1180Tamil Nadu33Nirvaan Nirav Shah1290Maharashtra23
897Mohd Ismail Siddiqui1096Uttar Pradesh33Rishen Jilowa1287Rajasthan27
910Rishaan Jain1412Rajasthan3Mithun R1103Maharashtra95
106Nidhish Shyamal1464TelanganaShreyas Mani1215Tamil Nadu47


Girls Round 3 results

118Tvesha Ashish Jain1154Maharashtra20 - 12Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu1PGN
22Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana21 - 02Leah R Joseph1146Karnataka19PGN
322Deepthaashri Ravi Ganesh1114Tamil Nadu20 - 12Dishita Dey1263Jharkhand5PGN
46Alankrita Sharma1260Jammu Kashmir2½ - ½2Rashi Warudkar1081Chhattisgarh23PGN
526Aryahi Bhattacharya1062West Bengal20 - 12Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu7PGN
68Janaki S D1236Kerala21 - 02Sankhla Ananya1057Rajasthan28
79Aanya Gupta1234Delhi20 - 12Vanshika Rawat1056Delhi29
810Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan21 - 02Ankita Raj1044Bihar33
930Skyla Rodrigues1049Goa20 - 12Aaradhya Das1198Tripura11
1012Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh21 - 02Akshaya Narahari1032Telangana39


Standings after Round 3

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgBdldClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Samhita PungavanamwIND1345Telangana3466,00
7Pooja Shree RwIND1249Tamil Nadu3466,00
113Vaishnavi AnandwIND0Tamil Nadu3466,00
45Dishita DeywIND1263Jharkhand345,55,50
11Aaradhya DaswIND1198Tripura345,55,50
61Sharvaanica A SwIND1430Tamil Nadu3455,00
12Bhavanya PanchumarthiwIND1192Andhra Pradesh3455,00
14Divi BijeshwIND1170Kerala3455,00
910Kiyana PariharwIND1233Rajasthan3444,00
1029Vanshika RawatwIND1056Delhi33,54,55,00
118Janaki S DwIND1236Kerala33,54,54,50
1216Manya Abhishek DroliawIND1161Gujarat3344,00
1323Rashi WarudkarwIND1081Chhattisgarh2,54,54,53,25
143Aaradhya UpadhyaywIND1271Rajasthan2,5453,75
1538Potnuru SatvikawIND1033Andhra Pradesh2,5442,75


Round 4 pairings

11Sharvaanica A S1430Tamil Nadu33Bhavanya Panchumarthi1192Andhra Pradesh12
211Aaradhya Das1198Tripura33Samhita Pungavanam1345Telangana2
35Dishita Dey1263Jharkhand33Divi Bijesh1170Kerala14
47Pooja Shree R1249Tamil Nadu33Manya Abhishek Drolia1161Gujarat16
529Vanshika Rawat1056Delhi33Janaki S D1236Kerala8
6113Vaishnavi Anand0Tamil Nadu33Kiyana Parihar1233Rajasthan10
73Aaradhya Upadhyay1271RajasthanAlankrita Sharma1260Jammu Kashmir6
823Rashi Warudkar1081ChhattisgarhPotnuru Satvika1033Andhra Pradesh38
945Aahna Ajish0Tamil Nadu22AFMWaghle Bhumika1270Maharashtra4
109Aanya Gupta1234Delhi22Gyana Anwita Boddu1029Andhra Pradesh40


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